5 Best Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter

In this truly wireless technology lifestyle if you are still using cables in your house, then its time for you to switch to an HDMI transmitter. Forget the hassle of untangling all the cables from time to time and enjoy wireless connection each time.

Wireless HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) transmitter is an interface that transmits high-quality signals in an uncompressed format.

They are easy to carry because of the compact size and can provide a high-quality signal to multiple devices with little to no transmission delay.

The most important feature of the HDMI video wireless transmitter is the stream range. If you are purchasing an HDMI transmitter for the first time, it can be quite confusing, so we have written this article in detail.

This article will find information on how wireless HDMI provides overall quality improvement and hassle-free setup. Do you know what are streaming devices and where you can use them?

This article will help you make the right purchase with all the information you need like, how it workswhy you should get onethe different types of streaming technology available online, and how to set up.

Not just this, also check out the buying guide to know the essential features of the HDMI transmitter and our top wireless HDMI along with a few FAQs.

How wireless HDMI works?

The HDMI kits have both transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is connected to the source using HDMI cable, and the receiver is connected to the playback device using cables. The signal transmission between them is wireless.

The transmitter sends a high-quality signal to the receiver wireless, and the quality of the picture or video obtained is HD. Some HDMI kits offer a feature to connect two or more devices to an HDMI receiver.

Also, make sure that the transmission of signals happens in a secure network. Radio signals are based for transmission in wireless HDMI.

In simple words, HDMI works on both transmitter and receiver. Transmitter sends the stream of data signal wirelessly, and the receiver receives the signals and streams them to the TV.

The functionality of the transmitter

  • Transmitter connects to a source device like a Blu-ray player, media player, gaming console, laptop, set-top-box.
  • The key functionality of the transmitter is to transmit the signals from the source to receiver wireless.

The functionality of the receiver kit

  • The receiver connects to the television.
  • The receiver’s key functionality is to receive the signals from the source wireless and display it on TVs. In average, the receiver can receive the signals up to 100 feet without any errors.

Reasons to choose a wireless HDMI transmitter.

Easy installation and setup

Wireless HDMI transmitter is easy to install and set up. Also, the transmission of the signals is good and uninterrupted. The setup can be done within minutes.


Yes, one of the main reasons to choose HDMI transmitter is because they are wireless. It avoids unnecessary cables across the workplace or home so that you can keep the place clean, no more wire clutter.

Good quality

The signals sent will be perfect, and the video signals received are uncompressed. The data received or transmitted is in HD format, and hence, the picture quality and the video quality will be amazing in HD format.

No lengthy cables required for connection

If you want to connect a projector or TV from one room to another, no additional cables are required. Messy wires hanging around our home is ruled out.

The wireless HDMI transmitter kits need a minimum cable connection line like connecting the receiver to the TV.

The weight of the transmitter

The transmitters are easy to carry and do not weigh much. Moreover, wireless HDMI transmitters are portable.

They can be carried anywhere needed if you want to use in your office for presentation purpose you can use them to connect to projectors easily.

What are the streaming devices? Where can you use this product?

The streaming devices or streaming media players are the devices that connect home theatre or TV to the internet by allowing them to stream the music, photos, and other online services.

To use this streaming media player, one must have an HD TV.

In the streaming media, the signals are sent over the internet and immediately played. Moreover, they are not required to be stored in a device. Also, the media sends a continuous stream of data. Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Google chrome cast are the best streaming devices.

The devices can be used for both commercial and home purposes. Commercially they can be used for advertisements, menus, bookings, education, etc.

Professionally they can be used in a conference, projector connections, multi-screen displays, etc. Finally, for home, they can be used for entertainment purposes.

Who should get a wireless HDMI video transmitter?

Wireless HDMI is best for the people who want to remove messy wires from their home or offices.

Also, for them who want to have shared screens or monitors.

Additionally, wireless HDMI is best if you want to see the TV from remote locations. For example, if your source is in the living room and wants to see the TV in the bedroom, it is possible with wireless HDMI without signal drops.

At the top of all, it is considered best for those who want an excellent quality of HD video and HD audio.

