Sony MDR-G45LP On-Ear Wired Headphone Review

Headphones are a fun and enjoyable way to enjoy music on the go without disturbing the person right next to you. If you’re on a bus it is perfect to kill time and enjoy your media content.

There are plenty of headphones in the market to pick from, but if you are an audiophile just like me you need funky headphones that tick all the correct boxes such as durability, sound quality, bass, noise cancelation and etc.

Sony one of the leading, manufacturers of headphones and sound systems with the biggest music entertainment business in the world has manufactured the MDR G45lp.

They swear their onus as regards to their quality sound system, the Sony MDR-g45lp is built excellently due to the fact that it is packed with everything an audiophile will need together with a clear and decent sound output

Large dynamic driver unit

The sony g45lp is equipped with a large dynamic driver unit of about 30mm to give users unbeatable sound, generally the bigger the driver the higher the loudness of the sound produced. So if you are in the market for a headphone that gives out a loud bass then the ones with large dynamic driver will do a perfect job, as it delivers a thick bass without consuming much power


If you are the type that constantly loves taking a casual outdoor walk or run while listening to your favorite music on your playlist, you most definitely need a pair of sony g45lp headphone that is  lightweight as a feather, it weighs just about 55 grams, its perfect to stay comfy in the ear without causing any pain.

Sound quality

This is undoubtedly the first features most buyers look for when buying a new headphone, the MDR-G45LP produces stellar stereo sound with a frequency between 16-20khz, the low range of the frequency gives a deep heavy bass while the high range gives a good treble for a more lively and dynamic sound


The sony g45lp is very comfortable to use either indoor or outdoor, the headphone has a long cord that is 1.2M long for ease, the earbuds are replaceable and quite comfy in the ear with a behind-the-neck design,  Users have reported long hours of usage without any pain in the ear

Audio cable

Sony g45lp comes with the traditional 3.5MM audio extension cable which is widely in millions of devices including android phones, camcorders, portable DVD players, etc. The 3.5mm audio connector has a cylindrical shape with five contacts for good audio output

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What Do We like


The sony g45lp is an excellent headphone that is built to last, Sony has designed the headphone with durability in mind, the rubber does not creak while being stretched or fondle, they also impact resistant i.e they can withstand being thrown around as some users have reported using the headphone for many years.


The sturdy build of the g45lp makes it a go to headphones for those that love to work out in the gym, not every headphone can withstand being drenched in sweat as it will make them malfunction, the g45lp will keep your mood alive even while exercising

What We Don’t Like


The g45lp headphone does not have an inline remote control on the cable, there is no option available to control music while listening or to either answer or reject phone calls. If this is not a deal-breaker for you can go ahead to get the headphone.


The sony g45lp is a headphone that will provide users with uninterrupted entertainment, it is ideal for use during long flights, libraries, lounges, café, etc, the headphone will not break the bank as it is affordable and long-lasting

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