Ambrane P-1200 12000mAH Power Bank Review

Our day to day activities, be it ordering food, booking tickets, cabs or hotels, or the fundamental communication revolves around smartphones or smart devices like smartwatches, etc. We cannot do it without these devices. Hence, we cannot stand the risk of a dying battery. Power banks make our lives easier by providing a hassle-free quick charge on the go.

Ambrane is a leading electronics manufacturing company, and their power banks not only provide quick charge to devices on the go as they are very user-friendly but also relieves us of the hassle of wall charging.


High density 12,000 mAh battery

The power bank comes with high-quality lithium polymer batteries of 12,000 mAh, which is very powerful and provides excellent battery backup.  It means that a 2000 mAh battery smartphone can be charged approximately 5-6 times with a fully charged power bank. With this power bank at disposal, one need not worry about battery drainage.

Multiple Protection Layers

The power bank has high safety standards. Not only is it made of high-quality Li-Ion battery, but it also uses advanced nine protection chipsets, which makes the power bank extremely safe for use.

Dual  output

The power bank has dual output versatility. The output charging options include one micro port of 5V/1.5A and two USB 2.0 port, which give 5V/2.1A output enabling fast charge of both mobile and power banks simultaneously.

Great design

The power bank is bar-shaped and ergonomically designed, is ultra-compact and light, weighing just about 331 g, which makes it easily portable. The glossy, matte texture, along with smart LED displays and torchlight, makes it an ideal power bank.

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What Do We like


The power bank has high safety standards to ensure both the device and the user are safe. It comes with advanced nine protection chipsets. This protects the power bank from unwanted current fluctuations, voltage surges, short circuits, overloads, and protection against overheating or the wrong insertion.


The power bank is light, weighing just 331 g. It is ultra-compact yet powerful as it comes with Lithium-ion polymer battery. It is easily portable and can be carried in pockets and bag packs with ease.


The power bank is versatile and is compatible with a wide range of devices, be it smartphones, tablets, cameras, iPods, and headphones or wearables. This saves money and energy in buying different power banks for different devices.


The smart LED display on the power bank makes it very convenient to use the power bank as it indicates the charge remaining in the power bank, and is there is a need to charge the power bank. Also, the in build torch is a lifesaver in case of power cuts.

What We Don’t Like

Reduced efficiency

The power bank starts losing its effectiveness after a few months of purchase, and the battery starts draining quickly.

Faulty ports

The output ports of the power bank are not good enough as the cable does not fit in properly without a hassle.


The power bank is convenient and compact. One can easily carry it around in pockets or bag packs as it weighs 331g. It is universally compatible with all devices, i.e., one power bank for all devices comes with a 12,000 mah Li-polymer battery for excellent battery back up.

It has a chipset with nine protection levels to protect the device from short circuits and unwanted voltage surges. Moreover, the dual output facilities the quick charging of multiple devices simultaneously.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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