Best Portable Travel Irons

Here we have reviewed the best portable travel irons of different types including dry/flat, steam only and dry-steam combination, from brands like Usha, etc.

Whether traveling for fun or business, we all like to look good while at it. But what you could pack your clothes neatly and carefully only to arrive at your destination and then realize that your outfits are all wrinkled up. It shouldn’t be surprising even with practical, customized traveling bags or suitcases. Sometimes your luggage can’t escape rough handling in the course of the journey. You can get a garment steamer, but it won’t give that crisp texture to your clothing, so what to do?

You could also get new sets of clothes while out and then wearing them becomes an issue. Why? Because they may not be in the best shape. So how do you save the situation? Well, the best solution to this common problem is to carry along a small travel iron. Yes! That’s it. Even though you could get one from your hotel on request, having your own is a lot more convenient.

If you are a frequent traveler and interested in purchasing the best travel iron, you are in the right place. In this article, we have put together all the information you need which includes details on portable travel irontypes of travel irons, things to consider while choosing, frequently asked questions and the Top 6 Portable Iron Steamer available in the market.

Before we go any further, let’s start with the basics.

Top 6 Portable Travel Irons

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Pick-Best Portable Travel Iron
Foldable Handles
Our Pick from Low range
Our Pick- Best Dry-only Iron
Our Pick- Sleek Compact Design
Our Pick-Best Dry/Steam Function

What is a Portable Travel Iron?

Just like conventional appliances used at home or laundry outlets, a travel iron is a handheld device that clears out wrinkles from garments. The only difference between an ordinary and a travel iron is a small size and compact nature that makes it easy to pack and carry for a trip.

It functions by transferring heat, steam or both from a specially designed plate that is pressed on to a cloth placed or a flat surface. The weight and heat from the iron presses and stretch the creases from the cloth, eventually leaving it polished and flowing. Normally an ironing board is used though improvisations, including ordinary tables and beds, are also acceptable.

Types of Portable Travel Irons

Generally speaking, irons have come a long way with many changes in design and functionality over the years. Even though the name ‘iron’ as coined from the metal that was mainly used in earlier models remains, the original idea has been altered significantly.

Today, we not only have dry irons, but there are also steam only versions and combinations of both ironing techniques. As already highlighted, travel irons are mainly distinguished from the rest of the pack by their smaller and lighter nature, not forgetting the ability to fulfill on the go pressing requirements. Below are the common types of travel-size irons:-

Dry/ Flat

These are more of the traditional design but with improvements such as temperature controls. Dry irons are quite basic and are characterized by a flat soleplate, with one curved end with a sharp tip for seamless maneuverability. Dry iron functions by producing heat and does not have any water tank or steam producing capability.

Dry-Steam Combination

These types of irons are the most available in the market today. Also, referred to as steam irons, dry-steam irons come fitted with water tanks and spray nozzle among other features that support steam production. So besides the dry heat ironing, you can throw in a burst of steam to get better results. The travel steamer is more likely to clear stubborn wrinkles because of the double functionality.


Steam irons are relatively recent creations but very useful. They work by producing steam bust which does the job of sprucing up any wrinkles from the cloth. With these, you don’t need a board or ironing surface. Instead, you can work on the clothes either vertically or horizontally. Steam-only irons are much quicker to use and can be conveniently used with much ado.

Buyers Guide to the Best Portable Travel Irons

Choosing the best travel iron can be tricky given the dozens of brands and models with equally varying features. While it may be enough to look for something light, compact, and reliably functional, there are many more features that define an ideal pick. To help you decide the best for your needs, our handy guide lists some important considerations that are worth paying attention to when shopping.


When packing travel essentials, saving space is always a priority. Consequently, bulky items that are difficult to organize and occupy more room are least welcome. It means the portability of iron as dictated by size and compactness counts big time.


