Best Billing Machine – Speedy and Efficient Bill Generation

In this fast and speedy progressive world, no one likes to wait in the long queues for billing purposes. With the digital impact and innovation, Billing Machines have been invented to cut short those queues and save time.  Every small or large store or commercial business requires receipts for which billing machines are very essential. The improvised billing machines are incorporated with automatic and advanced settings which help in speedy and efficient bill generations.

Types of Billing Machines

Electronic billing machines

Electronic billing machine

These are the most common and general ones among the lot nowadays. These machines run on batteries, have a display bar and are portable.

Portable machines

Portable billing machine

The machines which can be moved from place to place are of this kind. The handheld machines or the bus ticketing machines are examples of this kind.

  • Handheld machines

Handheld billing machine

As the name suggests, the billing machines that are portable and can be hand-held fall under this category. Also, these machines are usually electronic. They have a compact design and a longer functional life than the others.

  • Bus ticketing machine

Bus ticketing billing machine

These machines are portable and handheld in nature. A keypad and a display bar are provided which shows the amount of the ticket. They are manufactured as a manual machine or an automatic one.

Automatic machines

Automatic billing machine

These machines come with software and algorithms inbuilt in it to add up the taxes and deduct the rebates automatically. No additional manual instructions are required for such type of machines. These are the most efficient and speedy machines among the lot.


POS machine

POS machine

The POS or the Point of Sale section is a technology widely used in supermarkets these days to keep a track on the sales of goods. This system uses the bar-code technology to perform tasks like review sales or prepare the next fresh lot of goods which needs to be replaced with the sold out ones.

Card swipe machine

Card Swipe Machine

These machines come with a keypad for the customer to enter the pin number of the card, a display bar and a swipe slot for swiping the card. The design of these machines is compact and is a handheld one.


Billing Machine Buyer’s Guide

Display bar

Almost all the billing machines come with a display bar for displaying the amount entered. This bar will help in displaying product details, keeping a look on the amount subtracted or added to the bill while the bill gets processed in the machine, showing error messages etc. Hence, having a display bar on the billing machine is helpful as well as essential.


The number of sale items that can be stored at a time is also very essential. This requires a memory slot in the billing machines, especially for the automatic machines. Hence, for large and important businesses to carry on, billing machines require a memory slot with adequate memory space.

Keypad details

The keypad varies from machine to machine. Some of them have buttons to press while some of them have a touch display. A check must be kept on the buttons which helps to enter amount details for the bills.

Count on bills

For increasing the machine’s efficiency and sometimes for security purposes, the number of bills printed under a minute should be taken into account. The more the frequency, the better is the efficiency of the billing machine.


Top 10 Billing Machines to choose from

1) Royal 140DX Electronic Cash Register

Royal 140DX Electronic Cash Register

The functional and multi-faceted cash register Royal 140DX offers a list of professional features to upgrade businesses. The security features of the machine like a highly secure entry-level register for the clerks and battery backup protection makes it more likable than the rest.


  • Dimensions of the product are 14.2*13.5*9.2 inches
  • Weight of the machine is 10 pounds
  • 3 AA batteries are required for the product
  • The display is a 9 digit operator display
  • Provisions of up to 999 PLUs are there
  • 16 departments are present for different categories of merchandise
  • A locking 4-slot cash drawer is provided with the machine
  • 8 clerk ID system is embedded for security
  • Machine serves automatic tax computation
  • 4 tax rates among which Canadian& VAT are included


  • The PLUs ensure fast input for the frequently sold items, thereby decreasing time to prepare the bill.
  • The battery backup provides complete protection of program settings and transactions during power cut-offs.
  • This product is easily available in different parts of the world.


  • There is no display bar for the customers in this machine.
  • It cannot be moved with ease from one place to another very frequently.



