Butterfly SWM 02 Grill Sandwich Maker Review

Butterfly originally started as a private company and later changed into a public company. Among the leading brands which make kitchen appliances in India, Butterfly is one of the top brands. This brand manufactures different household products, including Table-Top Wet Grinders, electric food-mixer, and LPG stove.

Butterfly SWM 02 grill sandwich maker is available in silver and black color, which makes it have an attractive design. Butterfly SWM 02 has a light indicator, thermostat control, thermal fuse, and other amazing features.



This product measures about 25.7cm by 10cm by 25 cm. With this space, it will be able to hold 2-slices comfortably.

Light indicator

Butterfly SWM 02 grill sandwich maker has a light indicator that will show when the product power is ON.

Power rating

This sandwich maker has a power rating of 750 watts. The product requires less power, which translates to the low power bill.

Operation voltage

This product has a voltage operation within the range of 220 and 240 volts.

Thermostat control

With thermostat control, the heat of this device will be controlled, which will help in minimizing the possibility of your sandwich burning.

Ergonomic handle

This product has an ergonomic handle, which is built using heat resistant material, which makes it remain cool all through.

Non-stick coating plate

Butterfly SWM 02 grill sandwich maker comes with non-stick coating plates, which makes it convenient for you when cooking the sandwich. With non-stick coating, you will use little oil, making your sandwich healthy. With non-stick coating, it will be easy for one to clean the plates.

Thermal fuse

This sandwich maker comes with a thermal fuse, which will give you extra protection against electricity.

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What Do We like


This product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year from the date of buying.


This sandwich maker weighs about 1.45 kilograms, which is lightweight. It can be easily taken for use in an outdoor event.

Non-skid feet

This sandwich maker has non-skid legs which will prevent the product from slipping that may cause breakage.

Lockable lid

The plates of this sandwich maker are lockable. They will hold heat so that you will be able to grill your sandwich correctly.

Attractive design

The product has a silver coating, which makes it nice-looking and decorative.

Compact design

The product has a compact design. This allows the product to be stored in small spaces. It can also be stored on a vertical way to save on more space.

What We Don’t Like

The grill marks aren’t deep


Butterfly SWM 02 grill sandwich maker is simple to use. The product is cheaper, and it consumes less power; hence it will be economical for you. With the fuse, you will have extra protection against electricity. Its attractive design and compact body will make it your best choice.

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