It is best if you want to connect multiple TV to a single source and receive signals simultaneously. For example, you can connect one media player to 6 televisions at a time.

Moreover, wireless HDMI is best for conferences to show the PowerPoint presentation from the source point quickly.

How to set up an HDMI transmitter?

To set up you will need both wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver kit, and usually, the kits come with both transmitter and receiver.

The process for connecting an HDMI port to different devices like Blu-ray players, DVRs, and other media is the same. Turn the power off of the devices before connecting them.

The transmitter should be connected to the source part and receiver at output devices. Below mentioned are the common steps to be followed:

  • First and foremost, power off the TVs and HDMI adapter with which you want to establish a connection.
  • Next, plug in the source device to wireless HDMI transmitter using HDMI cable.
  • Then connect TVs to your HDMI receiver. You can connect two or more TVs as per your requirement.
  • Turn the power on of all the devices including HDMI transmitter, receiver, TVs.
  • Finally, set up TV input with TV remote control.
  • Use your HDMI transmitter remote control for operating.

Types of Streaming Technology

Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI)

WHDI enables wireless connectivity for any device like Blu-ray players, computers, televisions, and audio recorders.

Also, it can deliver uncompressed high-quality digital video. Moreover, they support different types of audio and video formats. It’s operating frequency is 5 GHz.

However, the range is 30 meters, and latency is less than a millisecond.

Wireless HD

It is also known as UltraGig. WirelessHD is a standard for wireless transmission of HD video content for devices used in communication, entertainment, office, and home activities.

They operate in different frequency bandwidths. Also, they have low latency and supports 1080p. Moreover, the installation of home theatre is more simplified with the wireless HD.

Intel WiDi

Intel Wireless Display technology enables streaming photos, music, apps, videos from compatible devices. Also, it supports video quality of 1080p and low latency.

Using these widgets, you can simultaneously perform different functions like checking emails on the laptop and streaming movies or music on television.


Wireless Gigabyte Alliance is a competitor to wireless HD in a few applications. It transmits signals in the same frequency WiHD transmits.

Signals are transmitted in the 60 GHz band. Defines high-performance wireless implementations

What are the things to be known before buying an HDMI video transmitter?

We can find different technologies for different HDMI video transmitters.

Based on the availability of different HDMI video transmitters, here we are mentioning a few points that need to be checked before buying the product to ensure you have the best one according to your needs.

Easy to carry

Your wireless HDMI transmitter should weigh less so that it is portable and all the connections are made easy.

Signals transmission

The wireless transmitter is going to send and receive audio and video signals wireless.

Moreover, the transmitter should search for a low interface frequency channel. So, no other disturbances enter into the signal while transmitting.

The strength of the signal transmission

Transmitting a low interface channel is good, but it will not be possible if the HDMI transmitter is not good. So, one must buy a top-quality HDMI transmitter for strong signal transmission.

Additionally, the HDMI transmitter must be able to transmit the signals from the walls. However, you may find very few HDMI transmitters that are unobstructed.

The range of the device

Checking the range of the device is the essential thing in the wireless HDMI kit. A range is a distance covered between transmitter and receiver without any signal loss.

If your requirement is such that your transmitter is on one floor and the receiver is on another floor, then the distance range should be good enough to cover everything.

Ensure that your HDMI transmitter covers at least half of your home even if does not have a very large range.

Good resolution and video quality

Apart from the good transmission of signals, the video quality should be excellent. Also, during setup, make sure there are no obstacles in the path of signal transmission.

Even though the signal has transmitted the video’s quality and the resolution of the video may sometimes effect due to obstacles. This problem may be seen in a 5GHz band instead of 2.4Ghz. Hence, the right distance for connectivity is a must.

Transmission Frequency and its impact

The greater frequency has good audio and video quality; the lesser frequency will result in poor audio and video quality.

To get high definition wireless video transmission, the frequency must be excellent. You may also obtain a faster transmission rate with an increase in frequency, but sometimes the range of coverage may be altered.

