Ironing Board: Press Your Clothes at Your Own Comfort

An ironing board is an object or a household equipment which serves as a support for ironing clothes. We all want to look good, and one way we try to do that is with laundry and dry-cleaning services. As a part of the service, ironing makes our clothes look better, straight, and neat; hence, the importance of an iron and an ironing board cannot be overemphasized.

With an ironing board, your clothes rest on the flat surface gently while you press your iron over it. This surface makes it easy for you to adjust, bend, and touch different parts of a dress without stress. Some ironing boards have been designed to have an iron holder, i.e., where you can hang your iron when you are done, rather than it lying around.

However, since ironing boards is one of the most important domestic equipment, selecting the best is what matters now. There are several types of boards out there which have been misconstrued to be the best, it is our duty to show you and put you through the identification and selection process. The best ironing boards have peculiar features which makes them outstanding.

So to choose the best ironing board we will provide you a complete guide on the working, types of ironing boardsadvantages, how to buy, frequently asked questions and the top 10 best ironing board available in the market.

Top 10 Ironing Board

How It Works?

As simple as an ironing board is, it has a way it works. There are two main parts of the board which must be intact if you want to run a smooth operation; the board and the legs. The board is the surface where you place your dress, ready for pressing, while the legs are the support, balanced system to hold the board in position.

Sometimes, these boards are foldable, whereby, they need to be strengthened out first before you proceed with ironing. Also, always remember to put the legs apart before ironing so you can maintain balance and be comfortable. These boards have somewhat been decorated with fine cloths, but it is important you place a dry, neat cloth on the surface (board) before putting your dress.

Advantages of Using an Iron Table

There are so many benefits that come with making use of an ironing board, and some include;

Handy and Useful: It comes in handy as a domestic equipment which makes your laundry work easier and better. Rather than piling up clothes, you can do a fast touch-up on the board without stress.

Comfortable: Without the use of ironing boards, it could be quite difficult to place clothes on smooth, clean and flat surfaces. The board helps you to bend, adjust and touch different parts without altering the quality of the fabric being pressed.

Easy to use: If you have been using a different object all along, an ironing board is a better alternative because it is easy to use and adjustable. You can fold when in use and not in use, install (wall-mounted) in whatever direction or position you want.

Cleans up clothes really nice and smooth

Types of Ironing Boards

With different brands of ironing boards out there with new inventions, it is impossible to say that all ironing boards are the same. There are three common types of ironing boards, and they are; portable table-top board, wall-mounted board, and table-top board.

  • Portable table-top ironing board

This is the most common type of ironing board all over the world because of its simplicity and portability. It can be easily carried from one location to another which means you can use on any kind of space Also, they have adjustable legs which allow a user to be able to iron while standing or sitting, depending on how comfortable it is.

  • Wall-mounted iron table

Wall mounted iron table is a static type of ironing board because it has been installed or fixed to a particular location on the wall. This means it is not moveable, rather, it is put in position so that you can iron whatever time you want. Based on its look, it does not have adjustable legs, which means you can only stand while using it, but their boards are foldable.

  • Table-top or Full-size ironing board

This is the most portable type of ironing board because their legs are very short which makes them easy to put over a table. They are long and have special features like the iron hold. Most of them have foldable boards, another feature that makes them easy to carry around or use anywhere.

Buying Guide: What you should consider?

Here, in this buying guide section, we will look at factors you should consider before buying any kind of ironing board, especially the best ones in this review. This is necessary to help you with decision making and realization of what is best suitable for your home. These factors are not just important, but they help to differentiate a good board from a bad one.

  • Foldability

The ability to fold up and down is a quality of a good board. This makes it easy to use wherever and whenever. It is not surprising that many boards on market today have this exact feature, and this brings a good reputation for the manufacturer.

  • Ventilation

It is impossible for you not to have steam from the iron when pressing clothes, and it is important you find a way it escapes without affecting your dress. You can only avoid this with your ironing board, and that is why it is important for it to be properly ventilated, so steam can escape properly.

Look closely at the ironing board for vent holes or perforations that will help steam to escape when you are buying your preferred type.

