LG Dishwashers

LG is a South Korean brand that was earlier known as GoldStar. This brand was found in 1958 and the brand specializes in a wide range of home appliances and kitchen appliances. 

LG dishwashers are very popular in India for its overall quality and also for its reasonable prices. Before making an investment in buying the kitchen chimney, consider these points to ensure you have made the right purchase.

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LG DFB424FP Dishwasher Review

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How Does LG Fair As A Dishwasher Brand?

LG home appliances and kitchen appliances have been in this industry for quite a long time in India and over the years LG has gained the trust and confidence of the Indian customers. 

This has certainly paved the way for the brand to get a good reception for its dishwashers too. LG dishwashers are among the top three fast-selling dishwashers in India. 

The brand is well received in India for various reasons. Let us try and list all the positive traits of LG dishwashers. 

  • Standalone models which are the most preferred dishwasher designs in the market. 
  • Very good wash quality.
  • Designs that match Indian dishwashing needs.
  • Works well for highly demanding, oily Indian style cooking. 
  • Suitable for small families as well as for families up to 6 people.
  • Highly water-efficient models are available. 
  • Very energy-efficient dishwashers in the industry.
  • Durable dishwashers.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Wide range of options to choose from based on budget and features.
  • Many wash programs.
  • Good country-wide service network for post-sales support.


LG is one of those learning organizations. This brand has been in the industry for almost sixty years and it has continually worked on improving its product quality and this applies to LG dishwashers too. 

Over the years the brand has perfected its dishwasher technology to ensure the dishwashers used less water and less energy. The brand also offers features that could complete the wash cycle and drying cycle in just half the time.

LG’s major USP focus has been ‘quality’. The brand consistently delivers outstanding dishwashers. As far as the Indian customers are concerned, it is important the brand meets highly demanding yet price-conscious customers. 

The product quality has to be top-notch and at the same time, the price also should be very reasonable. 

LG has been working closely on these factors and thereby offering the best quality dishwashers at the most competitive prices. Customers get excellent value for money when they go with this brand. 

Yet another important brand learning is that the brand understands the importance of good post-sales support. The brand has set up a huge network of service centers across the country for post-sales repair and servicing needs. 


LG is a very reliable brand, and this is true of its dishwashers too. You will certainly not regret your choice when you choose to buy an LG dishwasher. When you compare the dishwasher prices, you will learn that LG dishwashers are very reasonably priced. 

You will get all the features you need at the most reasonable price. You will not only get the best dishwasher available in the industry, but you will also save a considerable amount of money by choosing LG dishwashers. 

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