pTron Tangent Lite Sports Wireless Headset Review

pTron is a buzzing name in the digital world. It boasts of being the most trusted mobile accessories brand in India. It delivers products that conform to international quality standards. 

The pTron tangent lite sports wireless headset is designed to take your digital experience several notches higher. It seamlessly blends robust performance with exquisite style.

It comes with a unique set of features that define your individuality and expand your multi-tasking ability to complete varied tasks on-the-go.

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Wireless Connectivity

pTron wireless connectivity 1

This wireless headset features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that allows flawless coverage up to 10 meters in open space. Listen to your favorite songs or take your calls hands-free while doing your office work, household chores, or doing fitness workouts.

Silicone eartips

pTron Silicon Ear tip

It features a pair of silicone eartips that are designed for comfortable wear and long-lasting usage. The soft and flexible eartips fit easily into your ear canals without causing any irritation. These eartips are durable and easy to clean.

A2DP Audio technology

The A2DP Audio technology refers to the high standards of wireless transfer of high-quality audio signals. This headset features A2DP audio along with low latency streaming for seamless transfer of music and voice signals.


This music booster headset features 10 mm dynamic speakers with high bass (105±3dB) functionality for amazing sound performance. It comes with a microphone and exhibits frequency responses in the range of 20Hz~20KHz.


pTron tangent lite battery

It features a 125mAh Li-Polymer battery that gets completely charged in 1.5 hours. It comes with a microUSB charging port with DC5V /1A charging input.

With a single recharge, it provides 200 hours of standby time and an impressive 6 hours of music playtime and talk-time. Thus, you can enjoy listening to your favorite tracks and engage in meaningful conversations for long hours without running out of batteries.

Key Buttons

ptron button

This headset comes with easy-to-use multi-functional buttons for controlling volume, changing audio tracks, and receiving your calls.

The responsive round shaped buttons are properly positioned. Moreover, the headset is also compatible with voice assistants like Google and Siri for smooth performance in response to voice commands.


This wireless headset is compatible with various operating systems including iOS and Android OS. It can be easily connected to a wide range of Bluetooth enabled devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices.


pTron tangent lite accessories

The convenient and user-friendly accessories that come with this bluetooth headset include 2 extra pairs of silicone eartips and a micro USB charging cable.


This appealing headset is available in four vibrant colors including wine red, midnight black, fresh green, and vibrant yellow. Thus, you can easily pair it up with a wide range of your wardrobe collection.

Best Suited for Whom


How We Tested

Our experts considered the comfort, sound quality, fit and ease of use of the earbuds. We also checked the Bluetooth connectivity by moving around from a good distance away from our phones and going to other rooms.

To ensure the manufacturer's claims are true, we tested the battery life by connecting with the calls and playing some music. We also tested the timing of how long the earbuds took to finally drain. Once we tested the earbuds, we then scored each aspect.


Grab yourself a pair of pTron Tangent Lite Sports wireless headset for an awesome wireless journey and improve your tech-savvy credentials to stay ahead in the race in today’s fast-paced world.