  • Board cover and Padding

The best kinds of ironing board come with their board cover because of how important the feature is in pressing your clothes better. These board covers have thicker padding which allows your clothes rest well on the surface without getting burnt. It is very convenient, non-sticky and this gives a good result in the end.

  • Frame Design

Before now, ironing boards were made of wood alongside thicker padding in which it acts as a support for clothes. However, recent development has made man produce better alternatives; now, you have an ironing board made of steel, metal, and other durable materials. These new materials are designed lightweight, so they feel the same way like the wooden ones felt like.

The frame design is very important because it determines the ease in which it will be used, and longevity. Wooden ironing boards are more likely to face some deterioration faster than metals or steels. In addition, the legs whether short or long should be set wide apart from each other to enhance stability and balance.

  • Measurement (Length, Width and Height)

The measurements of an ironing board are very essential because it is the factor that determines where it will be installed, how it should be installed, and convenience in carrying around.

Particularly, the length and width either makes the user understand the space it would occupy, and the height tells whether to stand or sit when ironing. Also, the height should be adjustable and this is made possible by the legs which can either be short and long, depending on the type purchased by a user.

  • Iron rest

This is an additional feature which makes an ironing board a good value for money. Although, it is not always so important but the best types should have this feature if they want more customers to patronize them. This iron rest allows you to place your iron gently when in use or not; it saves you from getting into trouble, burning yourself or making the iron lie carelessly around when not in use.

Only full-sized table-top and sometimes, wall-mounted ironing boards have this feature because of their nature, size, and frame. The feature could either be on the board or attached to the legs of the board.

  • Weight

One more thing we need to add is the weight of the ironing board because it determines whether it is portable or not. It can either come as lightweight or midweight depending on the type. Most times, we have portable ironing boards that can be carried from one place to another, as well as being used in different locations.

  • Durability

Lastly, the durability or warranty period on an ironing board is very important because it is one of the factors every buyer look at. It vouches for a product whether it will last or not. Some of these boards could last for as many years as possible, as long as you don’t break them or alter their quality whatsoever (strictly for ironing, not sitting or anything else).

1. Bathla X-Pres Ace – Our Pick

Bathla X-Pres Ace
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An exceptionally good product is Bathla X-Pres Ace which is a large foldable ironing board and particularly known for its aluminized surface and long-term warranty. It has a warranty period of 2 years which is a reason why people think it is an ideal choice for the home. Although, it is quite expensive, it is a product built to last over a long period of time with regard to its superior quality of material.

With its aluminized cloth cover, smooth and efficient heat transfer is made possible from the iron, saving time and electricity at the same time. Also, it has anti-skid PVC shoes whose role are mainly for protection and enhancement of stability when assembled for use. In addition to this, there is a wire manager which is a feature that keeps wires and connection cables out of your way when you are ironing your clothes.

Furthermore, it has a large extension tray which can hold and keep clothes and items that are not in use. With the heat-resistant holder, you can place your iron at your own convenience, rather than it laying around. Lastly, the adjustment height is quite unique because you can adjust to whatever form you like, and then locked firmly for effective performance.

Main Features
  • Heat resistant holder
  • 2 years warranty period
  • Easy adjustment height
  • Anti-skid PVC shoes
  • Aluminized cloth cover
  • Foldable body
  • Wire manager
  • Multi-function tray
PROS (What we liked)
  • Long-term warranty period which means it is durable
  • Great heat transfer mechanism
  • Tray can be used to hold several items
  • Can be adjusted to several positions and used at one’s convenience
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Beautiful and unique look
  • Wire manager is available to avoid obstruction when ironing dresses
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Very expensive
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2. Oumffy Multi-Function Folding Ironing Board – Highly durable


The foldable iron table from Oumffy comes with an aluminised surface that uses an in-heat transfer material technology to reflect heat. This saves electricity and time up to 40%. You can easily adjust the height of the board according to your convenience.

The board includes an iron holder that can resist high temperatures. The holder enables you to keep your iron aside safely. It also comes with a built-in, multi-functional tray that stacks your clothes while ironing. Moreover, it is durable and comes with a 2 year warranty making it a reliable choice.


