Hindware Dishwashers

When you are in the process of reviewing your dishwashers, you are likely to come across a number of models from Hindware. This brand is one of the popular kitchen appliances brands and this is an Indian brand that was established in 1965. 

Hindware is a very popular kitchen chimneys brand and the brand has diversified its products and it is gaining good traction in the dishwashers segment too. 

Before making an investment in buying the kitchen chimney, consider these points to ensure you have made the right purchase.

Hindware Dishwasher Marco Review

Hindware Dishwasher Marco Review

Hindware is popular for its excellent product quality, sleek design and for their commitment to customers. They have been in ...
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How Does Hindware Fair As A Dishwasher Brand?

Hindware has been one of the most hailed brands in India. The brand is always known for its durability and its ruggedness. These factors certainly impress the Indian customers and have helped the brand to set a very strong footing in the kitchen appliances industry amidst the tough competition.

 Hindware puts up a good fight with both international brands and national brands. The following factors have enabled Hindware to stand out as an industry leader in the dishwashers industry.

  • Highly durable dishwashers in the industry. 
  • Very reasonably priced dishwashers
  • Comes with seven wash programs
  • A very good option for first-time users.
  • Countrywide service network

Hindware USP

Hindware may not be the first name that comes to the minds of the customers when it comes to dishwashers. The brand is yet to secure its space in the dishwashers segment. 

Hindware dishwashers are not as popular as Hindware chimneys. However, in order to take its dishwashers to larger masses, Hindware is continuing to work consistently on product refinement and pricing.

Currently, the products are priced high. This does not attract the entry-level and mid-range customers. Having understood this setback, Hindware is trying to offer value for money by enhancing product quality and product features. 

In order to attract more customers, Hindware is also working on improving its post-sales support. 

The brand has already set up a good number of service stations across the country and it is continuing to expand its service network to increase brand visibility and also to increase brand loyalty.  


Hindware offers customers everything one expects in a reliable dishwasher – good cleaning performance, many washing programs, silent operations, and energy efficiency.

However, the brand is yet to get its breakthrough and it is likely to happen only when Hindware reworks on its pricing. As of now, dishwashers over INR 40,000 attract only high-end customers. 

High-end customers make only a small percentage of the market share. This poses a huge challenge to the brand in terms of market reach. If you are looking for a high-end dishwasher with all the latest features, then Hindware should be shortlisted. 

You can compare the features with the other brands before placing your order so that you know you have made the right choice. As the brand offers good post-sales support, you will not run into installation issues even when you order your Hindware dishwashers online. 

When you are buying your dishwashers online, you need to pay attention to this factor too so that you could get your dishwasher installed without having to call the service station several times. 

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