The soleplate is the main part of the iron that does the actual pressing. In most cases, you will find alternatives for ceramic, stainless steel, titanium, and cast iron materials. The baseplate is big, considering it influences the quality of results.  The most common problem with some baseplates is that they tend to hold up fabric under high temperatures.

To avoid this, going for a model with a non-stick soleplate is advisable. A reliable soleplate should also make it possible to glide across the garment without the slightest hesitation besides distributing steam and heat evenly.

Heat control

The ability to regulate the heat released by the soleplate when ironing is one of the prominent features that distinguish modern electric irons and traditional non-electric versions. And because clothes are made of different fabrics which all require varying temperature intensities to iron, a convenient temperature regulation mechanism is vital.

An ideal pick should allow you to control ironing temperature for materials such as cotton, silk, wool, denim, and many more without the risk of burning. The control should be clearly labeled and easily adjustable for optimal efficiency.

Heating time

Nobody wants to waste their precious time waiting for the iron to heat up to the required state. A good travel iron should, therefore, take a few seconds before it is ready for use. That way, you can polish up your clothes and get out for planned activities for the day quickly.


Apart from the physical dimensions, the weight of an ironing device also matters and in several ways. First, it determines the pressure when pressing your clothes (this is specific for flat or dry-steam irons). Also, it dictates the overall weight of your luggage, not mention hand effort demanded when in use. It is essential to ensure the iron is heavy enough to deliver enough pressing strength but less demanding both while in use and when being carried.

Ease of use

The best iron for your needs should be simple to handle at every turn of the ironing process. It should be easily maneuverable and not demanding on the hands. Any controls should be strategic, accessible, visible, and adjustable effortlessly.

The handles should be ergonomic and shapely for an easy hold. A button groove that facilitates unhindered gliding around buttons is a great plus. To top it all, the design should be easy to set down steady and safe.


The overall build quality of a worthy purchase should manifest the promise for extended life in use. While you may have to pay more to get the premium quality device, there are equally dependable models at relatively affordable rates.

How long the iron would last ultimately tells whether you will reap value for every cent spent. Features such as anti-scratch resistant soleplate, a sturdy handle that can withstand nasty drops, and self-cleaning systems are some of the components worth checking out.

Voltage rating

Most portable travel irons use electricity as the source of power. As such, each device comes designed to draw on sockets delivering voltage with a certain range. Since you will use the iron in different countries which may have varying standards of voltage ratings for domestic appliances consider opting for a dual-voltage version. That way, you can use your iron wherever you go without buying a power adapter.

Power cord

The length of the cording dictates how far you will reach once the iron is plugged into the socket. Because the alternatives in the market do not come with a uniform cable, checking for a reasonable cord allowance becomes imperative. The longer, the better because it gives the user more flexibility when it comes to maneuvering the iron across the attire.

Besides the length, the cord should be easy to store if the device has a holding compartment. The better because it will further reduce any chances of damage.

Safety features

It can be disappointing to burn your clothes in the process of trying to make them presentable. To lessen the chances of any accidents happening, picking a model with some safety functions would help. Features including power-on indicator, auto shut-off when the optimal temperature is reached or stays idle, and anti-drip capability will add value to the user experience.

Steam features

If you prefer to have a device that uses steam, there are several aspects of it that you should look at keenly. To begin with, ensure that it will supply sufficient and steady bust of steam for different fabrics. The adjustability of the steam amount at every stage is a huge plus.

Secondly, the vents should be evenly distributed to ensure a balanced delivery of steam jets. The button that triggers the spray should equally be within reach when holding the main handle.

Most of all, the ability to steam your outfits both horizontally and vertically can save you a lot of hassle. How efficient the steam features are will ultimately determine how smooth you get rid of stubborn wrinkles.

Personal preference

Ultimately, when choosing the best travel Iron, personal choice will carry the day. Why so? It is unlikely that you will find all the features you want in one model. As such, narrowing down to a few which you consider a priority is the best way to go. Besides that, the amount you are willing to spend also counts at this point.

