D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD, Indoor Home Security Camera Review

D-link is a multinational corporation based in Taipei that aims to make your home smart. They manufacture many products such as wifi routers, CCTV cameras, and others.

This high-end D-Link Omna 1080p camera is filled with features and also works with Apple home kit as well. The image quality and motion detection are of top quality. The hardware is top-notch and makes it worth buying. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know more about it in detail.

1080p HD recording

The high definition 1080p camera records ultra HD videos and captures smooth and crispy pictures as well. The advanced Sony sensors in the camera make sure they take every picture with great detail, even at night.


This D-Link smart security camera comes with top-quality sensors, which takes a little bit more space than any ordinary security camera to store the footage and pictures. This device supports a 128gb micro sd card, so you never run out of space easily. Make sure to back up the card from time to time.

Homekit enabled

This device, equipped with the latest technology, works perfectly fine with Apple’s home kit enabled devices. You can connect it easily, and it can be controlled using your voice only.

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What Do We like

Night vision mode

The night vision mode of this device is extraordinary. The infrared LED lights do an excellent job of making the pictures and videos crisp, smooth, and sharp, even in complete darkness. This is an ideal security solution for home or office.

Two-way audio transmission

The device is equipped with speakers for two-way communication purposes. You can open the app and start a video call with your loved ones back at home. The noise cancellation removes the unnecessary background noises and lets you communicate more efficiently.

Motion detection

The motion detection of this device will detect every slightest movement or activity instantly. It will capture any suspicious or unusual activity and send you the image along with an email notification to let you know what is going on around your house.


This device will provide you an ultra-wide-angle view that needs no tilting or panning at all. The 180 degrees wide view will cover most of the areas of your house or office to monitor appropriately. Some may call this feature ‘Fisheye.’

What We Don’t Like

Automatic motion tracking

Even after being a high-end model of a smart security camera, this device does not provide you with automatic motion tracking. Models of lower prices than this one have this facility.

Remote access

Unlike other security cameras, this one does not have the remote access feature. You cannot connect your smartphone to this camera.


This D-Link device is not for everyone because it is a high-end product. The Apple home kit compatibility works just fine. This one comes with the manufacturer’s warranty, and the performance is outstanding.

The 1080p high definition recording with every detail in it makes the picture sharp, clear, and smooth. If you have the budget for it, then undoubtedly, this is your device to go for.

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Koushik Mondal

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