Godrej 2 Ton 3-Star (GWC 24UTC3-WSA) Window AC Review

Godrej has a promising range of Air conditioners that are manufactured with the company’s motto of protecting the environment while advancing through technology. The Brand has a positive reputation as a trusted home appliance producing company.

When it comes to their modern Window Ac that has made sure to build the best, the 2019 model of Godrej GWC 24UTC3-WSA fixed speed window Air-conditioner is designed with technology that cools the room and doesn’t hurt the planet.

The  AC comes with R32 refrigerant, which has zero Ozone depletion potential and low Global Warming Potential. The coolant also helps one get powerful cooling, yet saves power at higher ambient temperatures compared to other refrigerants. The GWC 24UTC3-WSA is a synergy of eco-friendliness, cooling, and energy efficiency.


The GWC 24UTC3-WSA Window AC  has a 2-ton ability and a 3-star rating of energy efficiency

Electricity Consumption

Electricity Consumption of this air conditioner based on 1625 kilowatt-hours. It has a voltage requirement of about 230 Volts.

Copper Condenser                     

To enhance the durability of your GWC 24UTC3-WSA Window AC, it has a 100% copper condenser.

Precise Cooling             

When it comes to the precision, you can lay back and rely on your GWC 24UTC3-WSA Window AC. The use of the inverter compressor will ensure that you get the exact temperature you set for your AC.

Powerful Cooling

The quality of cooling is unbeatable with the GWC 24UTC3-WSA Window AC. You will experience powerful cooling with this 2019 model of Godrej Air conditioner with the airflow volume (Dry CFM) of 577


The Air conditioner has many new modes you can use for your convenience, depending upon the climate outside. The modes include Cool/Auto/Dry/Fan/Sleep/ECO.

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What Do We like

R32-Lowest Global Warming Refrigerant

The reliability of Godrej for building eco-friendly devices is authentic. The use of eco-friendly refrigerant in the GWC 24UTC3-WSA Window AC like R32 with Zero Ozone Depletion Potential and Low Global Warming Potential helps in building a greener planet.

Anti-Corrosive Coating On Condenser & Evaporator

The GWC 24UTC3-WSA Window AC comes with a special anti-corrosive Bluefin coating. This is present on the evaporator & condenser. It will protect it from rust and corrosion.

Silent Operation

Gone are the days where ACs made loud noises. The new GWC 24UTC3-WSA Window  AC has a multi-layered acoustic jacket for the compressor. The coat not only blocks the sound but also will protect vital components from damage.

Anti-Dust Filter

The Anti-dust is a boon as the filter helps in removing particles like pollen, hair, pet dander, dust, etc. and causing hindrance in the smooth functioning of the ac throughout the year.

What We Don’t Like

Regular cleaning

The shredded structure on the face of the Air conditioner might have dust sitting over it at intervals. Excessive dust over the air conditioner can be avoided with regular external cleaning.


The GWC 24UTC3-WSA Window AC is an Air Conditioner fit for the 21st-century technology. It has minimalistic features yet has a lot to offer.

It causes the least possible damage to nature and gives luxury at the same time. The AC is a perfect choice for all year round use as it is energy efficient too. The GWC 24UTC3-WSA Window AC is undoubtedly worth buying.

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Hetavi Rudani

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