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Are you crazy about salads? Do you regularly consume salads and tired of drying them with paper towels? Are you confused about how to choose a salad spinner? Here, this article answers your question. In this article, we clearly explained the different types of salad spinners.

Also, we have mentioned the checklist to help you in selecting the correct salad spinner. Moreover, the top best picks will help you in knowing the available salad spinners. We also mentioned the cleaning procedure of the salad spinner for efficient cleaning.

Do you think a salad spinner is modern kitchen equipment? No, it is not an advanced kitchen tool. The usage of the salad spinner is from the 1970s. The design and style of the product are changed in the current salad spinner. Above all, every salad spinners follow a spinning mechanism that works on centrifugal force. With the help of the internet, it is now easy to find salad spinner online in India.

In this article we will provide you with all the information you need to buy the best-suited salad spinner like types, tips on washing salad, buyers guidethe correct way to wash the salad and how important is a salad spinner. Lastly, we have also mentioned Our Top 8 Recommended Salad Spinners and FAQ’s.

Top 8 Salad Spinner

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Pulling cord
Electric salad spinner
Vented lid
Vented lid
Locking lid

Are You Correctly washing Your Salads?

Even after the demonstration and reading “how a salad spinner works,” many use the salad spinner in the wrong way. The most common mistake is washing your leafy greens, veggies under running water. Washing them under running water may still have few parts of dust parts mud. So, to remove every dirt particle use the incorrect spinner way.

The proper process is to place your salad or leafy greens or veggies into the colander inside the salad spinner. Now, fill the water as necessary. Next spin the salad spinner. This removes excess water and cleans the leaves. If you still feel the dirt repeat the washing process. Finally, dry them using the salad spinner.

How Necessary Is a Salad Spinner?

Your salad needs dried leafy greens and veggies. You can not use unwashed leafy greens and veggies in salads. Unwashed leafy greens may cause food poison. So, you must wash the leafy greens and veggies before use. Apart from washing, drying the salads are an important thing in salad dressing.

Drying the salads using a paper towel includes more physical work when you are preparing good amounts of salad. Also, paper towels can not dry every corner of the leafy greens. Hence, a salad spinner does a lot of work for you. Moreover, a salad spinner can do a lot of things apart from spinning the salad.

  • Yes, salad spinner aids in keeping your leafy greens fresh for a longer time by storing in them.
  • Also, you can wash your fresh leafy greens and other fruits and vegetables in salad spinners.
  • Now, you can also dry pasta in a salad spinner.
  • Salad spinner also works great for soaking beans and for sprouts.
  • You can also use the bowl of the salad spinner as a mixing bowl.
  • Finally, the cleaning part of a salad spinner is easier (who bothers even if it occupies more space)

How to Clean a Salad Spinner?

Before further reading or knowing about the top best picks of a salad spinner, we will detail the cleaning process. No too much physical effort is required for cleaning the salad spinner. You only have to follow the instructions while cleaning. Moreover, you can also clean some salad spinner in a dishwasher based on the brand you have selected.

Dishwasher safe cleaning

For cleaning your salad spinner in the dishwasher

  • first, remove the basket or colander from the bowl and place them separately in the dishwasher
  • now, disassemble the lid and place them in the correct slot in a dishwasher
  • Add the required amount of detergent and run it in a regular cycle
  • Finally, dry the components in a dishwasher or using a hand towel

Hand cleaning

  • To clean the spinner manually pour liquid dish detergent in the salad spinner
  • Half-full the salad spinner with warm water
  • Spin the salad spinner once and remove the soapy water
  • Again half-full the salad spinner with warm water and spin it
  • Remove the water as well as the basket and do a final rinse
  • Clean the outer bowl with dish detergent to remove leftover food particles. Follow the same even for the lid
  • Dry them using a hand towel

Types of Salad Spinner

Salad spinner or Salad Tosser is used to remove excess water from the salad greens. A salad spinner works on centrifugal force separating the water from the leaves. Different mechanisms are followed to spin the salad. Based on the mechanism, a salad spinner is classified into the following types.

Gear System/Crank/Handle

It is considered as the age-old design of the salad spinner. For many years the model is being used yet it is the popular one even after modern technology. This proves that salad spinner is used even in the past, not only in the modern era.

