Zebronics Zeb-Attraction Wire Headphone Review

Zebronics is an IT & Gaming Peripherals, Sound systems, Mobile & Lifestyle Accessories & Surveillance Solutions brand. It produces high performance and best quality earphones that last long.

Following its  EQR Mantra (Excellence, Quality and Reliability) the earphones are a great pick. The Zebronics Zeb-Attraction Wire Headphone is a perfect headset that has some really great features.

It is easy to use, convenient, durable and great for everyday use. It promises a very good audio experience.

Good Sound System

The Zeb-attraction comes with a frequency sensitivity of 105dB. The set of earphone has clear sound system. The audio is smooth and accurate. It can reciprocate very perfect sound. It balances high and low frequency sounds appropriate. The bass and low sounds don’t have to be compromised when it comes to the Zeb-attraction earphones.

Stylish Structure

With a 3 mm audio jack and strong, tough cables, the earphones are good to look at. The earbuds have unique shape that helps in perfect fit and immobility of the fitted earbud. The cable is almost 1.2 m long ensuring comfortable use.

Call Function

The Zeb-attraction comes with a microphone. The mic enables comfortable calling. No need of going through the hassles of detaching the earphone as it has a startend button.

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What Do We like


The earphone is extremely compatible with android devices. It pairs well with cellphones as well as tablets.

Inline Microphone

Calling is made very hassle free and easy by the in line microphone feature of the headset. The audio system is clear and will give an enhanced calling experience.

Stong Cables

The Zebronics has excellent quality body material of earphones. The earphones are strongly coated with textured cables. This makes it less likely to tangle up. It avoids breakage to a great extent too.

What We Don’t Like

Low Bass

The earphone has undoubtedly a good balance between low and high-frequency sound. However its bass level not as high as other bass headsets.

No Volume Button

The earphones only come with a start/stop button. There is inavailability of volume up/volume down button. Even changing the track to next/ previous is not an option. These tasks will have to be done with the help of the media source only.


The Zebronics Zeb-attraction is a great pair of earphones. It has an excellent quality audio system and has high durability. The earphone has high performing ability and is very compatible and adequate for everyday use.

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Hetavi Rudani

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