Energy Wasting Habits that You Must Avoid (at home)

We are used to all the electrical appliances that we can not even imagine a day without it. First thing after entering the house we switch on our lights and fans and enjoy the cool air it throws at us.

With all this technology available to us, we really need to think if we are using it or misusing it. We all get caught up in our routine and want to just get up and get going and in this process, we might be not doing our part in saving the energy.

Using up all more energy means depleting the natural resources it comes from. It is necessary to save energy whenever you are able to, for future generations.

Even if we don’t go on a global level and just take enough measures at an individual level we can also help in saving energy. Here we have listed a few ways that you might be wasting energy at home and how you can make better changes and use electricity wisely.

What are the energy-wasting habits at home that you must avoid?

Activities like keeping the fans on, lights on, electronics being plugged in 24/7, frequently opening the fridge door, and turning in heating and cooling appliances multiple times in a day can result in energy wastage.

Common energy-wasting habit found at home

Keeping the lights on

We are used to switching on the light during broad daylight. Keeping the lights on even when it’s bright outside is only wasting energy.

Keeping lights on all the time will not only increase the bill but also affect the light bulb’s life. When it comes to light bulbs, we have exceeded in technology and invented bulbs that consume less energy and are eco-friendly. Switching to such bulbs is a wise move.

Decorative lights are impractical and will only waste energy. Invest in practical LED bulbs that will consume less energy and actual lights up the room.

Try to make it a habit to only switch on the light when it’s actually dark outside. This will save energy and result in a reduction in electricity bills.

Keeping the fan on 24/7

A ceiling fan is something that stays on during the day as well the night. But it doesn’t have to stay on in all the rooms. When more people are staying in one house, more chances are that every room will have their fans switched on.

Many times we forget switching off the fan while exiting the room. Instead of keeping fans on in every room, people can stay in the room and only keep one fan on. This will save energy from getting wasted.

Keeping the electronics plugged in all the time

Home appliances like televisions, microwave ovens, and coolers use electricity even after they are switched off. We use these appliances multiple times during the day that is why we keep them plugged in.

But they do consume electricity even when on it’s not in use because they are plugged in. Make sure to take the plug out every time you are done using any of the appliances.

Plugging in and out won’t damage the appliance so you can be sure about it.

More use of heater or AC

Heating and cooling appliances consume more energy compared to others. During summers it can be quite hot and that makes you want to switch on the air conditioner

Switching on AC multiple times will bring a load on the compressor and that makes it consume more energy. To save energy and get the most out of the AC what you can do is when the AC is on, turn off the fan and close all windows.

This will allow the room to get cooler faster, once the AC senses that desired temperature is achieved it will turn off its compressor.

Same applies to the heater, keeping it on for more time rather than switching it on and off multiple times in a day will help in saving energy.

Opening fridge frequently

The refrigerator needs to be on 24/7 to keep the food items from being spoiled. But have you ever counted how many times you have opened the fridge unnecessarily in search of food?

Every time you open the fridge without any reason all the cold air leaks out, this puts pressure on the fridge to cool down the temperature. Due to which it consumes more energy. Try to keep a check and only open the fridge when it’s actually necessary.


It is our job to save energy now so that the future generations get it. Wasting energy on a daily basis will only put more pressure on natural resources.

Using electricity wisely will not only stop energy from getting wasted but also reduce your electricity bill. Above written are a few ways where you can save energy every day.


Preksha is passionate about writing articles that will inspire readers to make better choices. You will find her eating desserts for lunch, dinner and any time of the day. Also, she is the chief playlist engineer for any road trip.

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