Shinco 102 cm (40 Inches) Full HD Smart LED TV SO42AS-E50 (Black) (2019 model) Review

Shinco, a Chinese manufacturer of consumer electronic appliances, has brought us this incredible Smart TV. The Shinco Full HD Smart LED TV SO42AS-E50 is a black body 2019 model that comes with an ideal screen size of 40 inches. Its sophisticated slim frame design makes it a perfect fit for your living room.

It also comes with a Full HD display with HRDP technology that ensures that you obtain a visual treat while the two powerful in-built speakers liven up the room. This model provides you with the ultimate TV watching experience in which you feel everything coming to life.

The Smart TV model also comes with a superior quality build that is certified by The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The Operating system Android 5.1 makes it an even smarter platform. Shinco 40” Full HD Smart LED TV SO42AS-E50  might be a suitable and affordable option for you to consider after looking into its features, pros, and cons in detail.

We now take a look at the detailed features of the Shinco 40” Full HD Smart LED TV SO42AS-E50.

Features of Shinco 102 cm (40 Inches) Full HD Smart LED TV

40” Full HD Display

The model allows you to experience a Full HD picture quality on the 40” wide LED screen. The images viewed on the screen are crystal clear because of its high resolution of 1920 x 1080  Pixels. It provides you the ultimate experience of everything coming to life with its 60 Hertz Refresh rate and a 6.5 Millisecond response time.

HRDP Technology

It uses an HRDP technology that enhances the color, contrast, and clarity of the display. This provides you with the best picture quality and stunning visuals. It also makes LED TV efficient in terms of power consumption.

Superior Slim Design

The TV features a super thin bezel with a glossy finish. It also comes with a super slim and sophisticated design in a black colored body, that enhances the classy, modern look of your living room. This Smart TV is perfect for home entertainment.

Android 5.1 Smart TV

The Operating system Android 5.1 makes this TV an even smarter platform. You can easily stream your favorite content at any point of time and also download apps that will help you get access to unlimited entertainment. This smart Android TV allows you to find your favorites easily while also making new ones.

Built-In Power Speakers

It comes with two built-in power speakers of 10 watts each. This gives you the best sound experience and also livens up your room. You get an inspiring theatrical experience thrilled with an exotic bass.

Smart Saving Energy

The model comes with an energy saving feature that limits power consumption. The on-mode power consumption is of 75 watts while the standby consumption is less than 0.5 watt.  Powered by smart sensors, this LED TV is highly efficient.

Smart TV Remote with Mouse

You can easily operate your Shinco Smart TV from the comfort of your couch using the provided smart TV remote. This TV remote that comes with a smart mouse function is convenient and straightforward to use.

Quad Core Processor

The powerful Quad Core Processor with 1 GB DDR3 RAM and 8 GB ROM. This ensures that your TV boots quickly and also lets you run as many apps you want. You can browse the web at a brilliant speed, switch between videos four times faster than any other TV

1 Year Warranty

It comes with a 1-year brand warranty. You can also buy an extended warranty from the app. This TV has a good quality build that is certified by The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This is a National Standard Indian body that deals with the certification and testing of the quality of products or goods.

We now look into the specifications:

Power Consumption75 Watt
Screen Size40” or 102 cm
DisplayA+ Panel, HRDP Technology, LED
ResolutionFull HD (1920 x 1080 Pixels)
Operating SystemAndroid 5.1
Refresh Rate60 Hertz
Response Time6.5 Milliseconds
AudioTen watt-10 watt in-built speakers, Surround Sound
Smart FeaturesQuad Core Processor with a 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM, Screen Mirroring
Connectivity Ports3 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 TFT card
Viewing Angle178 degree
Warranty1 Year

What Do We Like

Let us take a look at the pros of this smart TV:

  • Screen Mirroring- You can connect your TV via M. Cast. This allows you to play games, music or photos and view videos or movies from your phone to the smart TV. Thus, you get the most out of screen mirroring.
  • Easy Operation and Navigation- The Smart TV remote with mouse feature allows you to operate your TV at ease from the comfort of your home. The remote has a compact and light-weight design while the arrow keys allow quick and comfortable navigation. It also allows you to switch between the cursor and standard remote with one press.
  • A+ Grade Panel- The screen comes with an  A+ grade pure prism panel that ensures that you obtain a remarkable picture quality with the detailed, textured and colorful viewing experience. It does this by eliminating ambient light reflection.
  • Perfect For All Lighting Conditions- The TV provides a rich, incredible, plasma-like color experience and excellent viewing experience in all lighting conditions.
  • Multiple Angle Viewing- This TV is ideal for a large family as it offers an extremely wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, both horizontal and vertical. Hence, your family can sit around the TV and enjoy a great view with the best quality irrespective of the angle. You can watch your favorite shows from even the edge of the screen.
  • Quick Screen Capture- This feature allows you to capture gripping moments on the TV screen which can be saved on external storage like a portable hard disk or USB device. This image can be viewed anytime to relive the moment, or you can also share it on various social media platforms.
  • Playing On TV and Wireless Connectivity- You can stream your favorite TV shows, movies, and videos easily without messy cables. It comes with 3 HDMI Ports, 2 USB ports and 1  TFT Card Input to access images, videos or songs. You can also play games and bring the drama and fantasy to life by connecting your console to the HDMI port.

What We Don’t Like

  • It lags a lot- As per a user, the 1 GB RAM maybe not enough as the TV lags a lot while switching between apps and while playing videos from YouTube. Hence, performance is an issue.
  • No Voice Control or App Control- Other Smart TVs in this price range come with remote controls that have a voice control feature to search for your favorite show by speaking into the remote. This feature is not available for this Smart TV. Moreover, it does not have an app control feature.


The Shinco 102 cm (40 Inches) Full HD Smart LED TV SO42AS-E50 has a mix of positives and negatives. A few features can be enhanced. However, for a large family, this is a suitable option as it provides stunning visuals irrespective of the viewing angle. It is an affordable option with great features making it highly recommended.


Anaida Sutherland

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