Haier ES3V-C1 3-Litre Water Heater Review

Haier is one of the most significant home appliance technologies in the world. With innovation as the company’s motto at its soul, it has very reliable products. Millions of Indians trust the company as a brand that makes excellent quality products.

It has a vast range of quality water heaters made with the best of Haier’s technology. The Haier ES3V-C1 3-Litre Water Heater is made with high precision to meet the user’s requisites. It has some ideal characteristics that make it a perfect water heater.

Capacity and power

The Haier ES3V-C1 has a water heating and storage capacity of 3 liters, and it performs best with 3000kw of electric power. It has a voltage requirement of  220. It has PUF insulation.

Body type            

The outer body of the Haier ES3V-C1 water heater is made up of  ABS material. It uses an Incoloy 800 SS heating element.

UMC Tank   

The heater uses a 2mm thick steel UMC tank(Ultra Micro Coated). Made with vitreous enameling. The vitreous enameling will protect the tank from corrosion in humid areas.

RSC Technology

RSC technology makes possible consistency. It ensures the consistent flow of hot water. The tide is through the circle-rounded structure of the inlet tube.

MUV Valve      

A Multi- Usage Valve is an excellent unique technology in the Haier ES3V-C1 water heater. It meets safety requirements by acting as a Pressure relief system/Anti-Vacuum device/Non-return valve/Water drainage system.

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What Do We like

8 Bars Rated Pressure

The tank of the Haier ES3V-C1 water heater has 8 Bars Rated Pressure. It is proved to pass 160,000 cycles impulse test under 10 Bars to ensure the working pressure of 8 Bars.

Safe to use

The Haier has a reliable, secure built-in technology that makes sure of optimum security for its users. It is built with high precision. The PUF insulation and MUV are additional security features.

Avoids shock accidents

The water heater has a particular structure designed. It is ideally made and tested for regions with electricity problems such as lack of earth wire, wrong wire connections, electricity leakage, etc. All the precautions are taken to avoid shock accidents.

What We Don’t Like

No temperature control

Unlike the very latest heating models, the device lacks the temperature control feature. The process of heating cannot be manually controlled.


The Haier ES3V-C1 3-Litre Water Heater is a competent device. It has the features of a high water heater. It is reliable and long-lasting. It has safety precautions taken and supports electricity saving. It is an ideal water heater for humid areas as well as high rise buildings. The product is worth every bit of its cost and is a must buy.

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Hetavi Rudani

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