Main Features
  • Weight of the ironing board: 290 grams.
  • Size: Extra Large.
  • Dimensions: 48 x 15 inches.
  • Built using premium quality steel.
  • The four-leg stand comes with specially design anti-skid PVC shoes.
  • Features an iron holder and a multi-functional tray.
  • The height is adjustable from 31 inches to 35.5 inches.
  • Comes with an aluminized surface that uses the latest in heat-transfer material technology.
  • The surface has a cotton cover.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Good quality and durable product.
  • The anti-skid feet ensure a secure surface grip for stability.
  • The iron holder is designed to resist high temperatures.
  • The built-in extendable tray allows you to stack clothes while ironing.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not very stable.

3. PAffy Premium Metal Ironing Board Table – Best Metal board

PAffy Premium Metal Ironing Board Table
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PAffy is another brand we have considered with this being their second product in this review article. PAffy Premium Foldable ironing board is one of a kind because of its intelligently smart design, features, and most importantly, qualities. It has several adjustment heights between the range of 71 to 83 cm, which makes it usable in different locations and angles, unlike many other types with just two or four.

It is a lightweight product with an expandable metal mesh which enhances breathability and allows the escape of high-pressure steam from iron without destroying clothes. It has a dimension 130 cm by 33 cm with an anti-skid PVC shoes which enhances stability, balance. Other features it possesses are; the electricity saving cover cloth which saves both time and electricity during heat transfer, and the large grilled safety iron holder tray and silicon rubber for firm grip.

In general, it is an ironing board made of steel with a premium quality but quite expensive to purchase. However, it is a good product because it looks very standard and has a reputation – PAffy.

Main Features
  • 71 to 83 cm adjustment heights
  • Large grilled safety iron holder tray
  • Silicon rubber handles
  • Premium quality steel body
  • 130 cm by 33 cm dimension (length and width)
  • Electricity-saving cover cloth
  • Non-sticky cover cloth
  • Anti-skid PVC shoes
  • Lightweight body
PROS (What we liked)
  • Shoes enhance stability and balance
  • Usable at different angles
  • Strong, durable and long-lasting
  • Enhanced grip
  • Saves cost for electricity and maintenance
  • Cover cloth does a lot of protection for clothes and board’ surface
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Expensive with no warranty
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4. PAffy Wooden Folding Ironing Board – Best Electricity-saver

PAffy Wooden Folding Ironing Board
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Another brand that has become successful over the years with the quality of their ironing board is PAffy. This product is a wooden folding item which has quite a number of features and available in multicolor – a fancy one for that matter. It is made of a premium quality material with a hot steam iron stand or holder which is quite helpful in different case scenarios.

The shockproof board has a dimension 128 cm by 45 cm with four adjustable heights between the range of 81 cm to 91 cm; a feature that helps with regulating height and convenience. Also, it comes with a firm leg base and protective feet which helps to maintain balance and stability when assembled for use. The feet have a shoe called an Anti-skid shoe which aids this property of the wooden ironing board.

In addition to its sturdy, compact design, it has a safety iron holder which is metallic and quite sleek, as well as strong, durable rubber grips. In short, it has powder coated steel pipes, foam and cover cloth as additional features. The cover cloth is electricity-saving because it has a good heat transfer efficiency which saves both time and electricity at the same working time.

Main Features
  • 4 adjustable heights (81 cm to 91 cm)
  • 128 cm by 45 cm dimensions (length and width)
  • Strong, durable rubber grips
  • Wooden, compact surface
  • Powder coated steel pipes
  • Foam
  • Breathable cover cloth
  • Iron press holder or stand
  • Shockproof board
  • Anti-skid shoe
PROS (What we liked)
  • Different adjustable heights which is quite convenient
  • Good heat transfer that saves time and electricity
  • Highly durable and can withstand a good amount of pressure
  • Anti-skid shoe helps to maintain balance and stability
  • Safety iron holder to keep device in place
  • Portable and easy to use
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A user complained of the board wobbling while using
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5. Magna Homewares Ironing Board – Best Versatile

Magna Homewares Ironing Board
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Magna Homewares Multi-functional ironing board or table is the most versatile domestic item you may ever come across in this article. It can be used for quite a lot of things aside pressing clothes; such as, a laptop table, a study table, and even a dining table. It is quite special, and if you need gift suggestions, this is absolutely a good thing to get for your loved ones.

