Haier ES 15V E1 Storage Water Heater Review

Haier ES 15V E1 Water Heater is the perfect choice for a family as it provides you with hot water, which soothes you after a long tiring day of the work or makes you feel refreshed after waking up.

It has 15L of storage capacity and has a unique structure that is designed to protect from shock accidents. Rated pressure of this water heater is 8 bar.

It has a UMC tank with a stainless steel core and an Incoloy heating element. The tank has PUF insulation. The outer body is made of MS, and it has RSC technology. It has an adjustable thermostat. It requires 2000 watts, and the operating voltage is 230 volts.

UMC Tank

This water heater has a 2mm thick UMC (Ultra Micro Coated) steel tank, which has vitreous enameling for the protection of the tank from corrosion, which makes it durable water heater and ensures the long life of the product.

Safe Care Technology

The water heater is designed with a unique structure, especially for the regions where there are electricity problems such as lack of earth wire, wrong connections, etc. so that shock accidents can be avoided. This marks your safety.

RSC Technology

This water heater has a circle rounded structure of the inlet tube, which ensures the consistent flow of hot water through RSC technology. There is no chance of not getting hot water while it is in use.

8 Bar Rated Pressure

The tank of the water heater has passed 160,000 cycles impulse test under 10 bars to ensure that it will work on the pressure of 8 bars or 16 psi, which is more than double of ordinary water heaters.


It is a vertical mounting that makes its design very much different, and it is perfect for large wall spaces.

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What Do We like

Adjustable Thermostat

There is no worry that the heater will deliver boiling water or less hot water because there is an external thermostat through which you can set the temperature as per your requirement.

Suitable for High-Rise Buildings

The water heater works on high pressure which is 8 bars or 16 psi which makes it ideal for high-rise buildings

Storage Capacity

It can reserve hot water up to 15 liters, which are enough for a family and provides the facility for storing the water for further use.


This product is highly durable. The UMC tank, PUF insulation of the tank, and the Incoloy heating element ensure the long life of the product.

What We Don’t Like


It creates a little sound while heating the water, which is not a major con and should not bother the customer while making the purchase.



Haier ES 15V E1 Water Heater has many advanced features. It has a UMC tank that protects from corrosion. It comes with PUF insulation and Incoloy heating element, which extends the product life.

It works at 8 bar pressure. Safe care technology avoids shock accidents, and RSC technology provides a consistent flow of hot water. It can store hot water for an extended period.

It has 15 liters of storage capacity, and it is suitable for high rise buildings. It is highly durable, has a good design. It is a perfect choice for a family.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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