Leaf Rock Wired Headphone Review

Leaf is building audio products that offer good designs and premium sound quality to make you feel the music in a way that you never have. The Leaf Rock Wired Headphones comes with a 40mm driver.

The Stereophonic sound of this headphone is just a pleasure for ears. It is very lightweight for an on-ear headphone. The cable that comes with it is 1.5 meters in length, which is pretty much enough. The frequency response of this headset is 20-20000 Hz. It has a 3.5mm connector jack.


Noise Isolation

The design of this headset will help you cut the external noises increasing your music listening experience. It comes with the Noise Isolation feature, which allows them to cut the outer noises up to 90% so you can listen to your music peacefully without being disturbed by any external sounds.


The brand made it just like its name, super lightweight, so that you hardly feel it on your head. It weighs only 168 grams. You can use it for long hours without being it too bulky and uncomfortable.

Build Quality

This headphone has Premium build. The plastic is of excellent quality. The build is quite sturdy for its price range. The plastic which has been used in this headset is light but sturdy.

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What Do We like

Adjustable Earcups

The earcups of this headset are flexible and not just ordinary adjustable, but it’s 180 degrees adjustable. Now you can listen to music from one ear if that’s what you want. No headphones on the market give this feature at this price.

Sturdy Wire

The wire that comes with this headset is of 1.5-meter length. But this is no ordinary wire; it is what we call sturdy wire. These are made in a way that it won’t break when it’s bent from any angle whatsoever. They are tangle free and will save you time.

Sound and Bass

The sound quality is pretty much clear, and there is no distortion found. Bass is of a decent level. It is recommended for music listeners/people who love to watch movies.

What We Don’t Like


The headset comes with a built-in microphone. The microphone quality is poor. The audio that it transmits is not very clear. It is not decent for long conversations or video calling.


This Leaf Rock wired headphones have a pretty much of a stable performance allover. Keeping the price range of this product, you can’t argue much against it.

It has got all the features that a basic headphone requires. If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly headphone, then this is it.

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Koushik Mondal

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