Intex Power Bank 10000 mAh- Power 05 (IT-PB10K-01) Review

The mobile’s battery percentage has now become an essential part of human life. A person can live without eating but not without charging his phone. There are times when you are away from home and cannot keep your phones fully charged. The new Intex Power Bank with 10000 mAH power will help you charge your phone whenever needed. No matter where you are, your mobile will always be charged if you have this power bank with you.


Dual USB portals

This portable charging device has got two outputs for dual cables. This means that two devices can be charged at one single tie with it.

Power indicator led lights

The led indicators help to check the battery percentage of the product. It helps keep it charged accordingly as and when needed.

Digital Display

The digital display provided on the broader side of the product helps to operate its functions and manage them according to the users use.

Metallic finish body

One of the best features of this product is its attractive metallic finish body. It makes the device more appealing to the eye.

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What Do We like

Great battery life

The product has got a huge battery life that can be used to charge devices at anytime. Also, it takes very little time to get fully charged.

Slim body

The power bank has got a unique sleek design with a slim body, which makes it look more attractive.

Fast charging

The device provides its user with fast charging and helps to save a lot of time.


As the product is light in weight as compared to the other products, it becomes easy to carry it anywhere whether you are travelling or going to the office.

What We Don’t Like

Suitable for batteries less than 3000 mAH

The product is excellent for devices with battery less than 3000 mAH. You will have to charge the power bank after every two uses if your device itself has a battery of 4000 mAH or more.

Not compatible with other devices

The power bank can be used for mobile phones only and not any other product.


Great device, especially for people who travel a lot and do not get enough time at home. The dual USB output is yet another great function which helps to charge two devices at a time. It also provides its users with fast charging.

It is lightweight and easy to carry, pocket-friendly device. The digital display will help you know about the battery percentage and help you keep the power bank charged as and when necessary.

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