IFB 20BC4 20-Litre 1200-Watt Convection Microwave Oven Review

The IFB 20BC4 convection microwave oven is suitable for a family of three to four members. It is capable of preparing a variety of cuisines within a few minutes. The microwave oven can defrost frozen food and reheat cooked food to ensure warm and delicious meals at all times.

It is energy-efficient and safe to use around children. The 3-year warranty on magnetron and cavity makes it a reliable choice for most buyers. Here we provide a detailed review of the IFB 20BC4 convection microwave oven.


Capacity: 20-Liters

The convection microwave oven features a capacity of 20-liters. It is capable of grilling, baking, reheating, defrosting, and cooking food for a family of three to four members.

71 Standard Menus

The auto cook settings include 71 standard menus that enable you to explore the various cuisines and flavors at the comfort of your home. The microwave oven helps you change the auto cook setting without having to cancel them.

Weight+Speed Defrost

The defrost function defrost frozen food items within a few minutes. It automatically sets the temperature and cooking time, on entering the weight of the frozen food item you wish to defrost. Hence, the microwave oven is capable of cooking frozen food uniformly.

Multi-Stage Cooking

The microwave oven can store up to three cooking cycles in its built-in memory. It automatically executes the cooking cycles sequentially to help you cook in different styles.

Express Cooking

The express cooking function requires you to enter the weight of the food item. It ensures delicious and quick meals at the touch of a button.

Auto Reheat

The programmed time and power levels reheat the cooked food to the required temperature. It allows you to always serve warm meals to friends and family.

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What Do We like


The variable power-saving feature offers pre-set power choices depending on your menu. Hence, the energy-efficient microwave oven saves your expenses on electricity bills.

Super Grill

The super grilling feature enables you to prepare delicious, crisp, and brown grilled meat dishes. It ensures uniform heating of meat, especially poultry, to ensure the best grilling results.

Safe Use

The child lock safety feature safeguards children from unwanted accidents and injuries. It also prevents kids from altering cooking settings.

Easy to Clean

The steam clean feature helps in the efficient cleaning of the microwave oven. It utilizes steam to remove grease, residue, and odor after preparing a greasy Indian dish.

Keep Warm

The keep-warm function maintains the temperature of the cooked dish. It prevents over-cooking and keeps the delicious meal warm for up to 90 minutes.

What We Don’t Like

Baking Experience

It ensures an enhanced grilling experience because of its super grilling feature. However, the baking experience could be improved.


The IFB 20BC4 convection microwave oven is capable of preparing delicious meals of various styles and cuisines. It can also keep your cooked food warm for up to 90 minutes. Hence, it always satisfies all your food cravings.

The model is safe to use and easy to clean. Moreover, the super grill feature assures an enhanced grilling experience.

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