IFB Neptune FX Electronic Dishwasher Review

IFB manufactures products with contemporary design, lots of features, and longevity. This IFB Neptune is a fully automated dishwasher with 12 place setting. It comes with various features like pre-set wash programs, natural drying, and less water consumption as well.

This is a front-loading machine and the wattage is only 1000 watts. It does not make any noise whatsoever. Let’s take a deeper dive into the pros and cons of this product to know about the product in a more detailed manner.


Pre-set wash programs

This modern dishwasher comes with 5 pre-set wash programs that you can choose from. This reduces your effort as the machine automatically detects and does the job.

Water softening device

Most of the dishwashers need higher quality detergent to use otherwise they leave spots of water. This IFB dishwasher is exceptional. It has a water softening device built-in. This helps dissolve any regular detergent properly and leaves no spots whatsoever. Your dishes come out neat and clean.

Space utilisation

The inside of this IFB dishwasher has been designed with proper planning. It will accommodate most utensils such as any large glass, big pans, cups, fork, knife, and cutlery as well. Make sure to maximize the utilisation of the racks too.

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What Do We like

12 Place setting

This is a high capacity 12 place setting dishwasher from IFB. It is recommended for a family of 4-5 people. Every place setting can hold a dinner and dessert plate, glass, bowl, knife, spoons, and teacup as well.


The dishwasher is only 1000 watts. This will hardly consume around 80 units of electricity per year, which means around 7 units per month. This dishwasher is A+++ energy rated and will help you save from huge electricity bills.

Half load function

You may always not have a lot of dirty dishes to make the load full before you start cleaning them. With this half-load feature, you can wash very fewer utensils. When the machine detects there is not enough utensils to wash, only one of the side functions and cleans the dishes. Thus saving you lots of electricity and water as well.


This dishwasher can help prevent water wastage. It hardly uses 11-12 liters of water to provide you with clean and hygienic dishes with no stains left behind.

Eco wash

IFB manufactured this dishwasher to become more environment-friendly. This eco wash is the definition of this machine washing the dishes using very little water and detergent, consuming low energy as well. It can get the job done using very minimal resources.

Quick wash

If you require a quick wash of your utensils it can do that. This dishwasher will use lite soap and little amount of water to give your dishes a proper yet quick cleaning within 30-40 minutes and deliver them to you.

Wash and dry

Don’t stop at washing the dishes only. This dishwasher will also dry them out for you. Put your dirty dishes into it, it will heat the water to a certain temperature for better cleaning. That will create steam, which is normally used to dry your utensils. Pure water steam helps to kill bacteria and many other germs as well.

What We Don’t Like


The noise of this machine could be irritating to your ears. It makes almost 55 decibels of sound while it cleans your utensils. You might want to keep this dishwasher into a separate room to be free from the noise that it makes.

Plastic items

Most containers today are made of plastic but you cannot wash them in this dishwasher.


This dishwasher is a must-buy for family uses. It offers you various features including the water softening device that no other dishwasher will provide. High capacity, natural drying system as well as energy-saving. This has a 2-year warranty on the product. You won’t regret buying this.

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