It is a premium quality product that has features such as a cotton cover, polyester padding which enhances firmer ironing and hold, super strong legs and rubber feet cap for maintaining balance and stability. It comes with a dimension of 73 cm by 30 cm, and a height of 13 cm which makes it quite short, and usable while standing. Due to these properties, it does not have an adjustable height range because it can only be used in one position, and at different angles.

In addition, it is superior to many other types because of its incredible portability and durability. It can be stored anywhere and anytime, even inside a wardrobe without being damaged. As regards the durability, the product is offered at a 12 months warranty which is the norm for all Magna product.

Main Features
  • 12 months warranty period
  • 73 cm by 30 cm dimension (length and width)
  • 13 cm height; non-adjustable
  • Super strong legs
  • Rubber feet cap
  • Polyester padding
  • Smooth, breathable cover
PROS (What we liked)
  • Small body but highly versatile, useful for so many operations
  • Polyester padding makes the surface strong and durable
  • Rubber feet holds it in position
  • Portability is topnotch because it can be used and kept anywhere
  • Cover cloth is premium quality
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No adjustable height; hence, cannot be moved in directions
  • Too low and can only be used while sitting
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6. Magna Homewares Rigel Ironing Board – Best Durability

Magna Homewares Rigel Ironing Board
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In this review, we have seen the magnificence of Magna Homewares product and how they have largely dominated the market with their incredible domestic ironing boards. One of their incredible products is Magna Homewares Durable Premium Board which is identified with its ultra-durability and multicolor design.

It is a good product offered at a good price, and has been shaped specifically to fit both right-hand and left-hand users.

It is another premium quality product that has features such as a cotton cover, polyester padding which enhances firmer ironing and hold, super strong legs and rubber feet cap for maintaining balance and stability. It comes with a dimension of 110 cm by 33 cm (longer), and a height between 67 cm and 89 cm which makes it usable either while standing or sitting. It also has one of the best surfaces which supports and can withstand a high-steam generating iron.

In addition, it is superior to many other types because of its incredible portability and durability. It can be stored anywhere and anytime, even under a table without being damaged. As regards the durability, 12 months warranty was recorded on the product which is the general norm for all Magna product.

Main Features
  • 12 months warranty
  • 67cm and 89 cm minimum and maximum height respectively
  • 110 cm by 33 cm dimensions (length and breadth)
  • High steam protective cover cloth
  • Polyester padding
  • In-built lock
  • Oval shaped rest tray
  • Lightweight in size
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Steel material
  • Durable body and surface
PROS (What we liked)
  • Usable while standing and sitting
  • Highly durable and supported by several features
  • Oval shaped rest tray to stack clothes and items
  • Can withstand a great amount of heat
  • Long and has an in-built lock to keep in position
  • Inexpensive
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Requires proper maintenance
  • Locking system could be better
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7. Orril Wooden Based Foldable Ironing Table – Best Wooden Foldable

Orril Wooden Based Foldable Ironing Table
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Orril Foldable ironing board as its name implies is a household equipment which is quite portable and can be used in any location of the home. It has an elegant and sturdy design which makes it one of the best ironing table designs for most homes, alongside its affordable price. This tool has a lot of features including, powder coated steel pipes, extendable metal chrome-plated rack where user can rest an iron (iron rest)

On its design frame, it could be said to be super strong with maximum durability which means it is resistant to destruction. Also, there are rubber grips and an adjustable leg in which package comes with nice body print. The cover cloth comes in a special form which has never been seen because it supports steam from iron that passes through without destroying clothes.

Furthermore, the wooden board is quite long, about 112 cm by 40 cm, and has been designed to be shock proof, unlike some metallic ones that are difficult to use. In addition to this, the surface is smooth and permits easy pressing of clothes on it. Lastly, it comes with an onboard storage, i.e., a large multi-function tray which can be used to store or stack clothes and items that are in use.

