Inalsa 60cm, 950 m³/hr, Kitchen Chimney (Kwid 60BF) Review


Inalsa ensures your kitchens are filled with quality products across categories. It comes with a noise level of 65 dB, two LED lights, and two-speed settings. This chimney comes with curved toughened glass, Stainless steel inox finish, and decorative finish with sidewall mounting. It is ideal for a kitchen size 175 sqft with heavy frying and grilling. This chimney is perfect for two to four-burner stove.

Baffle filter

The baffle filter takes away oil, grease, dust and smoke from your kitchen. Your kitchen becomes free from smoke and oil after installing this product, and the filter is easy to manage.

Button control

The chimney has a well-patterned push-button control. The buttons come with adequate settings to give you the desired result, and it is easy to access to deliver smooth operation.


The design of this chimney is superb because of its steel/grey colour with steel and glass body material. The baffle filter is designed with stainless steel material for comfort and effectiveness. This chimney comes with a sleek and compact design, which offers the best experience whenever it is in use.

The design adds more beauty to your kitchen decoration, and it has two LED lights and three-speed settings for comfort and convenience. One unique design of this chimney is the stainless steel inox finish body with toughened glass.


This chimney comes with a suction capacity of 950 m3/hr and a size of 60cm and. The maximum voltage of 240 volts and power of this chimney is 115 watts. It exclusively with electricity, which allows it to deliver a delightful performance. This chimney offers hassle-free cooking without disturbance from smoke and dust.

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What Do We like

Good airflow

This chimney comes with good airflow, this airflow gives you the desired comfort by letting your kitchen stay fresh at all times. The operation is less noisy, energy-efficient, and low on maintenance.

Proper controls

The controls of this chimney give you what you need. It helps you set the chimney effectively and efficiently. This control gives you easy access to all the features of the chimney, and they’re easy to use so that your kitchen stays clean and fresh without any hassle.

What We Don’t Like

No negative feature for this product.



This Inalsa chimney comes with an attractive design, low noise level, and functional capacity to enjoy a smoke-free environment. It lets your kitchen stay fresh and less noisy at all times.

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