Best Selling Fax Machines – Reviews & Buyers Guide

So the whole war is because we can’t talk to each other.” Someone quoted this in a different decade altogether.

Communication has always found a way in the human culture which made it the most vital feature in our lives. Right from the start, since the stone-age, humans have been communicating by different means.

From an early age to the current modern age, the means of communication has changed though the purpose of it, that is, fulfilling their needs, have remained the same. Without communication, we are just individual souls, walking through the may air, staring and hoping for glimpses of expectations.

The human milestone has reached the 21st century. With the advancement of technologies, many means of communication are introduced in the today’s world.

Fax machines are by far, the most important means of communication in the business world. The forerunner of today’s fax machine was invented back in 1924.

It is a communication system which sends/receives images, documents via a telephone line. It has made working in the business field easier. ( Multipurpose Xerox Machines , Wifi Enabled Wireless Printers )

What are the uses of fax machines?

  • Fax machines make communication easier by sending or receiving the data quickly. It serves as the best and quickest alternative to sending documents via postal services.
  • The documents that require a signature can be securely sent via fax without the involvement of a third party.
  • It is said that fax is known to be the “lowest common denominator” in the business communication world, that is, it is the most widely used platform in the business world.
  • You can easily trace the fax document and check if a given document has been successfully sent or received via fax.
  • Fax machines have been given a law expressing that no third party can intercept the documents between the sender company and the receiver company.
  • It is by far the most established and famous means of communication.
  • The fax machine has an additional function. It can also be used as a photocopier. This saves you the additional funds of buying a photocopier.

There are different types of fax machines available in today’s market such as brother fax machines, Panasonic cordless fax machines, laser fax machines, inkjet fax machines and much more.

We shall browse through different types of fax machines, their perks and also their features. We shall also scroll through the Top 10 selling fax machines in India.


  1. Laser Fax machine

The laser fax machines are similar to people who multitask, that is, they have multiple functions.

They are widely used in big companies and businesses as they replace a lot of devices. They are massive performers as they are faster and more efficient than all the other fax machines in the market.

The old thermal transfer printouts could be scraped off or rubbed off. Hence, they were replaced with laser printers which assured a clear print quality of text and images.

These multifunctional laser fax machines are very popular in the business communication world as they are cost efficient.

Although, they are expensive but they do save a lot of money as it lowers the phone usage as well as lowers the rate of the prints. For the big shot companies that need to send out documents, images every minute, this is the ideal fax machine.

  1. Fax Copy Machine

This is another type of fax machines. This is a two-way machine.

It acts as a photocopier as well as a fax machine. It is an efficient machine for companies who have a massive input into making copies as well as fax.

The rates of a fax copy machine vary according to the different models available. Different models have different available inbuilt printers in them.

The fax copy machine can have thermal transfer or inkjet or even the laser printer. The laser printer, as mentioned earlier is more expensive. The thermal transfer printer is used in most of the fax copy machines.

This fax copy machine is ideal for homes and small offices. It has other different features such as Caller ID, automatic paper feeder, quick scan and much more.

  1. Plain Paper Fax Machine

Plain Paper Fax machines are the combination of a scanner, a printer, and a fax machine.

The print quality of these fax machines is extremely high, unlike the print quality in the fax machines using thermal transfer printer.

They are the modern type of fax machines and hence, they are very efficient. The combination of the scanner, printer, and the fax machine makes it multi-functional.

Since the Plain Paper Fax Machine is a modern type of fax machine, it uses laser or inkjet printers to give the best-printed outputs.

It is known for its efficiency and thus, it is used in high-end companies where documents have to be sent and received almost every minute.

It works systematically without crashing and is cost effective.

  1. Portable Fax Machines

Like these machines are coded to be multi-functional, humans also have a tendency to multitask on a daily basis. In a busy world of today, portable fax machines are very useful.

It is ideal for the home offices where multitasking is top on the list. The basic model consists of a phone and a copier.

However, Portable Fax Machines are not meant for heavy-duty use because they tend to crash if overloaded.

Thus, Portable Fax machines come with the additional benefits of portability and multitasking that is not present in the basic Fax Machines.

  1. Printer Fax Machines

The Printer Fax machines are one of the oldest and the most widely used fax machines. With evolving technology, users have developed different needs that have to be satisfied by introducing new products. The printer fax machines are available in both old and new format.

The old printer fax machines use the old thermal transfer printer. Since the progress in technology, many new models are available and the thermal transfer printer is discouraged as it could be easily scraped off or rubbed off.

