Inalsa Magnum Induction Cooktop Review

Inalsa manufactures a variety of distinguished kitchen products. Its products are durable and long-lasting and are made of high quality and give the best performance.

Inalsa Magnum Induction Cooktop is one of the most innovative products of this company. It has been designed to consume minimum power for cooking food using electromagnetic technology.

7-Preset Cooking Modes

This stove has been equipped with preset cooking modes to provide convenience in cooking. There are predefined settings for a pressure cooker, Soup, Curry, Milk, Dosa/Chapati, Deep Fr, and Water modes.

Anti-Magnetic Wall

This unique feature allows the blocking of surplus magnetic energy. This excess of energy is then reflected back to re-change it into heat energy. It reduces the chances of negative impacts of surplus magnetic energy on the surrounding.

Power Saving

The artificial intelligence technology has been incorporated in this stove, which adjusts the temperature according to the size of the pan. It avoids using excess temperature for small cooking pans.

Digital Display

The digital display of this stove allows users to monitor the controls on the screen. It ensures ease of operation and control. It has a 4-digit display installed in it, which is based on high-precision.

Fast Cooking

This stove ensures fast cooking of food. It can cook food twice as fast as the traditional cooktops. Its pace of cooking allows users to save money on electricity bills.

Soft Touch Button

This stove has a very soft touch button integrated into it. It can be controlled and operated quite easily without apply any extra force on it.

Versatile Temperature Selection

It offers a user-friendly power selection mode. You can easily control the optimum heat or temperature according to your requirement of the cooking.

Scratch Resistant Top

The top surface of this stove is scratch resistant. It can withstand heavy mechanical impacts quite easily. It has an overheating protection mechanism that protects the top surface from getting affected by overheating.

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What Do We like

Sleek and Compact Design

The design of this stove is sleek and compact. It allows users to carry it anywhere. The surface finishing and the durable body of the stove ensure its longevity.

Toughened Glass Surface

The top surface of the stove is made up of a toughened glass top. It ensures protection against any compression force or mechanical impacts. It provides extraordinary strength to the stove.

Safe to use

The timer control feature of this stove allows it to turn itself off automatically when the cooking is done. It ensures the safety of the users and the stove as well.

Easy to Clean

It can be easily cleaned because the design of the stove is simplistic and minimalistic.

What We Don’t Like

No cons observed so far.


Inalsa Magnum Induction Cooktop offers a variety of distinguished and innovative features for cooking. It has predefined settings for required cooking. It offers a sleek and minimalistic design with high-quality durability. It has been designed to consume less power and is environment-friendly as well.

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