Image result for gears system salad spinner

It works when handle or crack is turned in a circular motion. The gears inside rotate which in turn rotates the strainer or basket. Thus, allowing to remove excess water from leafy greens/salads. Crank or handle salad spinner requires more physical effort.

Pump or Pushbutton

The push-button salad spinner or pump salad spinner has the same basket and a bowl with a lid having the pump and stop button. Wash the leafy greens with water. Press the center pump on the lid aids in spinning the leafy greens to remove excess water. Once your job is done, press the stop button to lock the pump.

Image result for push button salad spinner

Pulling Cord

Pulling cord salad spinner is considered to be more gentle than push-button or pump salad spinner. The first step of washing the leafy greens is the same for every salad spinner. On pulling the cord, the basket spins due to centrifugal force and water from your leafy greens will be removed. After you feel the leaves are dry leave the cord.

Related image

Power-based or Electrical salad spinner

Power-based or Electrical salad spinner is used basically in a large kitchen, especially for commercial use. Some electrical salad spinners have the facility to fix the rotational speed. It works similarly to the normal salad spinner. The only difference is it works on power instead manually.

Check List for Buying Salad Spinner

1. What is the capacity of the bowl?

Yes, every salad spinner bowl comes with different sizes. Every size suits for different family size. Suppose your family is big and you consume salads regularly then it is ideal to choose a salad spinner that can serve  6 or more. If your family is small, then it is best to choose a salad spinner that can be used to serve 3 to 4 people. Usually, salad spinner comes with 2 to 3 quarts, 4 to 5 quarts

2. On which mechanism it works?

It is the most important feature to be considered while buying a salad spinner. As we know that salad spinner works on a different mechanism like few works with pulling the cord, few by pushing the button or pumping and some work on gear system. So, make your choice such that it suits you or you are comfortable with it.

3. How secure is your lid?

We know that every salad spinner has a lid. Choose the salad spinner that has the lid that can fit exactly to the bowl, especially for a gear mechanism. Otherwise, you can choose the lid with a lock system. Ensure that the lock system sits firmly.

4. What type of material is used?

Food such as salads is healthy. If you are starting your salads using a  plastic salad spinner, then it must be BPA-free. BPA-free plastic does not have harmful chemicals. Also, they are non-toxic. Hence, any non-toxic product is safe to use.

5. Is cleaning an easy task or not?

Yes, of course, cleaning any type of salad spinner irrespective of the mechanism used is easy. You can simply separate the lid, basket and bowl and clean them.

6. Does it come with a warranty?

Ensure that the salad spinner you are looking for must have a warranty. Since salad spinners work on the spinning mechanism, there may be a chance of receiving the piece with a defective spin. In such situations, warranty aids you in replacing the product without any obstacles.

1. ZYLISS Easy Spin Salad Spinner – Pulling cord

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The Easy spin salad spinner is a product of Zyliss. Zyliss is a renowned age-old Switz company founded in 1951. All their products are well designed and also innovative to satisfy customer needs. List of their products includes a can opener, baking tools, salad spinner, chopper, slicer, and much more.

The salad spinner is easy to use and follows a pull cord mechanism. This allows drying the leafy greens faster. Additional press brake button for stopping the spin. Non-skid base bowl to position the spinner in a place without movement while spinning.

Main Features
  • The salad spinner comes with a transparent bowl, clear visible lid, and a green-colored strainer
  • It has a press brake button that can be used when you want to stop the spin. Otherwise, wait until the spin is complete
  • The product claims it provides a 5-year warranty
  • Zyliss salad spinner follows pulling chord mechanism. It helps in drying the salad faster. Also, the pulling cord is comfortable to use
  • The outer bowl can be used for serving and storing
  • Cleaning of the salad spinner is easy and is dishwasher safe
PROS (What we liked)
  • Highly durable product
  • Additional stop button
  • Salad dries faster
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Quality of the pulling chord can be improved
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2. Kruger Electric Salad Spinner – Electric salad spinner

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Kruger Home kitchen products are stylish, innovative, and well-designed. All their products are made using high-quality materials and have good user ratings. List of their products includes salad spinner, travel coffee mug, chopper, and much more.

The salad spinner provides healthy spin and quick drying of salads. Two press buttons for adjusting the speed of the spin. Also, the serving bowl comes with a separate lid for easy storing. It comes with an additional non-skid base. Moreover, the serving bowl is deeper.