9 Best Travel Irons

1. Usha Techne Steam Iron – Our Pick-Best Portable Travel Iron

Usha Techne 500 1000-Watt Steam Iron (White and Blue)
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This Usha travel iron provides a reliable way to press out wrinkles and sterilize your clothes in a matter of seconds. Thanks to its compact design, portability is no issue so you can instantly refresh your attires.

As a steam iron it supports dual functionality with both dry and steam ironing possibilities, which is why you can call it the best travel steamer. It can take on any piece of fabric clearing creases leaving behind impressive results. Perhaps its leading selling point is the clever design that makes it compact and portable.

Main Features
  • It comes with a compact build which makes it portable and easier to fit in typical travel bags
  • It boasts of a non-stick scratch resistant Poly Teflon baseplate to reduce chances of sticking on the clothes and ensure smooth maneuverability
  • The iron features a special palm glide design for comfortable handling
  • Features two-way horizontal and vertical burst of steam to allow multi-directional garment steaming
  • Releases sufficient steam boost of 35 gms to ensure even the toughest wrinkles are cleared hassle-free
  • Dual voltage function capability at 110-220 V and 220-240 V enabling use in different countries without a power adapter
  • It has an adjustable thermostat disc to ensure efficient temperature control in line with the needs of different fabrics
  • Has a swivel cord with 360-degree rotation to allow unhindered multi-directional gliding
  • It offers both dry and steam ironing options to ensure better results
  • It boasts of a built-in overheat safety mechanism to protect the clothes from burning
  • It weighs about 762 grams
PROS (What we liked)
  • Smooth baseplate allows effortless gliding when ironing
  • The package comes complete with a water measuring cup, carrying bag, and instructional manual
  • Upright and horizontal steaming functionalities enable freestyle use
  • Great safety features to minimize accidents
  • The palm glide design makes it stylish and comfortable to use
  • Dual voltage rating suits international travel
  • Easy temperature control to allow pressing of different types of garments
  • Heats ups rapidly allowing one-touch performance
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • You have to keep it horizontal when not in use to avoid water leakage
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2. Dayons Travel Steam Iron – Foldable Handles

Dayons Travel Steam Iron
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The product comes in the range of high-priced and offers a wide variety of features and advantages. BenQ TK800 4K Projector comes new to the market which offers such a good experience of 4K view on a projector screen. Let us have a look at all the features of this product. 

Main Features
  • This travel iron is a multi-functional product that has the option for both Steam Iron and dry iron. Choose any of the methods whichever suits you the best.
  • It has a dial with which you can easily set the temperature according to your own wish(High/Medium/Low).
  • The power-rating of this iron is 700 wattage, which ensures the safe and convenient ironing of fabrics.
  • It has an in-built thermostat which keeps a check of the temperature.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This product removes wrinkles from almost all types of fabric.
  • The steam vents are power and efficient which ensures you can remove every wrinkle from your clothes.
  • The extra portable and compact size of this iron allows you to easily store it inside your carry bag and travel.
  • A plastic measuring cup is included in the package to measure and pour water for the steamer.
  • The length of the cord is about 5-feet which makes it easy for you to do your job without causing any hindrance due to the non-availability of sockets around you.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed
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3. Saifox Sleek Foldable Travel Iron – Our Pick from Low range

Saifox Sleek Foldable Travel Iron
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Thanks to some features and components that it comes with, it stands ideal for handling all the stubborn creases that may be thrown its way. The only real downside of this folding travel iron is its lack of steam function which may force you to sprinkle water manually for some fabrics.

Otherwise, with the Saifox sleek iron, you can always wear presentable clothes because it delivers clean and noticeable results.

