Faber 12 Place Settings Dishwasher Review

Faber is a well-known company among kitchen and bathroom appliances such as chimney, geyser, and dishwasher. From 1955 they have been manufacturing standard quality products to maintain their reputation. They are a trustworthy brand and do not compromise with the product quality, focus on customer satisfaction mainly.

This model comes with an inlet and outlet pipe right out of the box. The water and energy consumption is as low as it gets. Pre-set 6 wash programs will help you through the cleaning process, and the 12 place setting capacity is more than enough for a typical family of 4-6 people. It is environmental-friendly and the half load feature is provided in it. Let us take a detailed look into the pros and cons of this product.


Pre-set wash programs

This high capacity dishwasher comes with 6 pre-set wash programs for you to choose from. This is a great feature for beginners. Choose the appropriate wash program according to the dish you are about to clean and then sit back while the machine does its job.

Wash and dry

This dishwasher is designed not only to clean your dirty dishes but also to dry them out after cleaning. The whole cleaning and drying process together takes a little bit of time. The steam creates during the cleaning cycle is also used for drying the utensils.

Scheduled cleaning

Just like an air conditioner, now you can set a timer to your dishwasher too. Put your dishes into the washer and make the necessary changes, choose from any pre-set wash modes or customize according to the dish. Then set a timer regarding when you want the machine to wash your dishes. Once you are done, you can go and do other stuff. The machine will start the cleaning cycle automatically at the exact time, without needing to press any button.

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What Do We like

12 Place setting

The 12 place setting huge capacity for a dishwasher is sufficient. It can easily wash your whole family’s dishes at once. Now instead of doing your dishes repeatedly over the day, do it at once at the end of the day using this dishwasher. It is an ideal choice for a family with 4-5 people.

Half load function

You may not have a full load of dishes to clean or do not have the time to wait until the dish load becomes full. This is where the half load function comes in. Now you can clean half of the dishes, without having to wait for the load to be full. It will save both water and energy and will provide you with neat and clean dishes.


Buying a cheap dishwasher is not referred to as saving money. Instead, purchase this Faber dishwasher which will consume less electricity that will save you from huge electricity bills and save your money every month. The energy efficiency features of this dishwasher consume low electricity than any other ordinary dishwasher out there in the market. This saves energy throughout the cleaning and drying process.

Hygienic cleaning

The stains of spices or burnt food that remain on your utensils are tough to wash. Even if you try to scrub them off with your hand it requires lots of effort. This dishwasher, on the other hand, heats the water up to 70 degrees celsius to clean these types of stains and dirt easily. Also, hot water cleaning helps kill all the bacteria and germs.


Washing an Indian thali and kadhai is a pretty tough job and requires lots of water for scrubbing with liquid soap and then to wash them up. This Faber dishwasher will do the exact same job or even a better job using a much lower amount of water than you will by doing manually with your hands. It only consumes 10 liters of water to clean a full load of dishes, whereas the same amount of dishes will take up to 50 liters of water to be cleaned properly if you do it manually.

What We Don’t Like


This dishwasher is packed up with various useful features but lacks the noise cancellation. This machine creates more than 60db of noise during the cleaning process. You may find it quite annoying if you are in the same room doing any other work. This is why it is suggested to keep in a separate room, so you don’t have to bear the noise.


Faber has always been a trustworthy brand that focuses only on customer satisfaction. This dishwasher has a lot of features at this price range to begin with. Also, this machine will not harm the environment in any possible way. Starting from the half load feature which helps you do some dishes quickly to the scheduled cleaning feature where you do not have to be there physically to press any button to start the cleaning process. The capacity is also pretty decent for a family of 4-5 people. On a regular basis, you are saving a lot of water as well. In the end, if you have the budget for this amazing dishwasher then undoubtedly go for it, because the cons are negligible.

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Koushik Mondal

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