Oraimo Toast-8 8000mAh Ultra Slim 2.1A Fast Charging Power Bank Review

In today’s digitized world, we all continuously need to be updated about the things happening around us.  We need electronic devices and power banks to keep them charged at all times. Oraimo is a global leader in smart accessories. The Oraimo Toast-8 provides you with 8000mAh power. It manages to keep you on the go for the entire day.

Moreover, the slim and compact power bank is easy to carry around. It is safe to use. Also, it ensures fast charge to your electronic gadgets, including mobile phones, tablets, headphones, and others.


Enormous Power

The capacity of 8000mAh helps to charge all your electronic gadgets, including headphones, tablets, or android phones.

Multi-Protection Safety System

The surge protection prevents your device from damage. The advanced safety features keep you and your device safe. It protects the power bank from short circuits and voltage fluctuations.

Fast Charging

Oraimo’s charging technology helps you to charge the devices with an excellent charging speed of 2.1A. It ensures fast charging to your devices, saving both time and energy.

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What Do We like

Shape and Structure

The slim form of the toast-8 power bank enables you to carry it with ease in your pocket, pouch, or bags.  It is slimmer than any other 8000mAh. The elegant texture is sleek and prevents the imprint of fingers and smudges.

LED torch

It also has an LED flashlight in it, which helps you to recognize whether the device is plugged in or not.

Lithium Polymer Battery

Lithium-polymer power banks do not suffer from aging to the same extent as lithium-ion power banks, so they are a better choice. It is a reliable choice, which also comes with a one-year warranty.

What We Don’t Like


The lithium-polymer battery increases the price of the power bank by a certain amount. Hence, it may not be a suitable choice for most buyers.


The lithium battery does have charge-discharge cycles. Once the power bank has gone through it, the cell becomes weak and then useless eventually.


The Oraimo Toast-8 8000mAh Ultra Slim 2.1A Fast Charging Power Bank, as the name suggests, is comfortable to carry anywhere due to its slim shape and lightweight design. It has an enormous capacity to charge a wide range of devices.

The power bank comes in black color and with elegant texture, which gives it an outstanding look. It prevents smudges and fingerprints. Hence, its an excellent product that is worth buying.

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Hari Priya

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