2) WEP BP-85T Standalone Billing Machine

WEP BP-85T Standalone Billing Machine

The WEP BP-85T Standalone Billing Machine serves its applications at bakeries, restaurants, coffee shops, vending machines, canteens and likewise places. Its provisions for tax calculations and PC connectivity make it an attractive one to opt for.


  • Product dimensions are 22.9*14*12.7 cm
  • The product weighs 3 kg
  • Material of the product is ABS plastic
  • Product requires a power supply of 8.8 V D.C. and 2.6 A
  • Has a storage of 2000 entries
  • PC connectivity is allowed
  • Connectable to a bar-code scanner
  • Printing method of the bill is thermal line printing
  • Printing speed of the machine is 40 mm/sec
  • Maximum diameter of paper roll size is 75 mm
  • Machine is equipped with sensors for paper out and cover open
  • The machine covers a 6-month onsite swap type warranty


  • The billing machine has the capability of tax and discount calculation which reduces labor.
  • The PC connectivity is not mandatory.
  • The keypad on the machine can be used to feed the item into the machine manually.


  • No additional software can be incorporated in the machine other than the present one.
  • The strict limit of 2000 entries might be a shortage for some purposes.


3) Casio PCR-T 500 Electronic Cash Register

Casio PCR-T 500 Electronic Cash Register

A stylish look with great functional feature is the Casio PCR-T 500 Electronic Cash Register. Its broad display makes it stand out and draw attention among the lot.


  • Dimensions of the product are 14.10*13*8 inches
  • The product weighs 6.5 kg
  • Product has a 10-line LCD display
  • Machine is provided with a raised keyboard having 25 department keys
  • Up to 3000 PLU’s are available
  • A 2*2 built-in popup customer display is provided
  • An SD card slot is available for program backup/reload
  • Paper load thermal printer prints the bills
  • A small cash drawer for 4 bill/8 coin is supplied
  • 2 AA batteries are required for the machine


  • The display is tilt-able for better viewing.
  • The department keys allotted to the machine can be used to preset prices or enter prices manually, allowing the retailer to categorize their entry inputs.


  • The functions of the machine might seem difficult to operate without the guidelines.
  • A track on the usage of batteries needs to be kept as it does not run on the power supply.


4) Aisworld Electronic Cash Register Machine

Aisworld Electronic Cash Register Machine

The Aisworld Electronic Cash Register Machine has a very wide and detailed keypad for a better utilization of the machine and can also make entries for about 7000 products. Hence, this product is a good option for trade businesses including the number of goods to deal with.


  • Product dimension is 372*342*238 mm
  • It is equipped with a main display of 128*64 LCD & customer display of 8 digit LED
  • Keyboard has 81 multi-functional keys
  • Machine can add up to 7000 products
  • High-speed thermal printing is supported
  • Printing speed of the machine is 90 mm/sec
  • Specification of the print paper is 57*50 mm thermal paper
  • Product has a UV lamp with a currency detector
  • A cash drawer is equipped with the product
  • A USB port is given to connect bar-code scanner, printer or other peripherals
  • Machine can communicate with PC and manage database
  • A 1-year manufacturer warranty is on the product


  • The machine has the ability to print different types of reports including day, month, purchase & sales, canceled bills and stock wise report.
  • This product also has the software which supports the reprint of the last receipt.


  • The product does not run on batteries which might be a problem during power cuts.

5) TVS E PT-262 Cash Register

TVS E PT-262 Cash Register

The company Analog Comtech Pvt. Ltd. has come up with their billing machine TVS E PT-262 to work under the most challenging terrains. For the Indian retailers who prefer an electronic register instead of a personal computer, this machine is the perfect option.


