Best Electric Tandoor for Home Use

Do you itch for rich tandoori food at times, but you do not want to run to restaurants after a long, tiring day? Now, put a complete cessation to your yearnings and indulge in magical flavors and tenderness of restaurants like tandoori food cooked at your home with the new electric tandoors.

A traditional tandoor is a clay oven that is placed outside the home or in an open space that uses clay and wood-fire for gathering flame, which in-turn grills the food.

However, the modern electric tandoor without using clay and wood-fire gives your food the right touch and aroma of charcoal and wood into your food. These electric tandoors are sleek, compact, and elegant in design that would correctly align in your modern kitchen decor.

Apart from grilling, these tandoors come in handy for cooking other kinds of dishes as well. You can even cook your Italian cuisines in it, like pizzas and pasta. You can also mildly toast your food in them. So, if you are a cooking junkie and you love tandoori food, then enjoy scrumptious tandoori food in the comfort of your own home, and delight your guests with the rich flavors.

We shall provide you with a comprehensive guide as to buying the best electric tandoor and its availability in the market as well as on e-commerce websites. We would take you on tour as for features of the best portable electric tandoor for home, types of cooking appliancesmini electric tandoor buyers guide along with top 5 electric tandoors while buying an electric tandoor. Read to explore the entire arena of an electric tandoor.

Features of Electric Tandoor

An electric tandoor can not only be used for cooking tandoori items but can also be used for baking, grilling, roasting, toasting, and barbecuing. It has the capability of defrosting your frozen food without cooking it. A traditional tandoor is a cylindrical clay pit used for grilling and roasting. In ancient times this tandoor used coal, charcoal, and wood for a fire.

Food items are directly placed on the top of the fires gives the perfect and right amount of smokiness to the food. An electric tandoor is a square-shaped, metallic box. It consists of an aluminum sliding tray in which the food is placed for cooking.

An electric tandoor has a groove for oil collection in which the oil is collected that prevents any wastage of oil. It is fitted with a thermostat, which allows you to set the temperature of the tandoor. Some electric tandoors are equipped with a 10-step thermostat, which means you can set the temperature of the tandoor at 10 different heat settings. No preheating of the appliance is required as it gets heated up instantly and cooks your food fast.

These devices are economical and eco-friendly as it uses electricity and does not radiate any heat in the environment. Moreover, your food gets prepared in just 3-5 minutes. An electric tandoor has small aluminum coils on the top, which gets heated up and provides the heat for cooking of food. These appliances are light-weighted and portable. So, they can be carried in different locations and can also be used in outdoor cooking.

These devices do not require an additional set up. Most of the electric tandoor have 180-degree opening so that you can easily access the interiors of the tandoor for placing the food. This kind of opening simplifies usage as both the sides of the tandoor can be used, and it also becomes easy for cleaning the interiors of tandoor post-usage.

Most of the electric tandoors come with floating hinge units, which makes sure that your food is cooked evenly, and there no burning and overcooking of food. With this feature, you very smoothly open your tandoor and use it the way you want. The interiors of the tandoor have a non-stick coating, which makes sure that your food does not stick to the tandoor. In this way, there is no wastage of food. It also becomes very easy to clean the interior as the food does not stick to the inner surfaces and gets baked.

Since there is no baking of food, you can very easily clean the tandoor with a damp cloth after disconnecting it from a power source. Some of the electric tandoors have a glass grill, so you do not have to worry about sliding the tray into the tandoor. It works very much like a gas cook-top.

The electric tandoors have a small glass viewing window so that you can look into the food and prevent it from overcooking. Buying an electric tandoor is highly recommendable. These are available in India at a very low price. So, grab this multi-functional device with both hands and enjoy the soothing flavors of tandoori food at your home.

Types of Cooking Appliances

There is an enormous number of cooking technologies booming up in the market. You need to choose the one that fits your need perfectly.

1. Microwave oven

A microwave oven is an electronic device that uses the principle of electromagnetic radiation to cook food. It comes in handy for many purposes like baking, warming food, defrosting frozen food, etc. This cooking technique is best for you if you have a busy schedule, and you cannot devote much time to cooking. It warms your food within seconds and helps you if you are an amateur at cooking.

2. Oven Toaster Griller ( OTG )

It is different from a microwave oven as it uses heatwaves to cook food instead of microwaves. Small quantities of food should be roasted and grilled. OTG utilizes a very little space on your counter-top and comes with all the benefits of an oven. Hence, it can also be considered as a mini-oven.