Main Features
  • Simple, flexible body
  • Large multi-function tray
  • Powder coated steel pipes
  • Aluminized steam-resistant cover cloth
  • Extendable metal chrome plated rack
  • Shockproof wooden board
PROS (What we liked)
  • Long and highly durable to use
  • Easy to use
  • Good ventilation is enhanced
  • Resistant to shock and other hazards
  • Tray where user can stack clothes and items
  • Portable and can be used in several locations
  • Adjustable and comfortable to use in different forms
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Quality could be better
  • Requires proper maintenance because it could break if extra force is placed on it.
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8. GALOPPIA Ironing Board and Aluminum Ironing Surface – Best Adjustable heights

GALOPPIA Ironing Board and Aluminum Ironing Surface
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Galoppia ironing board is a board with style which has several things that makes it a good choice under the best ironing boards. Asides adding style to a room, its surface can be used for a lot of things such as knitting, quilting, and arranging of table cloths. It has an adjustable height which is the best feature according to this review; 6 adjustable heights (between 70 to 93 cm) which makes it usable in different positions.

In addition, it has a metal mesh top which enhances breathability, i.e., ability of higher-pressure steam to pass through the board and over the padding. Also, it is covered with a 100% thick cover cloth which not only withstands heat, but prevents clothes from sticking to the surface. Many people think that because the surface is metallic, it is susceptible to corrosion; however, it has been designed to be anti-corrosive.

In addition, it has a dimension of 120 cm by 34 cm, and a safety lock which automatically prevents the board from falling off while ironing. Also, it has an iron rest, alongside a silicon bush to protect the iron base when in use or not in use. Lastly, it has a metallic onboard storage which can be used to stack or keep clothes and items.

Main Features
  • Metallic tray
  • 120 by 34 cm dimension (length and width)
  • Iron rest and silicon bush
  • Anti-corrosive surface
  • Thick cover cloth
  • Highly ventilated metal mesh top or board
  • 6 adjustable heights between 70 to 93 cm
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easily adjustable to whatever height is desired
  • Ventilation is topnotch
  • The thick cover cloth enhances a great pressing/ironing experience and prevents stickiness
  • Highly durable surface that is resistant to corrosion
  • Iron rest is available with a silicon bush which the iron base complements with
  • Tray is available to keep or stack clothes and items
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Expensive
  • The quality of the top cloth on the ironing board could be better
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9. Solimo Ace Folding Ironing Board with Iron stand – Best Padding

Solimo Ace Folding Ironing Board with Iron stand
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We can’t but help to look at the amazing features and accessories that this ironing board possess which makes it extraordinary. It has metallic legs which is not only rustproof, but for support with rubber feet caps that enhances the perfect balancing an ironing board deserves. It is a good choice for every home; although, the board frame is made with a tube which is 0.6 mm thick that enhances durability and long use.

Simply, it is regarded as a versatile product because it is 2-in-1, i.e., the iron rest and the board joined together. The iron rest is a feature that allows user to place iron when in use and otherwise. It has generous dimensions which is 54 by 15 by 38 inches.

In addition, it is a heavy-duty equipment which can support a lot of weight that is applied on it with a 350 GSM padding. Because of this weight, it is very easy to carry from one location to another, and is possible to fold when not in use. Lastly, no warranty period was record; hence, durability cannot be guaranteed.

Main Features
  • Lightweight body
  • Rubber cap feet
  • 0.6 mm thickness
  • 54 by 15 by 38 inches dimension
  • 350 GSM Padding
PROS (What we liked)
  • Versatile as a 2-in-1 tool
  • Easy to carry around
  • Foldable when not in use
  • Highly durable and useful for difficult operations
  • Metallic legs are rust proof against damage
  • Stability and balance are thoroughly maintained
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Imbalancing legs
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10. Flipzon Self Standing Folding Ironing Board – Best Easy storage

Flipzon Self Standing Folding Ironing Board
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Flipzon Standing Folding Ironing board is your regular standard kind of board with respect to its design, features and properties. This is one of the best ironing table designs. It has a great quality, and useful for quite a lot of things. It has been equipped with certain features such as three adjustable heights which is quite comfortable for a user because he or she can change the height anytime to suitable distances.

