Elica Hob Flexi HCT 470 DX Lotus BK Gas Stove Review

Elica is a company that excels in manufacturing high-quality products. It manufactures innovative kitchen stoves and chimneys. The durability and longevity of its products are outstanding.

Here we are going to talk about Elica Hob 4-Italian Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top Gas Stove. It has two big and two medium-size lotus burners installed in it. The strength and performance of this stove are impressive. It provides enhanced thermal efficiency for uniform cooking.


Multi-Flame Italian Sabaf Burners

This stove has been equipped with multi-flame control Sabaf burners, which are innovatively designed. These burners provide three different categories of flames according to the cooking requirement. The burners are corrosion resistant and durable.

Glass Top Finish

The elegant glass top of this stove is properly finished to ensure its protection. It is corrosion-resistant, thermal resistant, and scratch resistant as well. The sleek design of the glass top has extraordinary durability as well. It can easily withstand heavy compression force or mechanical impact.

Durable Pan Supports

This stove has pan supports made up of cast iron. The strength of these supports is remarkable. It can withstand heavy weight cooking pans and other utensils quite easily and without deforming. These supports are removable as well to provide ease of cleaning.

Free Standing Hob

The free-standing hob of this stove offers easy installation and placement. It provides the stove with a sturdy and firm grip to avoid wobbling during cooking.

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What Do We like

Innovatively-designed Knobs

The 360-degree rotating knobs of this stove are fabricated to provide smooth comfort and surface finish. These knobs provide a firm grip to the users and ease of operation. A slight push of hand can easily control the intensity of the flames. It doesn’t require extra force or pressure to turn the stove on or off.

Sleek and Slim Design

The design of this stove is an innovation in itself. It occupies less space, and it also allows the use of large cooking pans. The smooth surface finish of the entire body makes it more convenient for users to clean it up.

Auto Ignition

This stove operates on the auto-ignition feature. It saves users from the problems of keeping an external matchbox or lighter near the stove. The autoignition facility is installed using the latest technology, which ensures the protection longevity of this feature.

What We Don’t Like

No Cons are observed so far.


Elica Hob 4-Italian Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top Gas Stove is the most suitable stove for any domestic or commercial kitchen. It is the most durable stove with 4-burners capacity.

The thermal efficiency of this stove is improved by using Italian burners in it. These burners ensure consistent cooking experience with minimal gas consumption. It is a complete package of innovative features, sleek design, high-quality material, and long-lasting life.

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