The new printer fax machines use either inkjet or laser printers.

The inkjet printer fax machines are encouraged in environments which have extensive use of the fax machines as it has a clearer quality than the old printers and also they can print in color. They are more efficient as well as costlier than the old thermal transfer printers.

The laser printer fax machines are the costliest. It is ideal for heavy-duty environment and does not crash under overload. It gives best quality printed output on plain paper. It speeds up the printing process and hence, it is proved to be efficient.

  1. Phone Fax Machines

Even though, with the new upcoming models of fax machines having multi-function parts, some users still prefer the basic model of a fax machine which involves the phone.

They are small in size and hence, they can be easily installed in a small space. It gives the benefit of having the phone and the fax in the same place.

It is ideal for basic users who need to send/receive fax only limited number of times. It is the cheapest model for fax machines and hence, an efficient one for a basic user.



There are a few things a buyer must keep in mind before purchasing the product.


Fax machines are widely used in home offices, in mediocre companies as well as in high-end companies.


The inkjet printers are less expensive and give a clear text and image output. They are a good choice if you receive or send less than 30 faxes a day.

They have a comparatively low speed than the laser printers but higher than the old thermal printers.


The laser printer has an outstanding speed but is very expensive. They give a high-quality image and you should go for it if this is your top priority.

They work wonders under overloading also. It is quite reliable as it has less requirement and more output.

If you need heavy duty usage of fax machines, then you should definitely go for a laser technology printer.


They are the cheapest and oldest form of fax machines. They are absolutely inexpensive but they are noisy and their output is of mediocre quality.

You should go for this type of fax machine if you want 5-6 faxes per day.

  1. When you shortlist your list of fax machines to be bought, you should also research the cost of the toner/ink of your printer. If you buy an inexpensive printer whose toner costs a lot, then you may go in loss.
  2. Many of the modern fax machines come with additional parts like a photocopier or a scanner. Choose your machine in accordance to the requirement of the additionals.
  3. Research the faxing speed of the machine. The more the speed, the more expensive is the machine. But the cost gets compensated as the phone charges are reduced with high speed.
  4. The fax machines save the document received or sent according to the setup. If you want to save huge amounts of data, then you should choose the machine with higher memory.
  5. Finally, the fax machines come under the electronics category. So you should know the brand prestige of the machine and its history. You should also check for guarantee and warranty and then choose.


1. Canon Lasers image CLASS MF6160dw

Canon Lasers Canon Lasers

Canon is known to have a lot of quality laser image class printers. A fax machine has become a multifunction device. It can work as a scanner, printer, fax machine, a phone, copier.

The Canon Laser Image Class MF6160dw lets you copy, scan, print your document in one single unit.

It is recommended for a company whose use of the fax machine is mediocre. It is also recommended for home offices.

It has a laser technology which makes it a little expensive but very efficient. It has a high speed and its b/w cost per page is decent. It also offers new mobile connectivity features.


  1.  Monochrome utility
  2.  Multifunction device
  3.  Laser technology
  4.  Speed- 27 ppm
  5.  Print Resolution- 600 x 600dp
  6.  Image Refinement Technology
  7.  Auto Document Feeder- 35 pages
  8.  1 multi- purpose tray
  9. Weight- 18 KGS
  10. Dimensions: 47.2 x 39.1 x 43.2 cm


  1. Multifunction device- Scanner, Copier, Fax, Print
  2. 1 multi- purpose tray
  3. Laser technology
  4. High speed
  5. Image refinement technology


  1. It comes with the classic monochrome utility instead of the color printer.


2. Brother FAX-2840 High-Speed Mono Laser Fax Machine

Brother FAX Machine


The excellent masterpiece by Brother Industries is the Brother FAX-2840 High-Speed Mono Laser Fax Machine which is an absolute value for every last penny you spent on it.

It gives you high-quality laser output. It has a telephone and you can use it for calls, fax, prints which make it a multifunction device.

There is high capacity replacement toner available for this machine which keeps your operating cost low.


  1. Laser technology
  2. 250 sheet paper capacity
  3. 33.6k bps Super G3 Fax Modem
  4. Compact size
  5. High capacity replacement toner available
  6. Broadcasting message option
  7. 20-page automatic document feeder
  8. High definition output
  9. B/W laser technology
  10. 16 MB memory
  11. Weight- 9 KG
  12. Dimensions- 37.1 x 37.3 x 31 cm


  1. Compact size
  2. High-end output
  3. 250 sheet paper capacity
  4. Budget-friendly


1. Only B/W utility available.


3.  HP Colour LaserJet Pro MFP M477fdw

HP Colour LaserJet

The Hewlett-Packard Company is an American multinational company. HP is a highly recognized brand for its electronic products.