Main Features
  • Has a small compact size measuring a modest 15 by nine by 6.5 cm which helps save on packing space
  • Features a craftily folding handle that provides a reliable hold when ironing and gets down to position for hassle-free storage
  • Features a useful power-on indicator that alerts the user when plugged in and ready for use
  • Comes with a non-stick soleplate to ensure the cloth is not dragged thereby allowing frictionless gliding
  • Has a temperature control knob to allow adjustability of heat settings for different types of fabrics
  • Has a thermostat brake to prevent burning of clothes when the optimal temperature is reached
  • Functions on electricity with a rating of 300 watts guaranteeing low consumption
PROS (What we liked)
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable
  • Can work on different types of fabrics
  • Heats up quickly
  • Easy to use with an ergonomic handle
  • Great safety features limiting chances of accidents
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Dry ironing only
  • Good only for light clothes
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4. TRP Traders Small Iron – Our Pick- Best Dry-only Iron

TRP TRADERS Plastic and Metal Small Iron
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If you are looking for a performance-bound travel iron, this portable iron by TRP TRADERS may be a worthy buy. It is quite compact, and its foldable handle adds to that significantly. Unlike other relatively bulky travel irons, you will love the small size that does a lot in saving space when packing your luggage.

When it comes to getting the job done, it heats quickly to help spruce up your clothes without the slightest delay. The soleplate is also of great quality guaranteeing flowing results without a stick. And courtesy of its shapely tip it will reach tricky parts of the clothes such as seams and collars.

To sum it is the glossy finish and color combination adds a touch of aesthetical for anyone who cares about cosmetic details.

Main Features
  • Comes with a sleek non-stick soleplate for trouble-free pressing
  • Features a collapsible handle which folds flat to help save space when packing besides allowing comfortable management when ironing
  • Has easily adjustable temperature control knob to allow different heat settings for multiple types of fabrics
  • Boasts of a special static dust-proof design with mirror-like gloss finish making both attractive and durable
  • Comes with an extendable power cord which allows enough movement range when pressing clothes
  • Functions on an incoming voltage range of 110V to 220V
PROS (What we liked)
  • Sleek and travel-friendly
  • Heats quickly allowing one-touch functionality
  • Comes with a storage pouch
  • Great construction quality
  • Easy to accommodate different types of travel bags
  • Good looking product
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Lacks dual-voltage function
  • The handle is flimsy
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5. JN Retails Mini Iron Press – Our Pick- Sleek Compact Design

JN Retails Mini Iron Press
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If you would like to have your iron to take care of creases on packed clothes while traveling, this mini iron press is, by all means, an ideal pick. Boasting of a compact design topped off by the smooth, sleek finish, this model by JN Retails is lightweight and portable hence easy to fit in typical traveling luggage.

Perhaps its most appealing attribute is the flat-folding ergonomic handle tailored to collapse methodically on to its body. You will also love the ability to iron different types of fabric thanks to the savvy inclusion of variable thermal control.

Overall, the JN Retails is a versatile portable iron combining dry and steam bust ironing capabilities expected of any value pick for the modern traveler.

Main Features
  • Its package dimensions are: 20.7 by 14.5 by 6.3 cm for easy fitting in tight spaces in travel bags
  • Weighs about 522g which reduces the burden on travel luggage
  • Has a power rating of 700 watts and operates on input voltage range 220- 240 V
  • Features a variable temperature control knob that allows users to regulate heat according to fabric (such as linen, synthetic, cotton, silk) being ironed
  • Boasts of dry and steam ironing functionality to ensure better results
  • Has a power- indicator to alert the user when ready for use
  • Has a conveniently fitted push button to help trigger steam function as the need arises
  • Comes with a comfortable to hold flat folding handle that helps save space when packing
  • Features a nonstick soleplate that ensures hassle-free gliding across fabrics
  • Comes with an extendable 360-degree swivel cord for efficient power supply
PROS (What we liked)
  • Comes with a sleek, glossy finish that makes it aesthetically appealing
  • Takes little space to carry
  • Ideal for different types of fabrics
  • Comes with a tiny jug to help in filling water
  • Value for money at its price
  • Lightweight and portable hence suitable for frequent travelers
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Lacks multi-voltage functionality
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6. Petrice Portable Mini Electrical Steam Iron Press – Our Pick-Best Dry/Steam Function

PETRICE Portable Mini Electrical Steam Iron Press
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The PETRICE collection features great products that get the job done. This is different with this portable mini travel iron. Boasting a tasteful finish, it’s hard to ignore the aesthetically pleasing design that leaves little to the imagination.