Main Features
  • Ideal for lettuce, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, parsley, fruits, and herbs
  • This salad spinner comes with a stainless steel serving bowl with a plastic lid for storing in the refrigerator, black colored strainer for easy washing and a top lid for spinning
  • For adjusting the speed, it comes with two press button one for a faster spin and other for a slower spin
  • Additional, non-slip base to avoid moving of the salad spinner
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to operate
  • Depper serving bowl
  • Also, it is easy to clean up
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The motor makes noise while spinning
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3. Wonderchef Plastic Salad Spinner – Compact

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Wonderchef is the leading company in kitchen tools. The company was founded in 2009. All their products are designed uniquely and have Italian designs to meet German standards. Their products are available throughout the country. Their category of products includes cookware, kitchen tools, appliances, bakeware, flasks, combo, and much more.

The Wonderchef compact salad spinner is easy to clean. It removes excess water easily by spout given for the outer bowl. Easy spinning mechanism. It is ideal for washing lettuce, vegetables, herbs, and spices.

Main Features
  • A Wonderchef compact salad spinner is made using BPA-free plastic
  • It comes with an outer bowl, green-colored inner colander and a white lid with knob feature
  • The outer bowl has a spout for draining the excess water
  • Also, the outer bowl can be used for mixing the salad
  • The spinning mechanism helps to remove the water up to 90%
  • Measurements mentioned on the outer bowl helps to place the required amount of veggies in it
PROS (What we liked)
  • The product is easy to carry it can be carried along even while traveling as it does not occupy much space
  • Easy cleaning
  • Measurements marked on it helps in the easy preparation of correct amount of salads
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Available in only one size and color
  • Leafy greens still have little dampness even after spinning
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4. Cave Tools Salad Spinner – Vented lid

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Cave tools started in 2013. They provide high-quality kitchen tools and accessories, charcoal grills, recipe books. All their products are well-designed and also satisfies the customer needs.

Vented lid salad spinner has a capacity of 4.2 quarts. It spins on turning the knob. Also, the bowl has a non-skid base which helps to place the bowl on countertop firmly. Moreover, the salad spinner is dishwasher safe. It is ideal to use for berries, fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and peppers.


Main Features
  • The capacity of the serving bowl is 4.2 quarts
  • Salad spinner includes a glass bowl, strainer, lid with ventilation for easy rinsing of vegetables and knob to spin
  • The plastic used is BPA free
  • For spinning the salad, you need to turn the knob. Also, it drys the salad quickly
  • Also, the outer bowl or serving bowl has four rubber legs to avoid damage to the base
  • The strainer can also be used for washing strawberries and grapes
  • Moreover, the salad spinner is dishwasher safe
PROS (What we liked)
  • Positions well on the tabletop or kitchen countertop
  • Drys the vegetables quickly
  • Easy to store the salad. Also, it fits well in the refrigerator
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Noticed leakage of water while spinning
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5. Prepworks Salad Spinner – Collapsable

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Prepworks products aid in easy cooking. All their products are designed innovatively, and they contribute a healthy life. Also, their products are designed to match the requirements of customers with good durability and stylish design. List of their products includes kitchen tools, storage containers, organization, and cleaning.

The salad spinner is the product of Prepworks by progressive international. It claims that it must be hand-washed only. The collapsible salad spinner works on the pump mechanism. Also, an outer bowl can be used as a serving bowl. Dries the salads completely as required.

Main Features
  • Easy press salad spinner comes with a green colored colander or basket, the white-colored outer bowl which can also be used for serving and a transparent lid for easy visibility of salad
  • The salad spinner is ideal for storing the food, drying the food
  • Also, the salad spinner has a water drainage spout which helps in easy removing of water
  • The locking base helps to keep the salad spinner firmly
  • Simple press helps in preparing the salad quickly
  • The capacity of the salad spinner is four quarts
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to use and occupy less space
  • Removes water from the salads efficiently
  • Also, cleaning of inner bowl and the outer bowl is very easy
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Takes more time to dry the leafy greens
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6. Gourmia GSA9240 Jumbo Salad Spinner – Multipurpose

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All Gourmia products are designed to make cooking even easier and fun. The products provide professional cooking experience. The company is headquartered in NY. Their products enable the user to prepare food and clean the tools and less time. List of their products includes cookers, pans, coffee machines, kettles, and much more.