The HP color LaserJet Pro MFP M477fdw is a complete package as it can print, scan, copy, fax, email, all in one. For the cherry on the top, it is also wireless.

This product is extremely efficient as its toner gives high yield and is not that expensive.

Hence, in the long run, it proves to be a good choice. It has both black/white and color printer which makes it a complete package.

It also has security aspects like LDAP authentication.


  1. Print speed- 27 ppm
  2. Laser print technology
  3. Display- 10.9 cm intuitive touchscreen Colour Graphic Display
  4. Mobile printing capability available
  5. Wireless capability available
  6. USB 2.0 Port
  7. Compatible with numerous OS
  8. Maximum output capacity- 150 sheets
  9. 2 multipurpose trays
  10. Automatic document feeder capacity- 50 sheets
  11. Fax transmission speed- 33.6 kbps
  12. Dimensions- 426 x 652 x 414 mm 15
  13. Weight: 23.2 KGS


  1. Colour and Black/white Printer
  2. LaserJet technology
  3. 2+1extra Multi-purpose tray
  4. Compatible with numerable OS
  5. Wireless


  1. Fax Memory is only up to 400 pages.
  2. Maximum output capacity is considerably low. So, it is suitable for home offices or small companies.

To buy this product from the official HP store:


4. Brother FAX-575 Personal Fax, Copier, Printer

Brother FAX-575 Personal Fax

Brother Industries makes yet another appearance into the top 10 fax machines. This is evidently because it always succeeds to impress with its value.

It has maintained its reputation by never failing to impress the public with its products.

The brother FAX 575 is ideal for offices. It’s out of the world speed and efficiency makes it a good deal.


  1. Time-saving
  2. Ribbon Transfer Technology
  3. ADF- 10 sheets
  4. 50 sheet Input Capacity
  5. Telephone handset available
  6. Caller ID available
  7. Multi-copying available
  8. 1-year warranty
  9. B/W faxing
  10. Weight- 5 LBS
  11. Dimensions- 11.9″x10.5″x13.4″


  1. Inexpensive
  2. Time saving
  3. Telephone handset and caller Id available
  4. Multi-copying available


  1. Only 50 sheet input capacity
  2. 512 Kb standard memory. (Comparatively less)


5.  HP M177FW Wireless Laserjet Colour Printer with Scanner, Copier, and Fax


We all have come across things smaller in size, but taking your whole mind away. HP M177FW Wireless Fax machine is a total save for your money.

It keeps your faxing, scanning, copying, printing costs as low as possible giving you the benefit.

It is wireless and hence you can print it even if you’re sitting in the hall, listening to your favorite music, or sitting in your bedroom just about to go to bed. It is extremely convenient and comes with additionals.


  1. Dimensions: 423 x 425 x 335 mm
  2. Weight: 16 kg
  3. Fax transmission speed- 33.6 kbps
  4. Up to 500 pages of memory
  5. 300×300 dpi Fax Resolution
  6. Output capacity- 50 sheets
  7. Wireless function available
  8. Mobile printing available
  9. USB 2.0 port


  1. Laser print technology
  2. Up to 500 pages of memory
  3. Efficient in the long run
  4. 1-year warranty


  1. No hard disk available.
  2. No automatic paper sensor.


To purchase:


6. Canon FAX-L170


Another masterpiece from Canon is the Canon Fax-L170.

It has a monochrome printing utility but it is inexpensive and very efficient.

It provides a great deal in terms of multi-functionality. It provides a copier, a handset, printer, fax machine.

Its printing speed is up to 18 ppm.

Canon has worked wonders over reducing the warm-up time for the first print and Canon Fax L170 has proved to be their perfect solution.

This fax machine will make your life easier, as it has almost no maintenance cost and can be easily maintained too.


