Godrej 1 Ton 3 Star GWC 12DTC3-WSA 3S Window AC Review

The new Godrej air-conditioners will make you feel relaxed and more refreshing with its latest technology. The product is designed in a way that handles the higher and ambient temperature. This synergy of cooling and energy efficiency makes this compelling and alluring to the customer as their perfect choice in this price range.

The window type air-conditioner comes with 1-ton capacity and dimensions (W * H* D) mm: 600 x 385 x 570. It is white. The product is made up of plastic and has a Zinc Carbon battery. The air-conditioner comes with 1 Indoor Unit, 1 Outdoor Unit, Inter Connecting Pipe, 1 Remote Control, 3 Manuals, and 1 Warranty Card.


Power consumption

the product got 3 Star in Energy Rating given by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). According to BEE, three stars is the best available option in fixed speed air-conditioners category. The product consumes electricity 870.87-kilowatt units per year, with the voltage requirement of around 230 Volts.

Copper condenser and compressor

The product has an Inverter compressor which ensure that you get the temperature that you set in the remote. You can customize it according to your needs. Also, it has a twin-rotary inverter compressor, which facilitates faster cooling with energy efficiency so that you can enjoy it.

Hydrophilic blue fin evaporator

This means that there will be an epoxy coating on the fins which prevents the accumulation of water on the fin surface such that droplets do not hold it and fall without any resistance. This is one of the best technologies available to enhance efficiency and reduce corrosion of air conditioner coils.

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What Do We like

Dust filter

The product has a dust filter, which is its point of difference as compared to other air-conditioners. The product  Air Flow Volume that is Dry CFM is 294.3. The main aim of the filter is to help in removing particles such as pollen, hair, pet dander, dust, etc.

R32 green AC

Every air-conditioners refrigerant whose primary function is to absorb the heat from the room and exhale it out in the environment. Refrigerant converts its state from liquid to gas when it absorbs and transitions back to liquid when the compressor compresses it. The product comes with r32 refrigerant, which has a low global warming potential of 675 and nil Ozone Depletion Potential.

What We Don’t Like

After-sale services

Various customers have faced issues with the customer care service of the company. The customer care service doesn’t solve the query of the customer if they need any assistance in the installation or if they have complaints.


Godrej air-conditioner has various features such as Power consumption, Copper condenser and compressor, and Hydrophilic blue fin evaporator. Pros such as Dust filter & R32 green AC make it more feasible for the customer. However, it still needs to solve the issue, such as after-sale services.

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Yash Jain

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