As far as performance is concerned, this iron includes all the features necessary to enable the user to get their clothes spruced up. Talk about heat regulation, dry and steam ironing capabilities, and performance-oriented baseplate not to mention practical safety features, it blends it all.

At its price, the PETRICE mini travel iron guarantees value for money. Given its convenient features and functional components, it promises nothing but solid performance suitable for both business and leisure travel.

Main Features
  • Dimensions: Full size (L x W x H): 7 by 3.15 by 3.9 inches. When the handle is folded (W x H): 4.1 x 2 inches
  • Its power cord is 1.5 meters long providing enough range to move about when ironing
  • Comes with a Teflon non-stick baseplate that provides for smooth glides and perfect elimination of wrinkles across the fabric without sticking
  • Has a power-on indicator to alert the user when it’s ready for use
  • Features an efficient steam push button to trigger and allow hassle-free streaming
  • Rated at 700 watts for modest power consumptions
  • Has a built-in fuse and thermostat to guarantee the safety of the user and the clothes
  • Features an ingenious temperature adjustability setting with an efficient  three-tier dial control: the first low setting ideal for synthetic fiber, the second middle range for wool, and third high gear for cotton
  • The handle is foldable flat making it easy to pack away when not in use
  • Dual function of dry or steam ironing to guarantee better results depending on the needs at hand.
  • Boasts of anti-drip design to avoid water leakage
  • Functions on voltage input of 220-240 V
PROS (What we liked)
  • The convenient design makes it suitable for all kinds of trips
  • Heats up in a few seconds
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable making it ideal for all types of travel
  • The multi-temperature setting allows clearing of creases on various fabrics
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Works best on ironing board
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who needs a travel iron?

Travel iron is designed for those people who are travel freaks. Those who stay away from their home and cannot rely on the home laundry to get their clothes pressed.

As these are lightweight and compact, it can be easily stored inside your travel backpack. For people who travel for business meetings, they need their clothes to be properly ironed before attending the meeting. Hence, it is one of the necessary things to be packed while traveling.

2. What is the best travel iron?

Considering all the features of the products listed, Mammoth Travel Iron is the best travel iron.

3. Difference between steamer and travel iron?

A Steamer works in a way without coming into actual contact with the fabrics. It takes the wrinkles out from it conveniently. Due to its lightweight and compact size, it can be easily placed inside your travel backpacks while traveling.

Iron, on the other hand, is a little heavy and has to come into direct contact with the fabric. A steamer uses steam generated by water to remove the wrinkles while an iron uses the heating metal element that presses against the wrinkles.

4. Why buy a portable travel iron over regular alternatives?

Traveling smart means having all you need to step out in confidence regardless of where you go. Although you may have an ordinary iron at home, a travel iron is easier to pack and makes you self reliant. Besides, first impression matters everywhere you go and looking presentable is easily achievable with the convenience afforded by a travel iron.

5. What is the best travel iron for my needs?

Some of the best attributes of the most suitable portable iron include small size, lightweight, smooth non-stick baseplate, and conveniently adjustable temperature control. A good model should also be easy to pack and saves space. Most of all, it should deliver dependable functionality almost comparable to any typical iron used at home.

Nonetheless, individual preferences should ultimately, always carry the day. This is because while someone may consider sizing a priority, another may be interested more in the ability to perform on different fabrics or simply aesthetics.