In addition, it has a hot steam iron stand or holder which is a good feature that holds iron in position when put to use or otherwise. Also, the ability to fold for proper storage when not in use cannot be overemphasized because this is its best feature. There are several colors and designs of this product which may vary or be selected on random basis.

Furthermore, no warranty period on this product, and its dimensions were not listed. The only thing we can say about the product is that it offers good storage and it is foldable enough to be placed anywhere. Lastly, it doesn’t cost so much, and it is an ideal choice if you want something simple.

Main Features
  • Varying colors and designs
  • Three adjustable heights
  • Hot steam iron holder or stand
  • Cover cloth
  • Foldable body
PROS (What we liked)
  • Available in various colors for buyers to choose from
  • Very simple and quite standard
  • Inexpensive
  • Holds iron in place when in use or otherwise
  • Easy storage due to its foldability
  • Cover cloth to help with heat escape
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No dimensions and fewer height options
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Frequently Asked Questions

We often see questions online when it comes to buying a suitable ironing board for the home. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers we have provided to help clarify their doubts.

1. Why do we need the ironing board cover?

You will need an iron board cover to protect the surface of the board from heat. A board which reflects heat will not be exposed to heat directly. So, ensure that the iron board cover is made using heat-resistant material.

2. How high should an ironing board be?

The standard height of an iron board should be 38 inches above the floor. It is important to measure 75 1/2 inches from the floor and mark the wall. This ensures that the iron board is at the required height.

3. Why do ironing boards have holes in them?

Ironing boards have holes in the surface to allow the steam to escape through penetration. However, you must ensure that the board has ample padding. This prevents the holes from creating an impression on the clothes while ironing.

4. What type of cover is best for ironing board?

The best types of cover for ironing boards are those made of Teflon and 100% pure cotton.

These materials are heat, water and stain-resistant. Hence, they are ideal for ironing boards as they protect the surface of the board from heat.

5. What is the best ironing board?

Truth be told, there are so many brands are trying to produce something better than others, and the competition is quite high. However, we have successfully handpicked top 10 best ironing boards above, and their specialty in different areas. All you have to do is pick one type that fits into your budget, has features you want, and matches what you want in your home (foldable on installed).

6. Who manufactures the best ironing board?

As said earlier, there are several brands, but we can mention the top ones for you. Some of the top manufacturers of ironing boards are; Flipzon, Magna, PAffy, etc. Some of their products are above, you should check them out – features, description, and benefits.  Make your choice, and we are sure you will not be disappointed at what they have to offer.

7. Do ironing boards have onboard storage in their package?

Well, there are only special types of ironing boards that have onboard storage used to keep items, such as clothes and sprays. Having a board and maybe an iron rest is quite standard, but an onboard storage is just an additional feature which are arranged as shelves. Even with these shelves, there are layers in which they are arranged generally.

8. What space do I need to install my ironing board?

This is very important for wall-mounted ironing boards because they have to be installed in an area which won’t be obstructing movement or other activities. You just need a small area or corridor which is entirely free and accessible to install your equipment. In fact, it may not even affect after all, if you buy foldable ones which could be folded back in when not in use.


Regardless of your likeness for ironing or not, it is agreeable that ironing boards are important household equipment. Although, there are several kinds available on the market today, you should pick the best ones available. To do that, we have handpicked the best ironing boards around you so you could pick something worth your money, effort and time.

In addition to our review or recommendations, we have made sure we categorized each of these products on the basis of what they are good at. Also, there is a buying guide section which will help you pick out your preferred choice out of many options available. We have done most of the work for you, what you need to do is see, choose and pay for what you want.

Furthermore, we need to make one more classification in order to help customers; this classification is based on price. There are three price ranges for the ironing board reviewed above, they are;

For each category, it is important we show you our preferred choice out of the many types in the category. For instance;

In conclusion, we believe you must have made your choice out of the top 10 best ironing tables online above with regard to your budget and features available. Ensure you make proper use of it, and keep safely when not in use.

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