V-guard 6 L Safefloplus Gas Geyser Review

Who doesn’t want a hot water bath on a chilly winter morning or to flex some sore muscles? I bet, everyone. So here’s something stupendous that works for every occasion.

V-guard 6 liter Safefloplus Gas geyser is what one wants for his/her dire needs as it fits well on every occasion. It is very lightweight and is a safe option that works well in houses with small bathrooms or kitchens.

Its water storage capacity is 6 liters. It has a slim and compact design so it can fit anywhere. It is very cost-effective. It conserves energy by automatically shutting down after heating the required water. It comes with a five-star rating, which is very impressive at this price.


This gas geyser is very efficient and cuts down the cost to a minimum. It does not cost you much and yet fulfills all your needs. It is energy efficient as it comes with a feature which is called thermal cut-off that shuts down all the operations when the water is heated up.

Extra protection

It provides protection with the help of a double solenoid valve. It is corrosion-resistant. The outer body of the geyser is made of excellent and durable plastic.

Handles pressure

This geyser handles pressure very well, which makes it suitable for multi-storied buildings. It is also provided with PRV, which is known as Pressure Reducing Valve. It helps to overcome situations like overpressure.

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What Do We like

Safe to use

It has may features like adjustable thermostat so that you can adjust the temperature accordingly so that your skin doesn’t get burn with the hot water. It also has thermal cut-off so that the geyser doesn’t overheat. It is provided with a safe and sound body, so it is safe to use.

Small and compact design

Its size is 500 X 400 X 250 mm, which makes it extremely small and compact. It provides so many features for such a small geyser that it is remarkable at this price.

Fast service

It heats water very fast as it uses advanced technology. It is suitable for daily use and ensures a steady flow of warm water.

What We Don’t Like


The geyser does not come with an installation kit; you have to buy it from outside. Other than that, you have to carefully install it where it gets proper ventilation as it is a gas geyser.


It gives you value for money. It provides an excellent and remarkable service and will surely work for a long time. A person will not face any issue while using it. You can buy this product if you are looking for a cheap and excellent product.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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