Butterfly 4-Burner Blaze Cooktop Review

Butterfly is one of the best companies to manufacture kitchen appliances and machines. It has a unique name because of its quality products. The Butterfly 4-Burner Blaze Cooktop is built to provide a durable, long-lasting, and highly efficient kitchen experience.


Aesthetic Design

The design of this stove is unique. It has a beautiful rectangle shape with curved edges. The size of the body is compact, so it can fit any sort of shelf in any kitchen. The surface finishing and burners’ design is also unique.

High-Quality Brass Burners

There are four burners in this stove that are perfectly mounted on the top with same adjacent spots. The burners are made up of brass. The durability and strength of the burners are outclassed.

Durable Pan Support

The pan support for this stove is designed in a manner that it can support any sort of heavy load. The balance and alignment of all of the four supports are remarkable. They are made up of heat-resistant materials. That is why their support cannot get disturbed at high burner temperatures as well.

Uniform Flaming

The burners are designed in a manner that all of them have uniform holes for gas. The efficiency of the cooking process never gets undermined with the collective performance of all four burners. The users can experience the same cooking speed and efficiency while using all four burners.

Heavy-Duty Gas Cock

The gas cock used in this stove is perfectly designed because it can support high-pressure gas quite easily. It has been developed by keeping in mind the requirement of all 4-burners. It can supply uniform gas pressure to all four burners at a time.

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What Do We like

Unbreakable Control Knob

There are a lot of stoves which have quite delicate knobs. These knobs do not last long. This stove is designed with a knob that is made up of unbreakable material. It provides users the ease of operating the stove

Ease of Maintenance

The surface design of the stove is simple. It has been designed in a manner that can facilitate the cleaning and maintenance process. The users can easily clean and maintain the surface of the stove according to the kitchen

What We Don’t Like

No cons are observed so far.


Butterfly 4-Burner Blaze Cooktop is a fantastic stove that is the best fit for any type of domestic and commercial kitchens. The features of this stove are outstanding because a lot of other stoves in the same price range don’t possess such high-quality features.

The performance of the stove has been enhanced using high-quality burners in it. It is one of the most durable and efficient stoves. The thermal efficiency of the stove is remarkable, which doesn’t get affected by using all four burners at a time.

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