LG DFB424FP Dishwasher Review

LG is a well-known brand all over the world for its various products such as mobile phones, televisions, washing machines, air conditioners, and dishwashers as well. LG manufactures superior quality products regardless of the pricing.

This LG dishwasher is an excellent product with 14 place settings that means a higher capacity, Truesteam feature, and the SmartThinQ app, which makes it more reliable.

This high-end dishwasher has all the features you could ask for. Let’s discuss this product in detail to know more about it.


LED display

This premium looking dishwasher comes with a LED display built-in. You can choose your desired settings to wash to dishes or customize it from the display panel. The display is waterproof, so a little water splash on the screen won’t hurt.

Adjustable rack

The racks that come with this dishwasher can be adjusted according to your needs. They are straightforward to manage and can handle all of your dishes securely.

Smart ThinQ

This wifi enabled dishwasher is not only advanced but also is very smart too. Install LG’s SmartThinQ app on your mobile and connect it with the LG dishwasher.

It will let you control, monitor, and customize many things from the application. You do not have to stand next to the machine physically to do that. Think how amazing and easier that would be.

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What Do We like

14 Place setting

A dishwasher with a 14 place setting means it can hold and wash lots of dirty dishes at once. These high capacity dishwashers are mainly recommended for a family of 5-6 people.

Wash all the dishes or some at a time; it cleans the dishes properly, and no stains will be left behind.


This is another technology that has been introduced by LG to this dishwasher. What this feature does is boils the water and make sure the steam reaches the entire area where the dishes are stored.

Water particles and the hot steam of clean water helps to clean the dishes and makes your dishes bacteria and germ-free.

Quad wash

This is the same mechanism as one is used to wash your cars. There are multiple spray arms installed in the machine, using which it sprays water all over your dishes at a high pressure to maximize the utilization of the detergent.

It helps to loosen the soil or dirt that is present in your dishes. An appropriate way of using the water in a small quantity to wash the dishes without wasting any amount.

Inverter direct drive

LG installed additional hardware to ensure the maximum performance out of it but quietly. It is designed to operate very quietly.

Although, it will not decrease the performance of the machine whatsoever you will forget that the machine is running and working its 100% to clean the dishes without making any kind of noise at all.

Smart diagnosis system

You have seen washing machines detect their problems and show the error code on the display for you to solve. LG has provided the same technology in this dishwasher. This technology is called the Smart diagnosis system.

If it detects any kind of difficulty for the machine while executing any process, it will show you an error code regarding that on the display panel to let you know what is wrong with the machine.


Washing the dishes and making them clean is a water-consuming task. This dishwasher will consume only 11 liters of water for the whole cleaning cycle and provide you with excellent results.

It is not only about saving water but also about utilizing the limited resources to maximize the outcome.


This dishwasher does not consume a lot of electricity unlike any other. On average, a dishwasher consumes around 1200-1800 kilowatt per hour.

If you use this regularly for an hour it will cost you around 12-15 units per month, which is nothing compared to the service it is providing to you.

Express wash

If you need some of your dishes to be cleaned instantly then this is the feature you might want to go with. This express wash feature will perform a quick sweep on the plates making it clean and delivering it very quickly to you.

What We Don’t Like

Pre-set wash programs

In this high-end machine, LG did not include any pre-set wash programs for you to use. This increases your efforts to clean the dishes as you have to customize the settings every time.


This LG dishwasher has many pros and cons, but the pros outweigh the cons. This energy-saving dishwasher is also engineered to save water and to perform its diagnosis automatically.

The dryer is unavailable on this product and hence this is a fact to consider before buying this dishwasher. Apart from this, the quality of this dishwasher is impressive. This comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Koushik Mondal

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