6. How much space in my suitcase will a compact travel iron take up?

The relatively smaller size is certainly the key attribute that distinguishes travel irons from regular alternatives used at home. While most models are compact and portable, they are not of uniform dimensions. You will find some palm-sized options, while others may be slightly larger. If space is a key concern for you, look out for devices with features such as folding handles which greatly reduces the space needed to carry it.

7. What’s the difference between a steamer and a dry iron?

Dry-only irons are considered the modern version of traditional technology that uses heat only to removes wrinkles from garments. On the other hand, steamers are modern inventions that use water to deliver the same results. The water is heated and pressurized then delivered in a bust that loosens the creased strands of fabric polishing them in the process.

8. Which one is better- steaming or ironing clothes?

Ideally, it’s the results that matter. Either way, each technique has its merits and limitations. For instance, steam irons work much faster and do not necessarily require an ironing surface. But they cannot produce the crispness possible with dry ironing.

On the flip side, dry irons can deliver 360-degree pressing, which may not be possible with some steamers. However, an ironing surface or board is a must for dry ironing. Depending on your level of need you can pick either way, but a combination of the two is much better.

9. What travel iron brand is the best?

As with any other type of product, there is never one fit for all. Besides every person’s opinion about a brand will differ slightly or significantly given the features and quality of components of their creations. Again, the preference aligns mostly depending on the needs.

10. Which is the best soleplate on travel iron?

Like in regular alternatives, there are several common soleplate materials. They include stainless steel, ceramic, cast-iron, and more. All these vary in weight, quality, and functionality. No matter the material, a good one should be non-stick, allowing it to glide smoothly across all types of fabrics. Also, it should distribute heat evenly for better results and possibly scratch resistance to enhance durability.

11. What is the average weight of travel irons?

Travel irons are designed to be lightweight to reduce the burden on travel luggage. While the weight varies from one model to another, a good pick should be about 1kg. Usually, the weight depends on the build materials, particularly the soleplate. In the market, you will find models as light as 500g. So if you prefer something lightweight, you will be spoilt for choice.

12. Is steam iron safe?

Yes. However, care needs to be taken to avoid burning your clothes — also, garments that have weak coloring which fade may not be best spruced by steaming. Otherwise, steam irons are as reliable as dry-only alternatives and deliver much faster. It will also help to acquire models with safety features such as auto shut-off and power-on indicators to reduce the chances of any accidents.

13. Why do I need a portable iron when traveling?

Any frequent traveler can relate how it seems almost impossible to avoid creases on packed clothing. Even with a travel bag with nice compartments and a sturdy frame that keeps your belongings intact, the push and pull may leave some outfits crushed. A travel iron helps you spruce up your outfits in case that happens without having to ask external help.

14. Can I use an iron without water?

Yes, it is possible. Besides the dry-only versions which are designed not to work with water, most steam irons can be set to function on dry heat alone. Without putting water on the reservoir, you can simply adjust your heat settings in line with the fabric that needs ironing and gets over with it.


So with the top 8 portable iron steamer available in the market, now you can choose easily. Among these, the top three picks of travel irons are Usha Techne 500 1000-Watt Steam Iron, Petrice Travel Iron and Dayon’s travel steam Iron that has some of the exceptional features and ideal to be carried with you wherever you go.

Although some people do not fancy the idea of ironing, it can’t just be ignored. The first impression always matters- the more reason everyone should keep their clothes all polished up wherever they go. Portable irons are perfect for typical grooming needs while traveling and can save anyone from the embarrassment of donning wrinkled outfits while on the go.

If you travel frequently and want to find a suitable pick, the market has sufficient options. In your quest to find the best, ensure that you go for portability, ease of use, a quality non-stick soleplate, and an efficient temperature control system besides other special features you consider important. And if you find it overwhelming our list provides some of the top picks that blend good features and dependable performance.


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