How to Check TDS Level of Water at Home?

TDS stands for total dissolved solids. The prevalent inorganic substances which remain even after the normal filtration stage are called TDS. Contaminants that are larger than 2 microns are also termed as total dissolved solids.

A high amount of TDS will change the taste of the water, and it is very hazardous to your health. Most of us do not have any clue regarding this matter. Let us inform you in detail how can you check the TDS level of your water at home.

Why do you need to measure TDS?

The unfiltered water that flows from your trap has a high amount of TDS. It is very unhealthy for the human body. After a certain level, TDS consumption brings health issues. It has toxic ions such as nitrate, cadmium, and lead.

If the water supply at your home has a TDS level of more than 500mg/L, then consider the water unfit for consumption. You will need an RO water purifier or a RO+UV water purifier for the efficient removal of TDS and purification of water.

The perfect TDS levels in the water

We have prepared a table down below for you to know better, that how much TDS is good or bad for you to drink. And which has minerals in it and which does not.

TDS level (Milligram/Liter)Remarks
Less than 50This water is unacceptable as it lacks essential minerals.
50 – 150It is acceptable for drinking. TDS level is suitable for areas where the water polluted by sewage or industrial waste.
150 – 250This water is good. It is ideal for people with cardiovascular disease.
250 – 350This water is good. It is perfect for people with cardiovascular disease.
350 – 500The water is relatively acceptable at this rate.
500 – 900It is not recommended to drink this water.
900 – 1200This water is least acceptable. Avoid drinking water, which has a high TDS level of 900.
1200 – 2000This water is highly recommended not to drink at this TDS level.
Above 2000This water is highly recommended not to drink at this TDS level.

According to WHO (World health organization), the maximum limit of the TDS level in water that is acceptable to drink is 500 ppm. It is safe at this rate to drink the water.

How to Check TDS from water

Method 1 – Using digital TDS meter 

This is the most inexpensive way to detect as well as remove the TDS from your water. Make sure to check for the hardness of the water that you are drinking. You can buy this digital TDS meter for a few bucks.

ap tdsmeter

Step 1 

  • First of all, turn the meter on.
  • Press the temperature button to see the temperature in celsius.
  • Again press the temp button to return to TDS mode for measurement purposes.

Step 2 

  • Turn on the meter.
  • Dip this into the water for about 2 inches.
  • Stir the meter into the water and make sure bubbles are visible.
  • Wait for 10-15 seconds.
  • Now press the hold button for a while and take it out.
  • Usually, these meters will show you a number followed by “x10”, which means you will have to multiply the number by 10.

Method 2 – Filter paper and a weighing scale 

You can measure the TDS level of the water this way easily at your home. This is the commonly practiced way to measure the TDS level. Before that, you will need some tools to execute this task.

Things you will need 

  • A sterilized glass beaker
  • Filter paper
  • Some tap water of your home
  • A weighing scale
  • Evaporating dish
  • A large pipette

Now the process will be discussed down below, and it is effortless to perform.

  • Firstly use the weighing scale and weigh the evaporating dish. Ensure it is dry and note down the reading.
  • Take the water sample and stir it vigorously.
  • Collect 50 mg of water using the pipette.
  • Pour the collected water through the filter.
  • The last step would be transferring the filtrate to the evaporating dish. Note down the reading after drying it down.


In many places in our country, the water supply has a TDS level, which is unacceptable for drinking. The high TDS is making people ill regularly. Make sure to go through our article to know how to check the TDS level on your own at home with ease.

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