Prestige Prithvi Gas Stove Review

Prestige company is one of the best kitchen appliances manufacturers. It has a wide range of electrical appliances for the kitchen. The quality and performance of its products are outstanding.

Prestige Prithvi Gas Stove is a single burner stove which is the most suitable for small kitchen or minimum kitchen loads. It has a durable and long-lasting performance.


Durable Body and Design

The material used to manufacture this stove is Stainless-steel. It provides strength and power to bear heavy utensils. The minimalistic shape of the stove enables users to place it easily at any small place according to the requirement.

Brass Burners

It has been integrated with high-quality brass burners. The design of the burners is managed in a way to facilitate the heating process. The holes for gas emission are fabricated to increase the thermal efficiency of the stove.

Durable supporting legs

The leg-supports are designed in a way that can tolerate the heavy load of cooking pans or pots. The bottom edges of the supports are folded to provide an easy grip to the stove. The legs are heat resistant; that is why the heat from burners cannot bring any deformity in them.

Brass Gas Valve

The valve of the stove is made up of brass. It provides strength and durability to the valve so it can perform well under heavy gas pressure.

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What Do We like

Press-fit Knobs

The knobs of the stove are quite simple and easy to operate. The press-fit design helps users to operate them without applying much force to them easily. The material of the knob supports it to avoid easy breakage.

Compact size and shape

The size of the stove is small, which makes it suitable for very small kitchens as well.

ISI Certified

This stove is ISI certified, which means the strength and durability of this product is according to the standards. The performance and material quality have been certified by this mark.

What We Don’t Like

No cons are observed so far.


Prestige Prithvi Gas Stove offers the best available features for cooking in a very small and unique design. The performance of the stove is undoubtedly the best because it has one of the best quality burners installed in it. It facilitates any category of cooking since it can tolerate heavyweight pots quite easily. The body and surface of the stove are highly-durable and properly finished as well.

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