Voltas Dishwashers

Voltas is a leading Indian company that specializes in air conditioners, air coolers, commercial refrigerators, and water coolers. This brand recently introduced its dishwashers and their dishwashers were well received by the Indian market. 

Voltas was established in 1954 and since its inception, the brand has been experiencing steady growth. Today Voltas is an industry leader in many product categories. 

Buying a dishwasher is a huge investment and thus it is crucial to consider the important points before you purchase. This will ensure you have purchased the dishwasher as per your needs.

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How Does Voltas Fair As A Dishwasher Brand?

Voltas is one of the most familiar brands for Indian customers. The brand enjoys excellent penetration already across the country for various products. This helps the brand to take its dishwashers to its target audience much easier when compared to the other brands. 

The brand features one of the lowest-priced dishwashers in the industry. Voltas dishwashers are available for less than INR 20,000. This has encouraged many people to go for Voltas dishwashers when all the other brands priced their dishwashers over INR 31,000. 

Voltas dishwashers are preferred by the Indian customers not only for its price but also for a number of other positive qualities. 

  • Good brand reputation
  • Lowest priced dishwasher available in the market today
  • Number of options to choose from
  • Well designed to meet the needs of Indian dishwashing needs
  • Exceptional quality despite its low price
  • Very good service network

Voltas USP

Voltas dishwashers are popular in India for a number of reasons. However, it was not easy for the brand to secure its space that it enjoys today in the dishwashers industry.

Voltas is one of the most preferred brands for air conditioning and cooling equipment industry in both domestic and industrial sectors. 

It was possible for the brand to reach the top position in those segments only by delivering excellent quality products. The brand follows the same strategy with its dishwashers too. 

Voltas dishwashers targets entry-level customers and first-time dishwasher users. The brand has positioned itself well in terms of its pricing. 

The overall product quality is good and yet the customers pay less when compared to the similarly featured dishwashers available in the industry. 

Voltas post-sales support is also well known in the country for its reliability. The brand is popular for all the right reasons and Voltas continues to offer very good post-sales support. 


If you want to buy an Indian brand when it comes to dishwashers then you cannot find a better brand than Voltas. As we have already noted, the brand features its entry-level dishwashers for less than INR 20,000 whilst all the other brands feature their entry-level dishwashers at INR 30,000 or more. 

You do not have to suspect the quality of the Voltas dishwashers just because the prices are low. The brand upholds its brand value by consistently delivering exceptional quality dishwashers and outstanding post-sales support. 

Once you have made up your mind on the brand, you would like to order, do not forget to compare the prices online. This will help you source your Voltas dishwashers at the lowest prices possible. 


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