Orient Electric Vento GWVN06WLMW 6 litres Gas Water Heater Review

Orient Electric Limited (OEL) is a pioneer Indian electric brand is selling fans, home appliances, switch gears and lighting. It is a trusted brand and has been innovating products from the past 60 years.

Now power cuts and inconsistent power supply won’t in way of a warm shower. Orient electric Vento Gas water heater serves heated water throughout summer and winter with more than 84 percent efficiency. It comes with a beautifully crafted sleek body and a temperature control knob. It has a 3-row burner and variable pressure compatibility of 0.1 to 8 Bar. Other features include 20 minutes OFF timer, 3-row burner and pressure bearing capacity of up to 8 Bar.

Digital display

It comes with a digital display to indicate the temperature of heated water, which is helpful if you want a specific temperature.

Variable pressure compatibility

It is suitable to install at any high building as it can withstand pressure up to 8 bars.

3-row burner with double ignition

The water can be heated faster and more evenly and power usage will be maximized hence efficiency will be high.

Mesh On Water Inlet, Gas Inlet, And Chimney

It avoids scaling, blockage, dry heating & impurities and hence protects water from contamination due to impurities.

Low Battery Indicator

If the battery of the geyser is low, it will be indicated. Thus, you can charge it accordingly beforehand.

Copper Heat Exchanger

It uses Tin-plated for faster heating. Thus, in very less time, you can get hot water.

Summer-Winter Mode

It comes with the most exciting feature, i.e, Summer- Winter Mode. It adjusts water temperature according to the season.

Unique Safety Features

It comes with Flame failure device, Auto 20-minute OFF timer, Thermal cut-off for overheat protection, Over-pressure protection, and Water leakage control. Thus it comes with ample safety features to ensure better usage.

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What Do We like

Temperature display

The digital indication of water temperature eases the usage of a geyser. We can adjust the temperature of the water according to our needs. Thus, it makes water heating easier.

Pressure compatibility

It comes with a pressure compatible feature that allows it to get installed even at high buildings. The 6-bar pressure withstands capacity is a great feature of it.

Fast heating

It saves us from the tension to switch it on much prior than it is required to heat the water.


The advanced features at such a low cost is cherry on top. It is very profitable to get it.

What We Don’t Like

Not anti-corrosive

There is nothing to prevent corrosion, thus after long usage the body of the geyser may get corroded, which in turn can make water content high in iron which is unfit for use.



Orient Electric Vento Gas Water Heater comes with advanced modern features. Long lasted heating, easy and safe to use, at such an affordable cost is totally worth buying.

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Ambareen Azam

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