3. Ovens

These units are larger than a microwave oven and can be used for baking large quantities of food items. This device uses heat waves to cook food. It is a thermally insulated chamber operating on a gas burner or an electric element.

It works slower than microwave and OTG, but the food cooked in this has better taste than the food cooked in OTGs and microwaves. It is the best cooking appliance if you are a dab hand at baking.

4. Air Fryers

This type of cooking appliance is used for deep frying of the food. But it uses hot air to fry your food instead of oil. The food has the same crispiness from outside and the succulence from inside as if deep-fried in oil. Apart from frying, you can even grill, toast, bake with little or no oil.

These devices have an auto shut-down feature once your food is cooked. These devices are very easy to clean. Although these are quite pricey, it helps you to cook your food most healthily as it consumes very little or no oil.

5. Electric Tandoor

An electric tandoor is an oven that runs on electricity and works on the principle of coil technology. It converts electricity into heat for cooking food. Apart from cooking just tandoori items, you can even grill, toast, bake, and barbecue your food in it. These are square-shaped, metallic boxes that are extremely easy to clean. They do not require much space on your work-top and are very easy to use. It imparts your food with the same charred and smoky flavor as a clay tandoor. These devices are eco-friendly and do not radiate any heat in the surroundings.

Electric Tandoor Buyer’s Guide

While buying an electric tandoor, it can get obscure as a wide variety of options engulfs the market. So, before you start scratching your head at a retail outlet, go through this comprehensive buyer’s guide that has answers to all your questions.


You need to analyze your requirements in the first place. After analyzing your needs, you need to see which product meets almost all your requirements within the sum of money you are planning to shell out. Some of the important features include a thermostat, non-stick grilling, glass grill, non-stick coating, oil collection groove, shockproof cooking, recipe book, etc.


One important aspect of an electric tandoor is how does it open. Some of them will have a 180-degree opening, which will allow you to easily access the interior so that you can easily place in and take out your food from the tandoor. This also simplifies the cleaning of the tandoor post-usage. It is better to look for a tandoor that has a floating hinge. This allows prolonged cooking, especially thick food items.


There are many brands available in the market. It is advisable to go for a brand that is popular as it would provide easy customer service after you buy it instead of relying on the new brands that are flooded in the market.

Affordable price 

The best of best electric tandoors come in a price range from 3000 to 5000. Do not get misguided at the markets because the market is filled with frauds that are on a continuous look-out for burning a hole in your pocket.

Power Consumption 

Different electric tandoor comes with distinct power ranges. Most of them start with 800 W and go up to 1200 W. An electric tandoor with a higher power range will ensure faster cooking but will also lead to long electricity bills. You need to find the one that satisfies all your needs and the one with optimal efficiency.


The capacity of an electric tandoor depends upon the amount of food you want to cook on an average. It also depends on your family size. So, analyze your need and buy the one that accords well with your preference as the market is inundated with different sizes of tandoor to suit your need.


This aspect is essential and needs to be considered while buying an electric tandoor. You need to look for a product which comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for at least a year. Buy a product from a trusted brand with a proper warranty, so you do not regret post-buying if, by mistake, you buy a faulty product.


You need to look for an electric tandoor that is light in weight and can be carried wherever you want it. It should also occupy minimum space on your work-top because you don’t want to cram your work-top with different products.

1. Mini Chef Electric Tandoor

Mini Chef Electric Tandoor
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This electric tandoor is designed to align in your kitchen setting perfectly. The convenient and easy to use appliance offers you many features and not just preparing tandoori food. This hygienic appliance is ideal for baking and grilling all kinds of dishes.

Despite looking like a tandoor, it offers several features that make it highly exceptional and out of the box. This product is robust in design and is power-packed with excellent features.

Mini Chef is a brand that can be trusted without any reconsideration. Laying your hands on this multipurpose device is highly recommendable. Cooking those tandoori dishes offered in big restaurants is now as quick as lightning.

