Philips SBCHL140 On-Ear Headphone Review

The music has the essence of lifting your heart, warms the soul, and makes you feel good. The perfect music has made it easier to connect with the soul and reach the state of enlightenment with its melodies. And thus, Philips is back with it’s all-new “SBCHL140 On-Ear Headphones “.  These dynamic earphones equipped with cushion will surely increase the enjoyment capability in your playback time, thereby, giving you the best playback music quality.

The bass reproduction capability of these earphones will make you feel that the music is more captivating and actually inside your head. The soulful, blissful, and perfect harmonious sounds through the earphones will plug you into the real world of the music, thereby creating the barrier between you and the world, which is full of trauma.


It is extremely light weighted, for about 59 gms, which makes it an ideal device to wear with an extreme level of comfort.

Connector Type and Batteries

It is a wired connector type of technology with a cable length of 1.0 m and 3.5 mm stereo connectors which do not require batteries to run, producing pleasant music every time you wish to get engaged with it.


These are grey colored, producing a stylish outlook to your music time.

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What Do We like

Cable connection

The Ear shell contains a soft plastic part that reduces the cable strain and protects the connection and further prevents damage caused due to repeated bending.

Leight Weighted

The headband is extremely light weighted such that it won’t feel like you wore it.

Speaker Driver

It contains a 30 mm speaker driver that is made compact in order to provide comfort to the user such that one enjoys non-distorted and the high-quality music of their choice.

Bass Beat Vents

It is equipped with bass beat vents that allow air movement, thereby producing rich and high bass sounds.

What We Don’t Like

Different intensity

There is a different intensity of sound on the two sides of speakers. Thus one may feel terrible while listening to it.

Ear Pads

The built-up quality of ear pads is not actually good, and thus, the very high quality of sound is not produced by it, owing to a disappointment to the concerned people.


The device comes with a six-month manufacturer warranty, which is also easy to use and maintain. It is also a cost-effective product that can be considered perfect for daily use. It is something that should be with every music enthusiast and is also a good option to gift your loved ones.

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Hari Priya

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