Easy spin mechanism with rotational handle soft grip. Removes excess water easily by drying the leafy greens, cabbage, some fruits, and veggies. Also, the serving bowl can be used for storing.


Main Features
  • Two separate lids are provided along with the product one is used for chopping, slicing, dicing and grating and others for spinning the leafy greens
  • The product has a white and green color combination
  • It includes a transparent serving bowl, colander, spinning lid, graters, slicers, dicers, and a lid to use for chopping. Also, a handguard for onion, potato, and cucumber
  • The spinning lid has a handle that helps to remove excess water
  • The transparent bowl can be used for serving and mixing the salads
  • Now, you can even chop the vegetables using this product and will be in a place safely
  • Cleaning the salad spinner is easy
  • The plastic part of the product is made from BPA-free plastic while the blades are from stainless steel
PROS (What we liked)
  • Additional grater, slicer, and chopping blades are included along with the product. All the products are easy to use
  • Quality of the product is excellent
  • Easy to spin the leafy greens and other veggies
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed
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7. HomeCare Stylish Salad Spinner – Locking lid

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Homecare kitchen tools are designed uniquely to meet customer needs. Their products include a tiffin box, vegetable chopper, salad strainer, and much more. The salad spinner is made from BPA-plastic. Easy for serving, mixing, spinning. It comes with a multifunctional rotational handle lid. Also, it has an easy locking system and holes for easy drainage of excess water.

Main Features
  • Homecare salad spinner makes the task easier with multifunctional rotational handle
  • It comes with a green serving bowl, inner cream colander and a lid with locking feature
  • The look of the spinner is very attractive
  • The rotating handle helps in easy washing of the veggies and also used for mixing the salads, drying the leafy greens and vegetables
  • It is ideal for lettuce, cabbage, pepper, broccoli
  • Additional locking lid helps to store the veggies fresh. Also, it comes with four rubber leg base for anti-skid
  • Additional holes to lid help to remove the excess water after wash
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has a clear visible serving bowl
  • The serving bowl can also be used as a mixing bowl
  • Cleaning the salad spinner is simple
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Locking may become loose over some time if not handled properly
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8. Greenco Easy Spin Manual Salad Spinner – Crank/handle

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Greenco has a wide range of collection of products. Their products include salad spinners, cartridge tapes, kitchen or bathroom towel bar, a water flosser, and much more.

The 3.2 quarts salad spinner is easy to use and follows a crank/handle mechanism. The Colour of the salad spinner is white. Also, the bowl can be used as a serving bowl. Moreover, it is stain-resistant and removes excess water from the vegetables.

Main Features
  • It works manually and follows a crank/handle mechanism
  • It is made from BPA-free plastic for safe and healthy food
  • The salad spinner is easy to clean and also it is dishwasher safe
  • You can spin-dry greens, pasta, lettuce, and herbs easily
  • The salad spinner is stain resistant.
  • Also, it does not have any odor
PROS (What we liked)
  • leafy greens are dried perfectly
  • Best when the salad is to be made for a single person because of the capacity.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Quality of the plastic should be improved
  • Inner basket is too small
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use salad spinner as a serving bowl?

Yes, the outer bowl can be used as a serving bowl if required. Use this bowl for serving once you have removed the water from your leafy greens. Also, you mix your salads in the same bowl.

2. Salad spinner used for what?

The basic use of a salad spinner is to remove excess water from the veggies, fruits or leafy greens. Apart from this, your salad spinner can also be used for drying pasta, soaking beans & sprouts.

3. Does salad spinner keep leafy greens fresh?

Yes, salad spinner can also keep your leafy greens fresh. If you do not store them properly, they get spoiled soon. So you can wash them and store in a salad spinner for keeping them fresh for a longer time.


A salad spinner is a convenient and necessary kitchen tool, especially for those who consume lots of salads and need healthy food. Also, salad spinner will reduce a lot of your physical effort in drying the leafy greens and other vegetables. Moreover, many salad spinner bowls can also be used for serving and mixing salads.

After a good research, we consider Kruger home stainless salad spinner as the best pick. If you are looking for a compact salad spinner, then Wonderchef compact salad spinner is the ideal one. If you are a bit lazy using the manual or tired of using the manual salad spinner, an Electric salad spinner does your work.

Hope this article clears you about different types of salad spinners, a checklist to buy and our picks. If you want to choose any of the salad spinners then just click on the link provided. All the products mentioned in this article only after good research

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