Main Features
  • This electric tandoor is economical in cost and cooks your food faster than microwave ovens and ovens.
  • It comprises non-magnetic imported heating elements and has a toughened glass window, which helps you to analyze your food to avoid overcooking.
  • It can be used for defrosting your food without cooking it.
  • It can warm and reheat your food instantly.
  • The shockproof channels ensure your safety by avoiding any undesirable situations.
  • No preheating of the tandoor is required. You can cook your food in a jiffy.
  • It can be used in baking 1 kg of biscuit, roasting 1 kg of tandoori chicken, grilling fish, meat, tomato, bacon, mushroom, barbecuing meat, shashlik, kebabs, toasting bread, baking rolls, eclairs, sponge cakes, coconut cookies, nankhatais.
  • The power ranges scales to 2000 Watts and operates on 240 Volts with a frequency of 50 Hz.
  • The compact design of the tandoor requires very little space on your worktop-top.
  • It can be carried anywhere inside your house and even outside if you like outdoor cooking.
  • This appliance comes with a magic cloth to facilitate easy cleaning along with drying racks.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has a toughened glass window, which allows you to look over your food.
  • It is ideal for tandoori and grilled dishes.
  • It is easy to use, highly portable, and durable.
  • The shockproof mechanism ensures your safety.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The light indicator is not present.
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2. Vibro Master Chef 103-4 Electric Tandoor 

Vibro Master Chef 103-4 Electric Tandoor
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The Vibro Master Chef 103-4 electric tandoor requires a power supply of 2500 watts, ensuring faster cooking than any other brand. It also comes with a heavy gauge CRC outer body and an enamel coating on its aluminum tray, making it one the most durable options to consider going for. You can make any tandoori dish on this front opening electric tandoor, including paneer tikka, chicken tikka, tandoori roti, flatbread, etc. The heat selection switches will help you cook them to perfection.

Main Features
  • Comes with an enamel coated aluminium tray, fixed main lead, a grill, and a manual.
  • Dimensions of the enamel tray: 10.5 x 14.5 inches.
  • Power supply: 2500 Watt.
  • It has a strong and powerful main chord made of copper wire.
  • The metal body comes with a shockproof powder coating.
  • Features a toughened glass top.
PROS (What we liked)
  • High power consumption ensures faster cooking.
  • Heavy gauge CRC outer body ensures the durability of the product.
  • It comes with heat selection buttons for convenience.
  • Easy to use and clean.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed so far about the product
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3. Hygiene Future Home Electric Tandoor 

Hygiene Future Home Electric Tandoor
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Future Home brings you the best of the best electric tandoor, which is designed to make your work easy like never. Now forget about hitting the restaurants and relish those luscious meals within your comfort zone.

It is customized for an enormous number of dishes like pizza, tikka, Cake, tandoori paneer tikka, tandoori Chicken tikka, fish. Throw a house party and delight your guests with the heavenly flavors of tandoori and non-tandoori food.

This electric tandoor is humongous, which help you to cook a huge amount of food in very less time. So, fasten round this super-affordable electric tandoor and satisfy your hunger with scrumptious food every single day. Investing in this tandoor is highly recommendable.

Main Features
  • Future Home Big XXL Electric Tandoor offers a 3years’’ warranty.
  • The robust and sturdy design offers you the ease of cleaning. Just take a damp cloth to stain off the tandoor, and make it shine like new.
  • This electric tandoor is fitted with heat control that works in 3 modes to make sure that the food is cooked entirely.
  • This electric tandoor has a unique feature of time control that makes sure that your food cooks automatically. So, now you do not have to bother about your food getting burnt or overcooked. When your food is cooked, the tandoor gets switched off and notifies you with a bell so you can serve and enjoy your flaming food.
  • This electric tandoor is fitted with stainless steel elements that have a life of 10 years and is designed for prolonged use. These elements are blast-proof and corrosion-proof.
  • The power ranges scale up to 2300 Watts.
  • You can bake up to 1.5 kg of cake in this huge and enormous electric tandoor. All you have to do is use an aluminum bowl and an aluminum foil for baking.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This electric tandoor is non-stick from inside.
  • It offers features like automatic timer and heat controller, which makes it quirky among another electric tandoor.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is quite pricey in comparison to other devices that offer similar features.
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4. Smart Life Cast Iron Electric Tandoor 

Smart Life Cast Iron Electric Tandoor
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This smart product offered by Smart Life is worth your consideration. It is highly affordable and will not disappoint you, post-buying. It is ideal to be used like a tandoor as well as a griller.

You can grill paneer, chicken, vegetables, bake pizza, make chapattis with this electric tandoor. Enjoy the goodness of tandoori food in the warmth of your house. With this amazing tandoor, you can cook to perfection and revel in the divinity of rich flavors.