  • Dimensions of the product are 355*231*120 mm
  • Weight of the product is 2 kg
  • Product consumes a power supply of 7V, 2 Amps or SMPS power supply of 6V
  • A 3.2 Ah rechargeable battery is also supported but is optional
  • Printing of bills is done with the built-in 1*57 mm thermal printer
  • Maximum printer speed is 50 mm/sec
  • Up to 2000 PLUs and 40 departments are available
  • A raised and membrane keyboard is supplied
  • The keyboard has 25 function keys,6 hotkeys and termination keys
  • Operator and customer display is of 6+8 alphanumeric LCD display
  • Machine can be connected to RS-232 & PS2 for barcode, PC, scale, drawer
  • Easy to install and has no installation hassles
  • Product has zero maintenance with low servicing costs
  • A 1-year product warranty is available on the product


  • The non-stop billing ability of the machine gives it the tags for an effective and efficient usage.
  • Machine can work for 24*7 as it can work both on battery as well as a power supply.


  • A limit on the entry for 2000 items might be a shortage for a few business places dealing with more goods.

6) PIXEL DP 3000 Table Top Cash Register (LCD Screen)

PIXEL DP 3000 Table Top Cash Register (LCD Screen)

The Pixel DP Cash Register is widely used in restaurants, hotels, fast food outlets and all kinds of trade business places. It comes loaded with features which makes it very useful and cost-effective.


  • Product has a height of 19 cm, width of 30 cm and depth of 19 cm
  • The product weighs 6000 gm
  • It falls in the category of tabletop machines
  • Processor of the machine is TwinPOS
  • Product material is of plastic
  • An LCD screen of 10 cm is provided for display
  • An A.C. power source of 30 W is required
  • Printer type of the machine is thermal
  • Machine has a port type of USB
  • Paper width for bills is 8 cm
  • Machine is provided with price levels, currency and memory settings
  • The product covers a 1-year company domestic warranty


  • A locking facility is embedded in this machine.
  • The provision of inbuilt memory saves the effort of supplying the machine with external memory space.
  • A pen-drive, a thermal paper roll, and a cable are supplied with the product.


  • The warranty of the product is limited to manufacturing defects only.
  • The product does not come with a rechargeable battery which makes it difficult to handle during a shortage of power supply.


7) Sharp Xe-A207 Thermal – 99 Dept Cash Register

Sharp Xe-A207 Thermal – 99 Dept Cash Register

An ideal cash register or a billing machine for small businesses with medium to high turnover is the Sharp Xe-A207 Cash Register. The machine has a wide range of features among which one will allow the company to feature its graphical logo.


  • Product dimensions are 360*425*365 mm
  • Weight of the machine is 11 kg
  • Machine features 16 standard departments & an electronic journal
  • Display of the machine is a 3.7 inch LCD for 5 line operator/8 line maintenance operations
  • Printer type of the machine is a thermal printer
  • Paper requirements are either 50* 57 or 50*70 thermal
  • Machine includes a 5-note 8-coin cash drawer with removable coin tray
  • Product supports up to 2500 PLUs, 99 depts, and 25 clerks
  • The machine is provided with 1 serial port
  • SD card slot (optional SD cards,4 GB-32 GB) for register backup & sales capture is given
  • A credit card terminal is directly hardwired
  • The product covers a 1-year warranty on parts and labor


  • The machine Sharp Xe-A207 is a GST complaint register which is capable of issuing tax invoices.
  • Sharp provides web-based support for initial configuration and long turn assistance to retail customers.
  • The high-speed thermal printing and drop-in register tape ensure fast and quiet operation.
  • The directly hardwired credit card terminal spares the cashiers to type in transactions separately.


  • This product is not easily available in every part of the globe.


8) SAM4s ER-940 Cash Register

SAM4s ER-940 Cash Register

With the access to connect popular POS peripherals to the machine, the SAM4s ER-940 Cash Register is the perfect choice for food services, cafeterias, bars and other such places. The machine is also easy to install and convenient to operate.


