Hafele Aqua 12S, 12 Place Settings Stainless Steel Dishwasher Review

Hafele is a famous company that manufactures not only dishwashers but also a refrigerator, baking appliances, and many more. They established the company back in 1923, so there go your 96 years of quality and trust. This free-standing AQUA 12 dishwasher is not your regular dishwasher. The advanced technology with an impressive capacity, adjustable shelves, will leave you awestruck.


High capacity

The dishwasher performs just the way you expect it to. It is a very high capacity dishwasher with 12 place setting. This is more than enough for an average family of four. Even if you have guests coming over, no more worrying about the dirty dishes. This latest AQUA 12 has got your back.

Half load function 

This dishwasher offers you a feature called “Half load.” Most machines are engineered to enable you to wash or clean more things at once. In this case, it allows you to wash half of your dishes effortlessly. Plus, washing half the load of dishes into the washer saves 15-20% of water and 10-15% of electricity consumption.

Dry your utensils 

This is the most attractive feature of this dishwasher. It will also dry your utensils after washing them just like a washing machine. When the cleaning cycle is taking place, it generates steam, using which the machine dries your utensils more hygienically. All of the processes require less time.


The shelves are placed so that you do not face any difficulty while using it. They are more hygienic than typical plastic racks. Moreover, the adjustable shelves are very sturdy and durable.

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What Do We like

Water consumption 

We need a lot of water for many different things throughout the day. It is something we must save for our future generation. The AQUA 12 dishwasher requires very less water to function. It will wash all the dishes with 10-12 liters of water. If you try them to wash manually by your hand, it will take much more water than 12 liters.

Germ or bacteria-free cleaning 

When it comes to hygiene, we are all very conscious, especially in the case of dishes because we eat our food from them. The dishwasher will deliver 99.9% germ and bacteria-free cleaning. The high water temperature of the machine helps kill the bacteria and germs, making it more hygienic for you.


Hafele makes sure to keep the machine as quiet as possible. It is very powerful, washes a ton of dishes at one go yet it does not make any sound. It is engineered beautifully to not only look good but also so that it can perform quietly.

Glass care 

Washing glass bowls or wine glasses even by hand are quite risky. They might break, or we may injure ourselves. This dishwasher offers you a different section only built to wash your glass dishes such as wine glass or champagne glass, etc.

The temperature is already pre-set in the machine is 40-degree celsius at max. You put the glasses in and run the cycle. Wait for an hour to complete the cycle and use your glasses as if it is newly bought.

What We Don’t Like

Electricity consumption 

The only major drawback of this dishwasher is power consumption. It consumes around 1800 watt electricity per hour if used fully loaded with dishes. Apart from this everything is good.


This Hafele dishwasher is a complete package. It does not make any noise, can wash lots of dishes at once, saves water, and is made of stainless steel, which makes it a durable option. If you have the budget for it, this is a must-have dishwasher.

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Koushik Mondal

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