Leaf LMGMB Wired Earphones Review

Leaf presents its Metal Wired Earphone that is made for music lovers with enhanced quality of music. It provides immersive, bass-boosted, supreme and powerful sound quality with crystal clear voice. It also gives a never-heard-before music experience because it doesn’t compromise on tech specs and the quality of components. The product delivers 10x better performance in delivering great music experiences because of its proprietary technology.

The product is lightweight and stylish with its weigh around 13 gm so that you can easily carry it during the journey. It comes in three color variant i.e. red, grey and black so that you can choose it according to your preference. It is compatible with all Smartphones such as Apple, Android, Windows, etc. so that you can use it without any worry of incompatibility.

Premium Build Quality

Premium leather wires and Metallic earbuds give it an edge over other wired earphones. The product has invisible Sweatproof nano-coating which helps to protect it from water. It also has 3.5 mm AUX comes with gold metal plating. It is not been there in any other wired earphone in the world which makes it a trendsetter.

Ergonomic Design

It comes with 3 sets of ear tip sizes which ensures that it will be a proper fit for all consumers. Perfect design and fitted earbuds ensure that it stays in the ear during running, jogging, and trekking. Comfortable and perfect fit which reduces the fall out will help out in freeing your hand to enjoy your music.

Replicate real music

The earphone is empowered to make you feel the music the way it should be. It is best suited for music genres like Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop, Hindi music, Sufi.

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What Do We like

Deep Bass

The product has a powerful 10 mm drivers for HD sound so that you can enjoy your favorite songs. It has speaker resistance of 16 Ohm & sensitivity range of 101dB (+/- 3dB) with a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz which makes it an ideal combination of power and wide frequency range i.e. from the deepest bass to the highest treble.

Multi-Function Inline Remote

Product has a multi-function inline remote control with a built-in microphone so that you can accept calls. It also has a play& pause button, changes tracks, increase/ decrease music with the smart assistant such as Siri and Google which help to reduce your effort of digging into your phone.

What We Don’t Like

Low-quality material and reduced sound

Various customer complain that the product is not durable and does not last longer than a month or two. Also, the sound got harsh after some time which makes earphone pathetic for the customers.


The product has various feature such as Premium Build Quality, Ergonomic Design and Replicate real music which makes it a good choice to opt for this price range. Advantages such as Deep bass and Multi-Function Inline Remote made it more compelling. However, some customer said that product lacks in quality and sound also get deteriorated with time.

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Yash Jain

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