Haier 15V-Color FR Water Heater Review

Haier is one of the famous manufacturers of a diverse range of electrical appliances. It offers refrigerators, washing machines, dispensers, TVs, smart gadgets, water heaters, and much more. The quality and performance of its products are outstanding. Haier 15V-Color FR Water Heater comes with an elegant and mountable design. It is designed to withstand maximum water pressure conditions.

Rust Protection

It has a 2 mm thick UMC (Ultra Micro Coated) tank, with vitreous enamel coating inside it. This coating prevents the tank from rusting and eliminates the chances of corrosion as well. It becomes a long-lasting and durable product due to this feature.

Incoloy 800 SS Heating Element

The Incoloy 800 Stainless-Steel heating element offers the highest efficiency of 97.9%. It ensures an efficient healing process and improves the performance of the heater. The heating element has been designed to offer protection against scaling and corrosion as well.

Maximum Pressure

It can withstand a maximum pressure of 8 bars quite easily. This feature makes it suitable for high-rise buildings as well. It has an over-pressure safety mechanism, which allows the heater to withstand heavy pressures.

Flower PCM Coating

The PCM flower coating brings elegance to the exterior of the heater. It ensures longevity and durability as well because this coating protects the heater from rusting and corrosion. The external moisture cannot affect the wall of the heater.

Power Range

This is a 2000 watts heater. Most storage water heaters operate in this power range.

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What Do We like

Shock Proof

This heater is specially designed for the regions where electricity problems occur frequently. It prevents shocks due to earth wire issues and offers a safe user experience.

Mountable Design

This heater comes with a wall-mountable design. It adds to the beauty of your bathroom because of its unique design.

15-Liter Capacity

The storage capacity is 15 liters. This is suitable for a small family.

Auto Turn-off

It has been designed to meet the best safety standards. When the water reaches the desired temperature, the heater turns off automatically. It prevents dry heating as well.


Haier 15V-Color FR Water Heater comes with a 4-year product warranty and a 7-year tank warranty as well.

What We Don’t Like

No cons observed so far.


It has an elegant design with a floral design exterior. It can be mounted on the wall easily and is best suited for high-rise buildings as well. The anti-corrosion technology makes it a durable and long-lasting product. This water heater comes with good safety features, including electrical shock-related hazards.

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