Singer Aqua Jwala Gas Geyser Review

Singer water heaters were always a reliable product. They are of good quality, lasts longer and pocket-friendly. They try to provide as many features possible into the water heater in a very less price range, so it’s affordable for most of the people.

This Gas heater’s capacity is 6 liter. With its instant heating, you don’t have to wait anymore. The adjustable knobs on the geyser are very useful and come handy. And as it is a gas heater, the safety is its top priority.

Gas Heater

This Singer Aqua Jwala is a Gas heater. You don’t need any kind of electricity to run this water heater. No more electric bills for this product. All you need is an LPG Cylinder to turn on this geyser.

Copper Heat Exchanger

This geyser comes with 1kg Copper Heat Exchanger. It is compelling and helps heat the water very quickly. It is very long-lasting and won’t bother you in a more extended period of usage.

Adjustable Knob

This water heater has quite a few adjustable knobs into it. This knob lets you control the weather type, so the water will be heated according to that, giving you full comfort. They will allow you to control the LPG gas, as in how quick you want to heat the water. And as well as you will be able to control the Water.

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What Do We like


Gas heater always comes with many safety features. This one is no exception, either. It will cut the gas flow if the temperature of the water exceeds the maximum limit, so your skin doesn’t get burned. Apart from this, it also has a flame failure safety feature.

Instant Heating

The robust Copper Heat Exchanger makes the heater able to heat the water instantly. The 6 liters of water can be heated within 3-5 mins max. No more waiting around for hot water. You just turn it on, and within a few mins, it’s done.


The inner tank of this water heater is made of Stainless Steel. It is made to be durable and last long. It is corrosion free and heat resistant. The longevity of this inner tank is absolutely amazing.


What We Don’t Like

There weren’t many of any cons except for the fact that the warranty is of only one year of the product and two years on the inner tank. This could be a little more.


The price range of this Gas water heater is very low and affordable. It comes with many features at this low price range. Capacity is quite decent for small families. You can also use it in your kitchen. This product deserves to be tried on.

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Koushik Mondal

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