Ambrane 10000 mAh Power Bank P-1111 Review

Since Ambrane’s inception in 2012, it has been at the front runner in its domain. They have sold over 10 million products to date and are known throughout India as a trustable and reliable brand making mobile accessories and electronics.

With the necessity of smartphones and tablets in our daily lives, there is a raise the commotion for power banks. The Ambrane’s Power Bank P-1111 fulfills this utility. It has some impressive features that make this a must-buy product.


The Ambrane P-1111 has dual output Li-ion cell fabrication. This portable charger by Ambrane has a 10000 mAh capacity. It can recharge a 2500mAh battery smartphone fully for approximately five times a day.


The Ambrane P-1111 has a full recharge time of 6-7 hrs using a 2A wall charger. It takes 2.3 hrs to charge Android phone MI A2 fully, 2 hrs to charge iPhone X and 5.5 hrs for Tablet Samsung A 10.5


The Ambrane P-1111 has a sleek body. It is designed to have a balanced body for optimum grip. The slim design enables the charger to fit into a pocket or handbag.


The Ambrane P-1111 has a lithium-ion battery. It uses advanced chipsets, which make the charger highly safe to use.

Multiple ports  

The Ambrane P-1111 can be used to charge various devices at a time. Use it to charge your digital camera, media player, mobile phone, and tablet. It supports multiple output ports at a time, so you can conveniently charge more than one device, simultaneously


The P-1111 is one of the Ambrane Power banks that is designed to fulfill the necessity of the portable charging. It charges smart-phones, i-phones, and tablets on the go. 

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What Do We like

Safety Protection             

The Ambrane P-1111 comes with overcharge protection, short circuit protection, LED indicators, over current protection, and overload protection. It has all the safety measures required for its long term protection.

Emergency back up

Ambrane P-1111 10000 mAh can act as emergency power back up. As it is a compact octagonally shaped power bank. It is the ideal companion as an emergency back up power for a digital camera, media players, mobile phone, and tablet. 

Easy to use

The buttons and connection ports of the Ambrane P-1111 are precisely aligned for quick and straightforward use. P-1111 comes with a dual output charging port to charge two of their devices at the same time.

LED and Indicator lights

The Ambrane P-1111 has 2 LEDs of torchlight colors available. It also has indicator lights. This helps in smooth manual operation.

What We Don’t Like

Slightly bulky

The device might feel somewhat bulky when compared to other power banks. It might affect portability.


The Ambrane P-1111 is here to make sure you never let your gadgets run out of power. It has excellent features like a 10,000 mAh Lithium-Ion Powerbank with Dual USB Output, LED Indicators, Mirco USB Input, and High-Quality Chipset that make it stand out. The device is undoubtedly an investment worth making.

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