  • Weight of the machine is 30 pounds
  • Product has a 2-line alphanumeric LCD display which shows each item as it is entered
  • Machine is connectable to popular POS peripherals
  • Up to 2000 PLUs are supported
  • Automatic tax computation up to 4 rates or tables are supported
  • Printing type of machine is thermal printing
  • 2 standard RS-232C communication ports are used
  • Two additional ports are available for direct or modem PC communications with the optional polling software
  • Machine includes a full-size large cash drawer which has media slots and a removable 5 bill, 5 coin drawer
  • Electronic journal is available with the product


  • The PLUs can be accessed directly via individual keyboard PLU keys or indirectly through PLU look-up key.
  • The drop-in loading technique of paper rolls in the machine simplifies paper changing and virtually eliminates paper jamming.


  • The limit of 2000 entries might be a shortage for some businesses dealing with a large number of goods.
  • The product is not easily available in all the parts of the world.

9) ZHONGJI 15 Inch Double All In One Touch Screen POS System Cash Register

ZHONGJI 15 Inch Double All In One Touch Screen Pos System Cash Register

The ZHONGJI cash register manufactured in the mainland of China is equipped with high-value and quality-guaranteed parts like high definition touch screen, industrial motherboard, DDR3 generation laptop RAM etc. Such composition of the product not only increases its efficiency but also its productivity and makes it a wannabe among the buyers.


  • Product dimensions are 9.4*7.9*17.3 inches
  • Weight of the product is 63.9 pounds
  • Processor of the machine is CPU-Intel Celeron J1800 Dual Core 2.4GHz
  • Hard drive capacity is 64 G SSD
  • Memory capacity of the product is a 4 GB RAM
  • Machine has the graphics card type of an integrated card
  • Operating system supported by the machine is Windows OS
  • Machine is provided with a 15” 5-Wire Resistive TFT LCD Touch Screen main display & 11.6” TFT LCD customer display
  • It has an installed front USB, industrial motherboard & DDR3 generation laptop RAM
  • All the systems of this company come with a 1-year equipment warranty


  • The display of the machine has a 0-45°adjustment for main display and 0-360°adjustment for customer display.
  • Features of the machine like Intel CPU, Kingston memory stick and WD HDD can guarantee a smooth running experience for the users.
  • The company has a trustworthy after sale service where instant online consultancy services are offered.


  • The whole set is difficult to move around from place to place.
  • It is also not available in every part of the world very easily.

10) Softland India Limited Hand Held Billing Machine

Softland India Limited Hand Held Billing Machine

A rugged, lightweight and suitable for rough environment billing machine is the Softland India Limited Hand Held Billing Machine. It falls under the category of handheld machines and is widely used as bus ticketing machines. Its features like thermal printing, SMS facilities, and embedded GPRS module makes it a preferable one.


  • Dimensions of the product are 24*4*7.5 cm
  • Weight of the product is 500 to 600 gm (depends on printer & battery)
  • Processor of the machine is ARM 7 series
  • Operating system of the machine is SIL OS
  • A 128*64 graphical LCD display with backlight is provided
  • Product has a 32 Col,2” thermal printer
  • Paper roll size has to be 56 mm in width,33 mm in diameter &14.5m in length
  • A 30 key keypad with alphanumeric and tactile is provided
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are required for the machine
  • Machine has a program memory of 512 kb flash and data memory of 8MB
  • PC interface of the machine includes USB port and GPRS
  • Windows 11 is supported as the host system
  • Machine has the features of a GPRS module and SMS
  • A 1-year warranty is provided on the product from the day of dispatch
  • A 6-months warranty is provided on battery and printer


  • Online support is provided for easy and convenient installation and training of the machine.
  • The master and user password protection feature of this machine helps to maintain secrecy.
  • The PC side utility of the product helps the owner with easy access and operation on the machine.


  • The warranty does not cover damages due to mishandling or on the USB cables and other consumables.



With the advent of technology, more efficient and advanced billing machines are being developed which will make the whole buying experience a lot easier. Every trading business be it a small retail shop, a world famous restaurant or a factory, a billing machine is essential for keeping the smooth flow of work intact.


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