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Preksha is passionate about writing articles that will inspire readers to make better choices. You will find her eating desserts for lunch, dinner and any time of the day. Also, she is the chief playlist engineer for any road trip.

Best Car Camping Tent for Two People

Luxurious, spacious and feature-rich car tents make the outdoor experience relatively fun. Many of these offer enough space to place a cot or chairs and a table to play games during the rainy season. Many of the car campers go on very few adventures in a year due to less free time. Hence they try […]

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Best Portable Travel Irons

A perfectly ironed, wrinkle-free, and impeccably smoothened dress looks awesome on anyone who wears it. It creates a lasting impression on others, expresses your personality, and reflects your professionalism effortlessly. It immediately earns you respect from others and speaks volumes of your sincerity and disciplinary attitude. Being a frequent traveler for work or leisure, you […]

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Best Rucksack Bags

Rucksacks are the ideal travel backpack for trekking, hiking, and road trips. Here we have reviewed the best rucksacks of different types including front-load, top load, technical, convertible, and duffel rucksacks, from brands like F Gear, Pole Star, etc. We all like to travel or engage in some form of outdoor leisure activities. Needless to […]

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Top Bakeware Products in India

There are two types of bakers; some are professionals who do it for a living, and others are just baking in their homes for self-consumption or hobby. To meet their expectations, they make sure that they are using high-quality bakeware products to ensure their pastries are in perfect shape and fine quality. From baking trays […]

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Best Cabin Bags – For Hassle free Travelling

We have reviewed the best cabin bags of different types including backpacks, suitcases, duffel bags and trolleys, from brands like Skybags, American Tourister and others. When it comes to travel, travel luggage is a MUST. Whether you are out for a business trip, vacation, or any other activity, you will for sure need something to carry […]

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Top 12 Slow Cookers in India

Today, there many kitchen appliances that are available in the market. For us to make our food tender without any hassles, a slow cooker must always come handy at our kitchen. To enable us to prepare meats and other foods conveniently, we can make use of slow cookers which are aligned to do different types […]

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Top 6 Roti Makers

As Indians, eating rotis is a part of our everyday routine. But have you ever tried making a roti? That is round and soft and perfect like your mom or grandma used to make? Its hell of a job! Nowadays, due to the fast-moving world,  almost no one has time to make roti. Who needs […]

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