Bosch Serie 2 Dishwasher SMI25AS00E Review

Bosch was founded in 1951 and since then has been the leading company of technology and services. The appliances it makes are uncomparable to any other.

This high-end dishwasher has so many features. With its super energy efficiency, it will save you from huge electricity bills. The noiseless operating is great and heat cleaning makes sure your utensils are bacteria and germ-free. Let’s discuss all of the features down below to know more.

Aqua sensor

Bosch is the only brand that provides this unique feature in their dishwasher ‘Aqua sensor’. What it does is detects the stains in your dish and uses an extra amount of water to ensure the proper removal of the stains and making it bacteria and germ-free.


This high-end dishwasher’s most attractive feature would be its noiseless operation. This produces hardly 45-48 decibels of sound when it is operating. You can be in the same room and hardly notice this machine making any sound at all.

Pre-set wash programs

Bosch provides 5 pre-set programs in this dishwasher for you to choose from. Select the type of program you wish to use for your utensils and reduce your efforts in cleaning dishes.

LED indicator

This dishwasher has an LED indicator built-in. It will let you know if it needs anything such as salt or detergent etc. You won’t have to check manually every once in a while.

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What Do We like

12 place setting

This dishwasher comes with enough capacity – 12 place settings. More than enough for a family of 3-4 people. Now wash all your dishes at once saving water, and electricity.


This super energy-saving dishwasher will not be the reason behind your increasing electricity bills. They consume about 10 units a month, which means 120 units annually. This is as cheap as it gets.


The most common misconception is that more water ensures better cleaning for your dishes. That might be true but only while you are cleaning it by your hands. This dishwasher will only consume 10 liters of water to clean your dishes properly leaving no stains or dirt behind.

Intense cleaning

Bosch understands that hygiene is the top priority for you. This Bosch dishwasher has a feature called Intense cleaning. Once you are done putting all the dishes into the washer and started an intense cleaning session, it will heat the water up to 70 degrees celsius to clean your utensils and will make sure to remove 99.9% bacterias and germs.

Wash and dry

This will not only clean your dishes thoroughly but at the same time, it will also dry your dishes as well. Yes, those days of drying out your dishes manually are long gone. This fully automated dishwasher will do it for you.

Half load function

This dishwasher will allow you to wash a handful of utensils without wasting any water or consuming any extra energy. Instead, it will only use one side of the washer to clean the dishes, saving energy and water both.

Adjustable rack

The racks that are built-in this dishwasher can be adjusted according to your uses. Adjust them and fit your utensils in the rack to wash them properly.

Child lock

This is one of the useful features of this machine. You do not want your kid to interrupt the clean cyle or to press any button that might disturb while the machine is cleaning your dishes. The child lock feature will ensure that even if your kid presses any button randomly, it won’t interrupt the machine from doing its job.

What We Don’t Like


Although this is a high-end dishwasher from Bosch, the price range is way too high compared to the other brand’s dishwashers with the same features. The price range should have been a little lower than this.

Time delay

The intense cleaning process may take more than 3 hours to complete. That is way too much time for your utensils to be cleaned and dried out. This takes an hour more than the standard dishwashers available in the market.


This is one of the best dishwashers available as of right now. This provides you with all the necessary features you may need. The performance and cleaning of this dishwasher are amazing. It makes sure to kill all the bacteria and germs from your dishes. The budget can be a little high, but if possible then go for it without thinking twice.

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Koushik Mondal

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