Impact of Obstruction

When set up, one has to check the frequency band used and what kind of obstructions will lose the connectivity.

Obstacles like walls and ceiling play a major role in connectivity. You need to check the HDMI transmitter used to transmit the signals through the walls and ceiling.

Wireless Technology

Does the HDMI transmitter you are buying come with wireless technology? You do not need any cables running across from source to destination.

Radio waves are used in wireless technology to transmit information. Moreover, information is transmitted without using cables.

Before buying the HDMI transmitter check for wireless technology used in it like HDbit, GigaXtreme.

Transmission of data

The most important part of wireless HDMI is data transmission. Currently, we are using different transmission like wifi, wireless HD, WHDI.

All have different operational frequencies, and different devices can transmit the signals at different distances through obstacles. Based on the requirement of data transmission, choose the best quality HDMI transmitter.


We know that HDMI kits have inputs and outputs for transmission. Additionally few HDMI kits have ports to connect headphones, USB ports, and mini USB ports.


Lagging is a great problem with many wired and wireless transmission, especially in gaming. Lagging is observed when we have obstacles in wireless transmission and cables in wired transmission.

So, to avoid this, many manufacturers are offering lag-free wireless HDMI transmission.


It is the major factor affecting the delivery of the video or audio. Latency is the time taken to process the signal.

Around one minute or less than one minute is called normal, but longer than that can cause issues because no one likes seeing the video with a lot of buffering.

1. Nyrius HD 1080p HDMI Video Transmitter – Our Choice

Nyrius HD 1080p HDMI Video Transmitter
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Nyrius has a wide range of products. This device transmits uncompressed signals, and its products can be availed at an affordable price.

They follow the latest wireless technology and provide HD quality. Additionally, the installation and set up of the device is easy simply plug-and-play.

Main Features
  • It provides zero latency, and the signals can be passed through walls and ceilings easily.
  • It has Giga Xtreme wireless technology.
  • Also, it has internal antennas with high performance.
  • It has 3D compatibility.
  • The weight of the device is just 907 grams, making it portable.
  • Supporting devices include a cable box, Bluray player, gaming console, satellite, PC, Mac, laptop.
  • It provides wireless transmission up to 100ft of true 1080p.
  • Supports video resolution of 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p.
  • It has a transmission frequency of 5.1 to 5.9 GHz.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Works flawlessly and a perfect choice for gaming
  • It has easy installation and set-up process to avoid ambiguity
  • No lagging
  • Portable receiver easy to mount on the wall or can even be hidden
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed.
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2. Tobo Mini Wireless HDMI Transmitter/Receiver

Tobo Mini Wireless HDMI Transmitter/Receiver 1080P HD video 5GHz is a good product for transferring videos and pictures for up to 60 meters without distortion or disturbance.

There are many such features with this product. Let us look at them.

Main Features
  • It comes as a Transmitter(TX) set and Receiver(RX) to connect your devices wirelessly and enjoy high-definition viewing of videos and pictures.
  • It supports the resolution of 480i/576i~1080P@50/60Hz and SVGA~WUXGA.
  • It is a digital 2.4G product that performs with 5GHz dual frequency for wireless transmission of audio and video.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The built-in antennas that come along with it allow you to transfer 1080p videos across a considerable distance(about 60 meters) without any disturbance.
  • To control the source device from the display side, it extends a wide-band IR remote.
  • It has a status indicator. When the HDMI is connected, the light turns on.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative point observed so far

3. Accession CineEye Video Transmitter 

Transmitting video now is made easy with Accsoon CineEye Video Transmitter. It offers 5G Wireless Live Transmission to 4 Devices with up to 100 Meter Range.

It supports Android & iOS with incredibly low latency for a great viewing experience. Accession CineEye offers great features which makes it a great choice when looking for a video transmitter.

