Sony MDR-ZX110A On-Ear Stereo Headphone Review

Sony is a brand with a vision for creativity and new-age Technology. Sony India is a widely recognized brand with the Indians as a high-quality audio system manufacturing company. It has an excellent consumer base, and they have great trust over Sony products.

The Sony MDR-ZX110A On-Ear Stereo Headphones are Sony’s premium quality earphones. It is featured with the best of audio technology available and has the caliber to do more than its cost.


Neodymium Dynamic Drivers

The pair of Sony’s MDR-ZX110A can deliver precise sound. It has lightweight 30 mm neodymium magnetic driver units.

These enable the headphones to provide an exceptional audio response to the most challenging track too. It has a highly sensitive diaphragm that helps you turn the speaker louder as the need be.

Swivel folding design

The headphone has swiveling ear cups designed for maximum portability. The Swivel folding design comes in handy a lot when you wish to take these remarkable pair on your trips.

Clear highs and lows

The Sony MDR-ZX110A has a wide frequency range that spans 12 Hz to 22 kHz. It reciprocates deep bass, rich mid-levels, and soaring highs. The audio is so perfect that you can catch every little detail of any song you tune to with this exceptional headset.

Voice Isolation Feature

The earphones have closed enfolding back design that can seal in sounds. The design wraps around the ear, helping to keep distractions out. With this fantastic pair of headset, the acoustics are reflected to reproduce the subtlest of sounds.

Cushioned ear-pads

Switch to the new Sony MDR-ZX110A for a promising comfort experience. It has a self-adjusting headband. It also has a  soft cushioned earcups that can cover the whole ear.

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What Do We like

Precise sound

The Sony MDR-ZX110A  has a kind of supreme quality audio system which cannot be emphasized enough. The set has vast-ranging frequencies and a capacity to reciprocate the harshest of sensitive frequency sounds with ease.

Travel easy

The earphones will co-operate with your traveling plans. With the earcups that swivel flat, they can be adjusted in a bag in small places. It supports portability.


Made with soft ear cushions and audio quality that doesn’t irritate your ears, this pair of earphones by Sony will give you long-lasting comfort. You can listen to your songs for long hours without worrying about discomfort at all.

What We Don’t Like

No hands-free calls

This version of the Sony MDR-ZX110A does not feature an inline microphone. This disables the hands-free calling feature from the headset.


The Sony MDR-ZX110A  is a good on-ear stereo headset. It has the best of Sony’s Characteristics that make it one of the best devices out there. It will give long-lasting comfort. With the supreme audio system, you’ll also feel every beat when the earphone maximizes the bass signatures in your music. It will be an excellent investment for the music lovers out there.

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Hetavi Rudani

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