Prestige 60cm 850 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney (AKH 600 CB) Review

Prestige has been at the forefront of innovation in the kitchen segment, and it is also one of the fastest-growing companies in the kitchen appliance space. This is carefully designed to deliver an outstanding performance whenever it is in use. It comes with a 60cm size, which is suitable for one, two, and four stove burners. This chimney is a duct chimney, where fumes are taken in and filtered out of the kitchen

Baffle filter

This chimney comes with a baffle filter for maximum airflow and noise-free operation. This filter is better than mesh filter, it doesn’t clog, and it effectively exhausts smoke, oil vapors, odor, and moisture. The filter also reduces noise, and it can be cleaned easily.

Touch control panel

The chimney comes with a six feather touch button for convenience and comfort. It also has a digital display. The digital display and feather touch controls provide ease of operation.

LED lamps

This chimney comes with two energy-saving LED bulbs for better illumination in the cooking area.


The design is unique, and it comes with excellent features. It comes with a curved glass and a wall mounting feature for stability and comfort. The color of this chimney is black. The chimney is made of steel material.


It comes with an 850 m3/hr, which is convenient for kitchen size between 100 – 200 sqft. The chimney has a noise level of 72dB and works with electricity. It doesn’t require a battery to operate.

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What Do We like

Auto clean function

It comes with a unique cleaning function. This chimney is equipped with a special oil collector tray. During cooking, the oil gets into the tray, and the oil is disposed of conveniently. The chimney is designed to provide an auto-clean mechanism to clean stubborn grease efficiently.

Quality heat resistant tempered glass

This chimney is made of high-quality heat resistant tempered glass. It comes with a front and canopy panel that makes it shatterproof, adding an elegant look to your kitchen. The U-shaped section of this chimney is made of a high-quality mirror for protecting the suction pipe.

Suction power

The chimney has a high-performance suction power. It eliminates smoke and odor effectively. It has an adequate three-speed selection, the slow speed for simmering, medium speed for normal cooking, and high speed for cooking and frying. This makes your cooking experience better and enjoyable.

What We Don’t Like

No negative points observed in the product so far.


This chimney comes with a futuristic design and technology that make sure you are most relieved whenever it is in use. This chimney helps to keep your kitchen free from oil and smoke. The product also comes with a warranty that is convenient for long term usage.

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