Faber 14 Place Settings Dishwasher Review

Faber manufactures chimney, water heater, dishwasher, and other cooking appliances as well. This faber dishwasher comes with a 14 place setting high capacity, pre-set 8 wash mode programs, 3d wash technology to remove tough stains in no time.

This dishwasher has some unique feature built-in, starting from the child lock feature to the delay start and dual wash, etc.  Let us go through the pros and cons of this dishwasher to know more about it and so you can make an informed decision before buying.

Pre-set wash programs

It comes with 8 pre-set wash programs built-in. You can choose from any of them by selecting from the display panel. Put your dishes into the washer and then choose the wash programs which are appropriate for the cleaning. The more wash programs you have in your machine the lesser efforts you need to put to do your dishes.

Noiseless operation

The amount of sound this machine makes while cleaning your dishes is nothing unbearable. It operates at a sound level of 44db which is decent for this price range. You’ll hardly be able to hear the sound while it is going through the cleaning cycle.

Delay start

You must have heard about a timer on your air conditioner or microwave ovens !! This dishwasher comes with a timer in it. Yes, now you can schedule your wash as you like. Give instructions to the machine, put the dirty dishes and the cleaning agent, set the time and you are good to go. It will wash the dishes at the exact time.

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What Do We like

14 Place setting

This Faber dishwasher is a very high capacity machine with 14 place settings. This means it is an ideal purchase for a family of 6 members. The 14 place setting would be more than enough even if you wash your family’s dirty dishes at once. The capacity of one place setting is of a dinner plate, dessert plate, glass, bowl, knife, spoon, and a teacup.


This dishwasher saves a lot of water even after working efficiently. It takes around 10 liters of water to wash a full load of dirty dishes. Cleaning will be hygienic and no stains will be left behind. This is a huge savings of water if you compare it to the amount of water you will require if you wash the dishes manually by your hands.

3D technology

This 3D technology has been introduced to the dishwasher, especially for the Indian cooking style. The uses of spices are more in the Indian cooking style and the stains become tougher to get rid of. There is no masala stain or oil stain or any other dirt, that this 3d wash cannot go through. It is called 3d wash because it uses three spray arms to spray water all over your dishes so even the dried out stains will be cleaned exceptionally fast. This does a deep cleaning for your utensil.

Child lock

No one wants their child around a refrigerator, washing machine or dishwasher to mess with. Very few dishwashers come with this unique feature called Child lock. As the name suggests, this will offer you to lock the programs so that your kid pressing a button randomly does not harm the machine or the dishes in any way.

All you have to do is press the “zone wash” and “delay start” button at the same time a few times and it will detect it and lock the programs automatically.


Everyone tries to avoid huge electricity bills. This machine is rated an A+++ energy saving. This means using it for an hour or two on a regular basis will only consume about 132 units per year. It will consume roughly 11 units a month for using this dishwasher, saving you from huge electricity consumption and bill as well.

Auto sensor

Amateur to the dishwasher or lazy enough to select a program, whichever you are it does not matter anymore. This machine has an auto sensor that will detect automatically the amount of water and time is required for the cleaning process. When it is done it will provide you with stain-free clean dishes and keep on repeating.

Dual-zone wash

This dual-zone wash offers you targeted cleaning. You don’t have to wait for the washer to clean a full load of dishes, instead, you can select the wash zone for target clean whether its the upper part or lower part. You’ll get your necessary dishes done without waiting for the full load, saving you a lot of time.

Wash and dry

Gone are those days when you had to wash the dishes by your hand and put them in a rack to dry them overtime or let them out in the sunlight to dry. This latest dishwasher will clean your dishes thoroughly and also dry those dishes. This time you can select the temperature you want your dishes to be dried at. Make sure to be careful if you have any plastic container inside.

What We Don’t Like

Power clean

This dishwasher will clean your dishes very hygienically but the power cleaning for a full load of dishes may take up to 3 hours and more. This is way too long compared to the other dishwashers.

Indian thali

The bottom rack for the thali is not appropriate for Indians thali.


Faber did a good job of manufacturing this dishwasher. They not only provided it with lots of features but also made sure to make it durable and sturdy by making the exterior with solid stainless steel. This is a great deal to purchase. The minor cons can be avoided.

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Koushik Mondal

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