Elica Flexi Brass Hct 470 Dx Gas Stove Review

Elica is a company with a versatile and long-lasting product line. The products of this company are durable and robust. This company offers kitchen stoves and chimneys in a very minimal price range.

The features of its products are much better than a lot of others in the market. Elica Flexi Brass Hct 470 Gas Stove has four uniquely designed burners installed in it. It has high thermal efficiency, which consumes less gas to provide uniform cooking experience.


Tempered Glass Surface

This stove has a tempered black shiny glass surface. It has been designed beautifully to provide an elegant look as well as durability to the stove. This surface can withstand massive heavy force easily. The scratch-free nature of the tempered surface provides more beauty to the stove.

Heavy Duty Burners

This stove has one mini triple ring burner and three double ring brass burners in it. This variety of burner designs allows users to cook more conveniently. These burners have multiple flame control settings with which the users can be able to cook food with uniform heating.

Enameled Cast Iron Pan Support

The pan support of this stove is made up of enamel coated cast iron. It is the most durable product in terms of strength. The pan supports are designed to withstand any heavyweight utensil. The enameled coating provides corrosion resistance to the supports.

Free Standing Hob

This stove can be used as a free-standing hob. It has strong leg support, which can keep the stove steady during cooking, so there is no wobbling effect in the stove

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What Do We like

High-Quality Knobs

The 360-degree rotating knobs ensure high-quality performance. These knobs have a unique and robust grip for users. There are no slippage effects in operating these knobs even with wet hands. The intensity of the flames can be easily controlled with a little push.

Auto Ignition

This stove has a built-in auto-ignition feature. It provides ease of operation and saves users from hectic manual ignitions. The auto-ignition system of this stove itself is high-quality and durable.

Heavy Duty Brass Burners

The burners of this stove are specially designed for heavy working loads of kitchens. They are capable of transmitting uniform heating in all four burners at a time. The users can experience a variety of flames while cooking, and they can adjust their intensity according to the requirement.

What We Don’t Like

No Cons are observed so far.


Elica Flexi Brass Hct 470 Gas Stove has a sleek and elegant design. This stove offers durability and long-lasting performance. The performance of this stove never gets undermined by using all four burners at a time. The top surface adds much to the elegance of the stove since it can withstand heavy impacts quite easily. The arrangements of burners allow users to experience cooking in a versatile manner.

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