Main Features
  • With CineEye, you will be able to view the real-time video on monitors using HDMI signals.
  • It even accepts 1080p60 HDMI signals with the help of a full-size HDMI port.
  • CineEye can wirelessly transmit a signal to 3 separate iOS/Android mobile devices at the same time.
  • The HDMI signal is sent over 5G Wi-Fi up to 360 lines of sight for faster transmission.
  • It can be used for standard monitoring, and remote focus pulls.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It can be used to transmit HDMI signals to phones and tablets easily.
  • It offers low latency of 60MS approximately, which is great.
  • An app is provided with features like false colour, peaking zebra, histogram and cube format 3D LUT support for a great experience.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed.

4. Hollyland Mars 300 Dual HDMI Video Transmitter – Good Battery life

Hollyland Mars 300 Dual HDMI Video Transmitter
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A long-lasting battery life, uninterrupted video transmission, 300-degree line of sight video transmission, and many more features come with Hollyland Mars 300 Dual HDMI Video transmitter & receiver set.

Designed so that it allows crisp transmission without the interference of any wi-fi signals or microwave radiation. Let us look at them.

Main Features
  • To transmit uninterrupted viewing experience of 1080p videos, this product can be the most efficient option available in the market.
  • With a line of sight of 300-degree, you need not worry about any distortion in signals to interrupt your view.
  • To view the videos on an onboard or another monitor, this device allows you to do so with HDMI loop-out on the transmitter.
PROS (What we liked)
  • One of the most significant advantages of this HDMI video transmitter is the receiver’s dual HDMI outputs.
  • You can provide power to this device using an L-series type battery or 6-16VDC input.
  • Along with an NP-F550, it gives a crisp transmission.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative point observed so far.
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5. gofanco HDMI Transmitter – Wide Range of Channel Selection

gofanco Wireless HDMI Transmitter
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Gofanco has a good collection of products including adapters, splitters, extenders, cables, converters, USB dock, multiport dock, and many more.

Gofanco wireless HDMI transmitter has a dual antenna which improves the quality and transmission of signals. It also has a feature of choosing ten wireless channels. Below listed are few more of its features.

Main Features
  • Wireless audio/video signals can be transmitted up to 165 feet.
  • The operating frequency is 5 GHz.
  • Also, it has a feature of selecting ten wireless channels.
  • Simultaneous broadcasting of topology combination up to 2 transmitters.
  • Supports video resolution of 60Hz @ 1080.
  • Cutting-edge technology is used to get the best performance.
  • Also, the device does not require any batteries.
  • The devices compatible includes computer PCs, Blu-ray players, HDMI displays, monitors, and HDTVs.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The transmitter and receiver connects within seconds
  • Provides easy installation and instructions
  • Minimizes RFI noise interference
  • A remote controller is provided for easy use
  • Excellent picture quality
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to connect HDMI wirelessly?

Yes, you can connect HDMI wirelessly. Instead of the long and jumbled HDMI cable, you can use a transmitter and receiver at either end to connect it wirelessly.

2. How does a wireless HDMI extender work?

As technology is getting advanced every day, we could see many changes in gadgets and electronic equipment. The HDMI transfer allows you to transfer information from one electronic device to the other.

HDMI extender helps to increase the distance to which the data has to be transferred. The HDMI signals must not be distorted, and hence, the extender helps to move the messages to a larger distance.

3. How do I connect my TV to the cable box wirelessly?

It is effortless to connect your TV to the cable box wirelessly. Just follow these simple steps.

  • First of all, power off your cable box and then plug one end of the HDMI cable behind the cable box. Take your transmitter, and you will find a port where it says, HDMI Input. Now plug the other end into that.
  • Now take the receiver and another HDMI cable. Plug one end of the cable behind the TV and the other end to the receiver where it says, “Out-to-TV.”Take the power adapter and plug the receiver into it.
  • Now turn your TV on and change the input to HDMI port. Wait for the light to become green.


Having an HDMI video transmitter can simplify your life daily. No more hassle of cables and poor quality images. With an HDMI transmitter can you easily share screen, watch your favourite movies, and show the highest quality resolution.

Even the setting up of the transmitter is easy and won’t take too much of your time. To help you make the right choice here are our top picks Nyrius Aries Audio Video Transmitter, and Tobo Mini Wireless HDMI Transmitter.

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