Main Features
  • This electric tandoor is sturdy in design and forged with cast iron.
  • It offers a toughened glass window, which helps you to examine your food so that you can prevent it from overcooking and burning.
  • This electric tandoor is perfectly suitable for tandoor and grilling items.
  • It is light in weight so you can easily carry it in different locales. It is suitable for people who love outdoor cooking.
  • This electric tandoor is elegantly fashioned and is highly durable.
  • It has an aluminum tray that prevents the sticking of food to the tray.
  • This electric tandoor is fitted with extra safe heating elements that allow you to cook food on the go.
  • It is intelligently designed with shockproof machinery to avoid shocks and danger.
  • You can prepare 750 grams of tandoori chicken in this electric tandoor in just 12 minutes on an average.
  • It has a heavy-duty plastic handle, which ensures your safety.
  • It consumes a power of 1500 Watts and a voltage of 230 Volts with a frequency of 50 Hz.
  • This electric tandoor will cook food faster than microwaves and oven.
  • The manufacturer does offer a 1-year warranty on the product.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This electric tandoor is easy to use and carry.
  • It is highly affordable.
  • The powerful design comes with a shockproof mechanism.
  • It cooks your food immediately.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It does not have a temperature controller, so you cannot adjust the temperature at which your food is being cooked.
  • The design is very poor because of its small size.
  • The outer body becomes very hot during the usage of the product.
  • The quality of the pizza cutter is poor.
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5. Glen SA-5014XL Tandoor 

Glen SA-5014XL Tandoor
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Glen reigns with the best kitchen and home appliances for ages. They have emerged as a supreme power in offering products with great features and outstanding performance. The elegant design of this electric tandoor is all set to compliment your modern kitchen decor.

It works exactly like traditional clay tandoor, which provides you scrumptious food in the healthiest manner. This electric tandoor is environmentally friendly, which makes it highly exceptional. So, grab this super-affordable electric tandoor without thinking twice and get lost into the delicious tangs of tandoori and grilled food.

Main Features
  • This modern elegant looking electric tandoor is designed to accord well with your kitchen layout.
  • It is fitted with energy-efficient elements that would allow instant cooking without radiating any heat in the surroundings.
  • It comprises a sliding tray made up of aluminum and a wire rack.
  • It has a matte finish stainless steel body which can be cleaned very easily. Just take a damp cloth and wipe out all the stubborn stains in seconds. The interiors of the tandoor can also be cleaned in the same way once it is switched off. And remember to switch it on only when the interiors are dry.
  • It consumes a power of 1400 Watts with a voltage of 220-240 Volts.
  • You can bake more than 1.5 dozen biscuits in it.
  • It is more efficient than microwave ovens and ovens and cooks your food in a better and healthy way.
  • It comprises a user manual and a recipe book with it. The user manual is extremely helpful in understanding the features of this appliance. The recipe book helps you to cook a wide variety of dishes in it.
  • You can prepare biscuits, grilled fish and chicken, cakes, naan, stuffed kulchas, chicken kebabs, and many more dishes in this amazing electric tandoor.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has a see-through window that helps you to analyze your food to avert it from overcooking.
  • This thermally insulated electric tandoor saves a lot of energy.
  • Modern elegant look
  • This electric tandoor comes with thermal insulation, which helps in saving a lot of energy.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Upper steel slowly becomes brownish and is difficult to clean.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is electric tandoor good for health?

The electric tandoor ensures fat and oil-free cooking of your favorite chicken, fish, mushroom, and vegetable tandoori dishes. Thus, the low smoke and time saving electric tandoor provide delicious dishes in a much healthy way, making it good for health.

2. Can aluminum foil be used in an electric tandoor?

You can use aluminum foil in the electric tandoor. However, it is advised not to use it for cooking purposes as it forms an aluminum oxide which is harmful to the human body.

3. How to maintain electric tandoor?

An electric tandoor is maintained by cleaning its grills and inner components, including the tray, by draining the liquid or oil that remains after the cooking process. Remove the grills and wash them well using water and dishwashing detergent. Even the exterior of the tandoor should be wiped to keep it clean.

4. How often should you clean it?

Electric tandoor should be cleaned frequently after every use so that the residue is removed before the next cooking. Any residue which remains will burn the tray, which hampers the cooking process, and it also becomes difficult to maintain.


In this busy life, these cooking appliances have been customized to cook your food without creating any mess instantly. Do not worry as these devices would perfectly fold in your modern kitchen decor.

With the above list, you will get an idea of which electric tandoors are floating in the market to avoid being misguided at a retail outlet. Go thoroughly with the comprehensive buying guide and look for one that suits you the best.

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