  1. Monochrome utility
  2. Multi-function device
  3. Warm up time- 14 seconds or less
  4. Print speed- 18-19 ppm
  5. Memory capacity- 600 pages
  6. Auto document feeder- 30 pages
  7. Low toner needs
  8. Recommended for heavy duty use
  9. 5-Line LCD Display available
  10. Weight- 8.8 KGS
  11. Dimensions- 372 x 303 x 303mm


  1. Inexpensive
  2. Reduced warm-up time
  3. Memory capacity as high as 600 pages


  1. Memory- 64 Mb only


7. Brother IntelliFax-4100e



Brother Industries is a Japanese multinational electronics company. Its top-selling products consist of printers, cartridges, fax machines and much more.

Brother IntelliFax-4100e machine is recommended for small company needs. If budget is not a restraint, then this is a good choice.

It is a little bit expensive but in the long stretch, its low optimization saves a lot of money.

It has laser technology which is most modern technology used in Fax machines. The laser technology gives clear high definition printed outputs. It has clear text as well as images.

As it has laser technology, it works on a high speed and discourages and mechanical rupture.


  1. Fulfills small company needs
  2. B/W Faxing
  3. Efficient in the long run
  4. Laser technology
  5. High definition output
  6. Telephone handset available
  7. Consists of scanner, printer, copier.
  8. 250-Sheet Input Capacity
  9. 30-Page Automatic Document Feeder
  10. Quick Scan 2 sec/page
  11. Speed- 33.6k bps
  12. Weight- 23.3 LBS
  13. Dimensions- 17.4″x17.1″x12.7″


  1. Trusted electronic background
  2. Efficient in the long run
  3. Laser technology
  4. High definition printed image and text on plain paper
  5. Additionals available
  6. 1-year warranty
  7. Easy to configure and use


  1. Efficient only for a limited number of faxes.
  2. Comparatively less standard memory (8 MB)


  1. Canon ImageClass MF4750

The canon MF4570 has an exciting feature. It has a new quiet mode feature that allows you to put the machine into stealth mode and still work. The power consumption will be low and the machine noise will also decrease in this mode.

Apart from that, it has a 5 line LCD display which shows menu options in a compact and systematic way.


  1. Monochrome Utility
  2. Laser technology
  3. Quiet Mode
  4. 5 line LCD display
  5. Recovery from Sleep mode- 3 seconds
  6. Print speed- 22-23 ppm
  7. Fax forwarding function
  8. Auto document feeder- 35 sheets
  9. 1- Multipurpose tray
  10. 128 MB Memory
  11. Weight- 11.3 KG
  12. Dimensions- 390 x 362 x 360mm


  1. Minimal Maintenance
  2. Fax forwarding function
  3. Inexpensive
  4. Quiet mode


  1. Colour printer technology not available.
  2. Memory capacity is only 250 pages.


  1. Canon FAXPHONE L190 Monochrome Laser Fax Machine Duplex Printer

If speed and quality are the two things you’re looking for, then Canon FAX PHONE L190 won’t disappoint you.

It has the modern laser technology which gives your crisp output. It is a multi-function device with a printer, fax machine, and a copier.


  1. Laser technology
  2. 512 Sheets Memory capacity
  3. Monochrome utility
  4. Dimensions- 18.6″ x 17.5″ x 14.1″
  5. Weight- 31.3 lLBS


  1. 100 sheet Paper output
  2. Laser technology
  3. 3.1-year warranty


  1. Only monochrome utility available.
  2. Only 126 MB memory available.


Canon imageCLASS MF810Cdn

If budget is not a restraint, then this machine is recommended for heavy duty usage of fax machines.

It has both color and monochrome utility and has a high printing speed. It is ideal for high-volume printing jobs.


  1. Warm up time- 30 seconds
  2. Print Speed- 26 ppm
  3. Laser technology
  4. Toner saver available
  5. Fax modem speed- 33.6 kbps
  6. Memory- 512 pages
  7. Max 310 sequential broadcasts
  8. Weight- 44 KGS
  9. Dimensions- 511 x 549 x 610mm


  1. Laser technology
  2. ideal for heavy duty use
  3. Toner saver available
  4. Fax modem speed as high as 33.6 kbps
  5. Device memory- 1GB


  1. Expensive
  2. Ideal only for high volume printing



If Faxing is the most important part of the office and faxes are sent and received at very instant, then the Canon image CLASS MF810Cdn is recommended for you as it is ideal for heavy duty use.

If you need a fax machine at your home-office or a small office and budget is a restraint then, Brother FAX-575 is recommended. It ensures quality and is user-friendly as well.

If budget is not a restraint and quality is utmost important then, Canon Lasers image CLASS MF6160dw and HP Colour LaserJet Pro MFP M477fdw is recommended for you.


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