Sony MDR-AS210 Open-Ear Active Sports Headphone Review

Sony corporation is a multinational company. Its various business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, entertainment, and financial services. It is a trusted brand and has been innovating products for the past many years.

Sony Open-Ear sports headphones come with 13.5mm high sensitivity units which changes your workout experience. It is comfortable and secure, the unique ear loop is easy to use and has a secure fit. You just simply slide over the ear into earphones and you are good to go on your workout. It is also water-resistant. Thus it is ideal for an active lifestyle in sports.


Adjustable loop hangers

It allows the headphones to get securely attached to the ears and not disturb you to adjust it every time you workout as it itself gets adjusted.

13.5 mm driver

The driver is the miniature loudspeaker in each earpiece that converts the electrical power to sound. The greater the mm driver, the greater the sound quality. Thus, it keeps you energized during the workouts. 

104 dB/mW sensitivity

This feature allows getting even the most feeble tone to get into your ears in detail.

High-frequency range

It provides high frequency so that you can hear sounds from a wide range of the spectrum.

Advanced ear-cups

The sound passes throughout the ear-cups and hence makes it feel more natural to sound.

1.2 m cord

The long cord allows you to get the most flexible during workouts without having to adjust the headphones every time.

Splash proof

This feature allows us to get all sweaty and have a run in rain without getting damaged.

Stylish design

It comes with an aesthetic outlook which makes you look cool while workouts.

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What Do We like

Body movement-friendly

The blend of an adjustable earpiece, 1.2m cord, and sound all over the ear-cups make it an ideal sports headphones.

Low maintenance

You don’t have to worry about keeping the utmost care of your headphones as it is splash-free.

Detailed sound quality

The blend of high sensitivity and range allows getting the best of the sound to be audible. Hence, one can get even more energized while workouts with the premium sound quality.


At just a cost of around Rs. 700, you can experience a new level of sound quality which will motivate you to focus on your sport more greatly.

What We Don’t Like

Poor Noise Cancellation

It doesn’t really block outside noise which is the only low point of this product.


Sony Open-ear active Sports headphones is an ideal partner during your work-outs. Have unhindered workouts without having it to adjust every time. The natural experience of sound makes the sports experience wonderful. At such an affordable price, it is totally worth buying.

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Ambareen Azam

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